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Lance Flynn



Robert Dodds

a sinister double bill ADULTSONLY

“Savage” [yen/77a News "Sensational" [he limes “Stunning” 7/»? Guardian

JUNE lOih-l9 ’th

7.30 pm £5/f.3 concs

STEPPING STONES (The Old Traverse) 112 lest Bow Edinburgh box office 031 275 65’20

21‘ - ewe" DEAD llll * HEAD ll'\\ lRll (().\ll"\\\ COMICS ~ ~ '

Everybody’s coming to the Fringe! August 15-September 4

Get your precious copy of the Fringe Programme at hundreds of locations around Scotland from the end ol June or send

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your name, address and 60p Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Box L, I80 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 105

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the post to you.

The Scottish Premiere " Returns to the King's ; August 23rd. - 28th. 1993 '

Sarah Vi/liers HER/110 J I m . "What aperfectproduction. A mesmerising performance. ,

Simply fabulous " 1* " ' '

James lac/c EVEN/N6 TIMES

"An eruption afpure pant/emanium ana’ lysterica/ farce which

ha the audience haoting"

70m Shie/ds HIE/0110 "DI/1R Y" 'The best ni ht out ever ,.“‘ experience in G/asgow. " I.- e’g i“ ~-

60 along and see for I!

yaurse/f" {2. ,4

Tickets from the Ticket Centre, 8. all Ticket

Link Box Offices. ENQUIRIES 8. CREDIT CARDS Tel:04l-227 55H FAX-A-TICKEI: 041-227 5016

The List 4—l7 .lunc I993 53