VllSerama In our regular round-up oi the rental releases and sell-through suggestions heading tor the shop shelves this fortnight.



I Deep Cover (18) A superior action thn'ller stam'ng Larry Fishbume as an undercover cop infiltrating the LA cocaine cartel run by Jeff Goldblum (in one of his , more complex and impressive performances). : Fishbume becomes increasingly seduced by the attractions of the bad life offering plenty of scope for moral dilemma. Directed by Bill Duke and written by Michael The Player Tolkin. (First Independent)

I Stay Tuned (PC) A feeble attempt at spoofing (American) TV that falls flat. John Ritter and Pam Dawber are a couch- potato couple hauled into the infemal workings of their TV set and have to survive 24 hours of game shows and lame TV parodies in order to survive. Mercifully the gags are ofchannel- zapping briefness. and our heroes never actually have to face the ultimate nightmare of Esther Rantzen. (Warner)

With Me (18) David Lynch‘s confused and confusing prequel to the TV series is strictly for Peakies addicts. Chronicling the last seven days in the life of Laura Palmer. it‘s a darker. more disturbing work with little in the way of light relief (apart from a David Bowie performance up to his usual standards). (Guild)

I Mikey (18) (Columbia Tristar)

I The Gun In Betty Lou’s Ilandbag (15) (Buena Vista)

I American Ilinia 5 (18 ) (Warner)

I A House Di Secrets And Lies (15) (Warner)

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I Sneakers (15) (CIC)

I This Is My mum (Fox)

I Ilnlavriul Entry ( 18 ) (Fox)

I Mo’ Money (15) (20:20 Vision)

I Road To Ruin (15) (Medusa)

I Liar, Liar (15)

58 The List 4—17 June 1993

I Ruby (15) Danny Aiello 3

stars as the killer of Lee Harvey Oswald. in this intelligent biopic. released in widescreen format. Sherilyn Fenn plays the

. mysterious blonde used to seduce the President

during the conspiracy that

' led to Ruby‘s deed.

(Columbia Tristar £10.99) I Taxi Driver (18) Scorsese‘s 1973 classic is released in widescreen

format. Robert De Niro is Travis Bickle. the loner

taxi-driver with a psychotic streak. Jodie Foster the child hooker. A powerful and influential tale of urban paranoia.

' featuring one of De Niro‘s

finest performances. (Columbia Tristar £10.99) I Einsturzende Ileubaten - Liebeslieder A selection of promo videos and live footage chronicling the fifteen-year history of the innovative industrial combo led by Blixa Bargeld and NU Unruh. (Studlo K7 £12.99)

I Tvrin Peaks - Fire Walk . v

I llrotsukidoii ll: Legend or The Demon Womb (18) More filth and fantasy from the Manga stable. with a particularly violent

. and occasionally

misogynistic plot about the attempts by the Makai (Demon Monsters) to infiltrate human society.

'1 (Manga £12.99) I Ilarry Connick Junior - The New York Big Band

Concert Mister Smooth captured in concert performing a mix ofjazz and easy listening originals and standards.

(SMV £10.99)

I Day Osbourne - live And Loud Mister Very

. Rough captured in concert performing a mix of

satanic incantations and lumpy old metal chestnuts. (SMV £12.99) I Football: The Game Di Billions I and II Pele is your host for the first two

instalments of a definitive look at the only real round-ball game. (IMC Home Video. £12.99 each tape)

I Mean Streets (18) Scorsese's classic tale of New York low-rent hoodlums. Harvey Keitel is the decent Catholic boy trying to do the decent thing. Robert De Niro the family nutter with a taste for aggro. ‘You calling me a mook?‘ (Electric £19.99)

I Lensman (PG) (Manga £12.99)

I Love Lies And Murder

(18) (Odyssey £10.99)

. I Mysterious Island (U) (Columbia Tristar £7.99) I Small Sacrifices (15) (Odyssey £10.99)

I The Burning Bed (15) (Odyssey £10.99) I Crimes Di Passion I and II ( 18) (ITC £10.99 eachtape) I Timeslip: The Time Di The Icebox (U) (1TC £ 16.99) I The Champions: The Gilded Cage (PG) (ITC £10.99) I The Champions: The Ghost Plane (PG) (1TC £ 10.99) I Midnight Express ( 18) (Columbia Tristar £10.99) I The Last Emperor (PG) (Columbia Tristar £10.99) I The Hot Spot ( 18) (Columbia Tristar £7.99) I Switch (15) (Columbia Tristar £7.99) I Under Suspicion (18 ) (Columbia Tristar £7.99) I Blade Runner - The Director’s Cut (15) (Warner £12.99) I Doctor Who - The Keeper Di Traken (PG ) (BBC £10.99)

I Doctor Who - The Invasion (PG) (BBC

; £16.99) I One Foot In The Grave: Monday Morning (BBC

5 £ 10.99)

I One Foot In The Grave: The Beast In The Cage (BBC £10.99)


A selection oi television highlights,

listed by day, in chronological order. Television Listings compiled by Tom lappln.


I Parenthood (BBC2) 7—7.45pm. Yuppie comedy cuteness based on the Steve Martin movie. Ed Begley Jr stars as Gil Buckman. a sappy dad at the centre of a whole family ofchiId-rearing types. Slick but sickly stuff.

I "B (Scottish) 7-7.30pm. Bryan Burnett and Janice Forsyth report on the Scottish arts events that aren’t too arduous a trip away from their Glasgow HQ.

I Stay Lucky (Scottish) 9—10pm. Dennis Waterman stars as Thomas in a new series. He’s adjusting to life on his own after getting out ofjail. but depends on help from friends to keep him on the straight and narrow.

I The Ileal McCoy (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. The ‘sen'ously funny black comedy series' continues. with regulars joined by special guest Tessa Sanderson.

I RideS(BBC1) 9.30—|0.20pm. Jill Baker stars as Patrice in the frankly daft mini-cab drama. Latest ludicrous plot- Iines focus on Patrice‘s less-than-welcome pregnancy and radio and television interviews for office transsexual Scarlett. I Cheers (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. Gold- digging Rebecca gets dollar signs in her eyes when a wealthy businessman invites her round for a party. Meanwhile the regulars are wondering whether Cliff has killed his mother.

.. a?“ I Roseanne (Channel 4) 10—l().30pm. in the aftermath of Roseanne's father‘s death. her cousin (looking suspiciously like Joan Collins) turns up and a simmering family feud is renewed. I Clive Anderson Talks Back (Channel 4) 10.30—11.10pm. More bickering banter with the baldy barrister. I The 2000 Year Old Game (BBC 1) 11.10—11.40pm. Craig Anderson looks at the history of Scotland's oldest sport. shinty. in a special documentary shown to mark the centenary of the sport's governing body. The Camanachd Association. I Guns ’II’ noses: Use Your Illusion (Channel 4) 11.10pm—l. 15am. Those sensitive guys with the sensible haircuts. recorded live in France on their 1992 tour. I Later With Jools Holland (BBC2) 11.15pm—12.05am. The groovy fella is joined by flavour of the moment Suede. LA's Fishbone. and soulsters Charles and Eddie.


I The Incredible Ilqu Returns (Scottish) 5.15—7pm. Not if you get to the 'off‘ switch in time. he doesn't.

I The llouse Di Eliott (BBC 1) 7.20—8.15pm. Stella ‘Wooden‘ Gonet and Louise ‘Anachronism‘ Lombard ‘star' in a repeat run of the daft 30s fashion drama.

I Singers And Swingers: Cilla (BBC2) 7.45—8. 10pm. She might be a nightmare with a contrived accent now. but back in the 60s and early 70s. Cilla was . . . well. a nightmare with a contn‘ved accent who thought she could sing. More retro horror from the BBC archives.

I Cutting Edge: Eton - Class DI 91. (Channel 4) 8—9pm. A repeat of the documentary looking at the changing face of Britain’s most elitist school.

I The Beiderbecke Connection (Channel 4) 9-IOpm. James Bolam and Barbara Flynn find themselves under rather casual police surveillance. as the jazz conspiracy saga continues.

I Westbeach (BBC 1) 9.05—9.55pm. The seaside power struggle continues. Bill Cromer love-life takes a confusing twist. I Cinema Cinema!: Le Chateau De Ma More (Channel 4) 10.30pm—12.25am. Yves Robert‘s equally elegiac (some might say vapid) sequel to La Claire De Man Pére. continuing the teenage adventures ofJulien Ciamaca who returns with his fatnin to a (happily John Thaw- less) Provence. Shown in letter-box fonnat for all you cine-buffs.

I National Lampoon's European Vacation (BBCI) 10.50pm—l2.20am. An unfunny parade of American stereotypes of Europeans. as Chevy Chase and his nerdish family head off on a nightmare holiday.


I Football Italia (Channel 4) 3.15—5.30pm. Michael Grade's triumphant first season draws to a close with the last day of the Serie A programme. Live action from Rome where Lazio take on Juventus.

I Masterchel (BBC 1) 535—6. 10pm. The snooty food show arrives in the Home Counties. where the guestjudges are Radio 4‘s Jenni Murray and chef Gary Rhodes.

I The Ilext Big Thing (Channel 4) 5.30—6pm. The fortunes of aspiring rock stars FMB take on a brighter tinge when an American label books a 24-track studio for them to record a demo.

I Ttvo Seconds To Midnight (BBC2) 7.40—9.10pm. Leigh Lawson narrates the story of the entire human race from the planet‘s perspective. Using computer- generated reconstructions the relationship between humans and the planet is examined.

I Comics (Channel 4) 9-1 1.10pm. Tim Guinee takes the lead role in Lynda La Plante's two-part thriller. imaginativer set in the world of the alternative comedy circuit. Concluded on Monday. See preview.

I Love Tory (BBC2) 9.10—10pm. An amusing and occasionally irritating profile of bumptious and opinionated former Minister Alan Clark. His remarks on Margaret Thatcher: ‘I never came across any other woman in politics as sexually attractive in terms of eyes. wrists and ankles.‘

I Lady Chatterley (BBC 1) 9.35—10.30pm. Sean Bean. 10er Richardson and James Wilby star in Ken Russell‘s TV adaptation of the notorious DH. Lawrence novel. See preview.

I Movledrome: House Di Games (BBC2) lO—l 1.45pm. David Mamet‘s psychological thriller is set in a gambling den. where psychiatrist Margaret (Lindsay Crouse) visits her patient Billy’s creditor. Mike (Joe Mantegna). Before long she finds herself embroiled in an elaborate ‘sting‘.

I Faith And Music (Scottish) ll.35pm—I2.05am. Boy George talks about his musical career. his drug addiction and his conversion to Buddhism.


I Peak Practice (Scottish) 8.30—10pm. Kevin Whately and his frankly daft hair-

style. continues his rural practice and his