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death in 1893, at the Theatre Royal on Wednesday 26 May at 7.15pm.

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1152 AM

Native Soles

The company that launched the stomp of a thousand boots comes to Glasgow. Beatrice Colin succumbed to the instant appeal of Red Or Dead.

‘lt's got to be humorous, innovative and and challenging. Wearing Red Or Dead clothes is the opposite of power- dressing.’ Wayne Hemmingway. son of Indian Chief and Lancashire heavyweight wrestler, Billy Two Rivers. is adamant that his company has its eyes on the street and its hand out of your bank account. A range of affordable, wearable and unusual clothes and shoes will shortly be available in their biggest, brightest and brashest new store, situated in Glasgow’s Buchanan Street.

With one of the healthiest turnovers at the designer end of the British market, Red Or Dead have outlets in all four comers of the globe. Hemmingway is sure that the new shop in Glasgow will positively jangle with the sound of ringing tills. ‘We do really good mail order in Scotland and I'm convinced it‘s going to do brilliantly.‘ burred Hemmingway in thick Lancashirc. ‘It’s the best interior we've done, with a great layout, a club feel and, I guarantee, it's like no other retail outlet you‘ve ever seen.‘

Red Or Dead began on a small market


stall in Camden in I982. Times were hard, so Hemmingway and his wife Geraldine cleared out their wardrobe and flogged their old gear. They soon moved on to selling their own designs and then diversified into shoes. Always quirky and unusual, Red Or Dead’s biggest claim to fame, however, was the hi-jack of the shoe of the late 80s which they adopted as their own. ‘We were the first to treat the Doc Marten as a fashion item and not as workwear,‘ he says proudly. The humble boot metamorphosized through a series of shades, was laced up with ribbons, put on platfomis and this season’s best seller is tied up with rope.


In the last few years, the company has expanded again into clothing and now traipses the catwalks of London, Paris and Rome. Like the shoes, the clothes are comfortable and easy to wear but all come with the inimitable stylish little details which are Red Or Dead‘s signature . ‘A lot of companies offer plain clothes at inflated prices. We use natural fabrics, like rope, denim and linen, and the clothes and shoes are fun rather than wild. They‘re not meant to last for years, they’re meant to be worn and enjoyed in the short term.’ Fashion isn‘t dead; it’s Red Or Dead.

Red 0r Dead opens in Buchanan Street, Glasgow on Thursday 20 May.

78 The List 2i May—3 June 1993