Griffith adopts a no- nonsense leather and tousled tresses look lor her ‘three nights in June’ visit to Glasgow lloyal Concert Hall. See Bock listings.

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u I Dance-theatre performance, call it what you will. Funk 0“ Green is actually what liz llanken and Alan Scott- Moncriett call it, and it’s at the Tramway. See Theatre preview.

l ‘Eeh, we coorn oft together that time. . .’ Just one of the classic lines uttered by the craggin gorgeous Sean Bean in Lady Chatterley. let’s hope he takes the boots off first. See TV preview.

I Mmm, that’s a large chunk of ham and no mistake - but what’s that he’s brandishing over his head? Find out in raunchy Spanish sex larce Jamon Jamon. See Film review.



‘lt is £10 a question and ifyou cannae afford it. lay off. laddic.’

Irene Ixunont. the 82-year-old mother of theformer Chancellor, reacts to journalists asking about her son 's removal front the Cabinet.

‘It was the first time I'd run through a wood with nothing on with another woman. We had these massive speakers in the wood blasting out classical music and there were rain machines spraying quite hot, warm rain. and big green lights. so it was quite exciting. Yeah. quite a nice feeling. actually.‘

Actor Sean Bean enjoys playing Lady Chatterley 's Lover in Ken Russell's TV version.

‘I get offers ofthings 1 don‘t want to do. such as roles as an ex-rock star. an ageing rock star. a disc jockey. a roadie. a disc jockey who was once a roadie - all kinds of permutations.‘

Phil Collins discovers how difficult it is to break away front lm producers' expectations.

‘Theatre in London at the Royal National Theatre or the Royal Shakespeare Company has just become so bloody conservative . . . There is no British theatre. it is London theatre. and there is no sense of the European dimension.‘

Actor Brian Cox explains his more back north.

‘The Queen was very bosomy. She suddenly smiled and leaned forward and plucked up the front of her dress. Her breasts tumbled out and I put my head between them and sobbed. It was a great privilege for an American.‘ Novelist Paul 'l‘heroux recalls an odd dream as Her Majesty celebrates 40 years on the throne.