Gritty northern sex gods, streetwise dudes, brooding Spaniards and razor-sharp wits . . . but that’s enough about the List writers, here’s the . . .


2 The List 4—17 June 1993


I Woolly hats and padded anoraks: Naughty By llature model the latest street fashions thankith yet to break hig over here. Catch up at Glasgow Barrowlands. See lloclr listings.



I Transatlantic battle of the hitches. In the British corner, Joan Collins with the edge in age and experience. In the Yank corner, Roseanne Arnold, with weight on her side. See TV listings.


l The dreaded Genesis reunion is on again. We're pretty sure the one on the left is Peter Gabriel and the duck must be Mike Butherlord, but who the hell’s the bald guy? Frauds has the answer. See Film review.