Esplanade extravaganza

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A homing Viking Iongship, Norwegian skiers on the castle esplanade, the iirst appearance of massed tiddlers and the last appearance of the massed pipes and drums of the seven iniantry regiments oi the Scottish Division are among the attractions planned for this year’s Tattoo. The theme tor 1993 will be the story oi ‘lloyal Scotland’. Once again the stands will remain up after the Tattoo tor three concerts, on 1, 3 and 4 September. Unique Events hope to announce the perionners in a week’s time. Tickets for the Tattoo can be hooked on

031 225 3661. (Thom ledin)

I Green Diary: The free monthly guide to environmental events in Glasgow will soon be appearing in a new Edinburgh edition. The first issue. solely for green events in Edinburgh and the Lothians. will appear in July. To include your local group‘s meetings in the Diary. or to receive your free copy. contact Robert Henderson at CSV Media Action on 031 557 3194. July dates should be in by 12 June. Glasgow Green Diary can still be contacted at Green Action on 04] 248 6864.

I zero Tolerance: The pioneering Zero Tolerance campaign. aimed at raising male awareness of the problems of crimes of violence against women. received a special commendation in a national competition for advertisements. Ironically. in the same week. the Edinburgh Evening News‘s John Gibson commented in his A Piece of My Mind column on Sean Connery‘s reported suggestion that a good slap now and again can sometimes do a woman more good than harm: ‘Show me the woman who wouldn‘t respond favourably. if not ecstag'cally. to a teenie-weenie touch of physical chastisement from James Bond and you've shown me a women who is to be pitied. ifnot mocked.‘ Edinburgh District Council’s message has not. it seems, permeated down the hill to the offices on North Bridge.

I Direct Action: The summer of environmental discontent. heralded by sit-ins at motorway extensions around London. looks set to include Glasgow‘s Pollok Park and Estate. Initial building

has already started on an extension to the M77, which will reduce the amenity value ofthe parkland and involve the felling of over a hundred mature trees. The park and estate were given to the people of Glasgow in I939 by Sir John Stirling Maxwell, founder ofthe National Trust for Scotland. Protesters and activists argue that the extension will breach the tenns of a conservation agreement that the park and estate should be preserved as an open space and woodland for ever. They are planning several direct actions against the extension. including the setting up of a protest camp in the park. Contact Colin MacLeod on 041 950 1983.

I All Edinburgh Radio is the new radio station which will broadcast solely to the city on l(X).7 FM for four weeks from Monday. 7 June. Geoff Ruderham. the station's manager, will be first on air at barn with his Cmissunrs and Gravy show. ‘Between 6am and 7pm it will be easy listening. soft pop. middle-of—the-road type stuff.‘ he says. ‘Not overtly over the top. or Radio l-ish: more melodic. almost like Radio 2. but not quite.‘ However. he said that the evening and night-time slots will be more eclectic, with interests from jazz and rave to rock‘n'roll and reggae catered for. The station will be covering local events such as the Leith and Old Town Festivals and will feature demo tapes from local bands on Saturday afternoons. Bands who think they fit the bill should send their tapes to Lissa Summers at AER. PO Box IIII. EH7 SJN.

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