subtle pursuit of business partner Amanda Burton. Tonight he helps a young priest face some facts.

I The Men’s Room (BBCI)

IO. IO—l l.05pm. The concluding part of the 80s sex and marriage drama. Charity (Harriet Walter) and Mark (Bill Nighy) are living together. but he's attracted by the arrival of the younger Tessa (Kate Hardie) a woman keen on motherhood and matrimony.

I Scottish Women (Scottish)

l0.30—l l.l5pm. Kaye Adams tries vainly to be the Scottish Oprah. without the raw material.


I Four-mations: Aspects or Comedy (Channel 4) 9—l0pm. A highlight of Channel 4‘s animation season is this documentary profile of the bawdy and irreverent filmmaker Bob Godfrey. You just have to warm to a man who says the proudest moment of his life was receiving an announcement of his MBE from Margaret Thatcher the same day he was hanging a life-sized effigy of her from a gibbet outside his studio.

I It’s A Mad World World World World (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. The Radio 4 series And Now In Colour adapted for TV and performed by Flip Webster. Caroline Aheme. Alistair McGowan. Tim De Jongh and William Vandyck.

a : ' .4.» ’v‘


«we... I , 17°?”

I Angel (Channel 4) 10—ll.40pm. lRA activity caused the postponement of this- screening earlier this year. Bombers permitting. Neil Jordan’s debut feature is an affecting tale of a showband saxophonist (Stephen Rea) who witnesses the murder of a young mute girl and sets out on a mission to track down her killers. I Rugby: The lions Tour (Scottish) ll.40pm—12.40am. The Brutish Lions take on Southland in lnvercargill. In their last game they came away with a New Zealander‘s ear. What fleshy bits will they take as trophies this time? Don‘t like to think really.


I Steel Magnolias (Scottish) 8-10pm. Sick bags or tissues at the ready depending on your cynicism level. Herbert Ross directs a star-studded version of Robert Harling's ensemble play following the stories of six women in a small Louisiana town. whose lives cross at the local beauty parlour.

I The Richard Eyre Season: The Insurance Man (BBC2) —lO. 15pm. The final play in the Eyre se son stars Daniel Day-Lewis. Geoffrey Palmer and Jim Broadbent in Alan Bennett‘s tale loosely based on the life of Franz Kafka. In beginning~of-the-century Prague. disgruntled dye worker Franz searches frantically through a huge building for the mysterious Dr Kafka.

I Footloose (BBCI) 10.20pm—12.05am. Simple-minded rock 'n‘ roll fun. as troubled teenager Kevin Bacon arrives to enliven the God-bothering mid-West town of Bomont with some devilish rock music.

I The Golden Palace (Channel 4) lO-10.30pm. A handsome guest sweeps Blanche off her feet. and Rose has to break the news that he‘s a professional

i olo. I Sin With Bruce Morton (Channel 4) 10.30—l l.05pm. Brucie tackles the topic of lust. starting off with sex. and somehow ending up with sofas. . .


I Moments or Crisis (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. Mavis Nicholson returns to Channel 4 with a new series. speaking to people whose lives were irrevocably altered by a moment of crisis. and finding out how they coped with the event.

I Tell Tale (Scottish) 9—lOpm. The first episode in a three-part drama about a criminal who turns supergrass. Billy Hodge and his wife Doreen are attacked at home by a rival gang. and she persuades him to become an informer. Starring Bernard Hill. Nigel Harrison and Rachel Davies.

I The Comic Strip Presents . . . (1C (BBC2) 9—9.35pm. A repeat showing for the Strip's Hollywood version of the GLC story. Jennifer Saunders/Brigitte Nielsen is the Ice Maiden. Robbie Coltrane/Charles Bronson is Red Ken and Peter Richardson/Lee Van C leef plays Tony Benn.

I Under The Sun: The Dragon Bride (BBC2) 9.35—l0.30pm. A report on the Nyimba people of the Nepalese Himalayas. where polyandry (one woman marrying several brothers) is practised.

I True Stories: Dog Eat oog (Channel 4) 9.35—ll.10pm. A report from Moscow. where rare and exotic animals are becoming a valuable source of black market cash.


I Scottish International (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. A new series of the world affairs show. Margaret Morrison. Adrian Shaw and Jenny Fraser meet fellow Scots in Paris. Cannes and Brittany and discover the modem side of the ‘Auld Alliance‘. I or ouinn, Medicine Woman (Scottish) 8—9pm. Jane Seymour stars as Dr Michaela Quinn. patching ’em up on the American frontier in the l860s. Tonight her disapproving mother arrives from Boston.

I Europe Express (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. The continental news series with reports from Isabella Stasi Castriota in Rome. Stefan Rybar in Prague and Klaus Schwagrzinna in Berlin.

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9.30—l0pm. Rebecca returns from her date swearing off men altogether. while Cliff comes under increased suspicion when he shows up up with some parcels of ‘Ma's things‘.

I Have I Contents For You (BBC2) l0—10.30pm. Regular skippers Ian Hislop and Paul Merton with Angus Deayton seeing (un)fair play.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) l0—l0.30pm. Roseanne sets off for Hollywood in a motor home. while Dan hits mid-life crisis.

I Chinatown (Scottish) l0.40pm—lam. Roman Polanski's Chandleresque thriller stars Jack Nicholson as the 30s private eye investigating a seemingly simple case of adultery. complicated by murder. Faye Dunaway plays the requisite femme fatale.

I Bob Marley: Time Will Tell (Channel 4) ll.l0pm—12.50am. A unique documentary profile of the reggae legend. incorporating rare footage and interviews. tracing his career path from Trenchtown dread to world superstar.


I Cutting Edge: Winning Fortunes (Channel 4) 8—9pm. it’s a tough life winning a bloody fortune on the pools. Well. that’s what Alan Hepden. Viv Nicholson and Bert Elliott would have you believe. Ooh. my heart bleeds.

I Danzon (Channel 4) l0.30pm-12.25am. Rescheduled from a fortnight ago. A woman‘s joumey of self-discovery starring Maria Rojo as a woman in her fortiesjoumeying from Mexico City to Veracruz. finding romance and a new view on life along the way.

I Touch or Evil (BBC2)

ll.40pm— l .30am. Orson Welles‘s stylish thriller about a corrupt cop and a self- righteous Mexican narcotics agent coming into conflict during a murder investigation.


I The Real World (Channel 4) 6—6.30pm. The first episode in a thirteen-week fly- on-the-wall documentary following the lives of seven young Americans aged between l9 and 25 who have been accommodated by the TV crew in a luxury New York loft and told to get on with their lives. Voyeurism is once again the buzz-word in TV circles. I Sound Stun: Weird Nightmare (Channel 4) 7—8pm. Beginning a new series of Channel 4's erudite music series. director Ray Davies (of Kinks fame) takes a suitably skewed look at the recording of a tribute tojazz genius Charles Mingus. using the event to give some insight into Mingus‘s life and music. Performers include Keith Richards and Elvis Costello. I Jeeves And Wooster (Scottish) 9—l0pm. Fourth series. with Bertie again resident in New York. but still prone to embarrassing and irksome visits from friends and relatives. Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie star. I Spitting Image (Scottish) l0—10.30pm. Topical satire still short on decent scripts to match the viciousness of the puppets. I A Funny Thing Happened on The Way To The Forum (Channel 4) 10.30pm—12.15am. Not that funny actually. Stephen Sondheim’s Ancient Rome musical is adapted for cinema by 60s director Richard Lester with a farcical abandon that has dated badly. Zero Mostel is the wisecracking slave looking for freedom.


I I’ll Fly Away (Channel 4) 9—l lpm. A feature-length opening episode for a major new drama series from the makers of St Elsewhere and Northern Erposure. lt traces the experience of a black housekeeper working in a liberal household in the American Deep South of the 50s. See preview.

I Scottish Women (Scottish)

l0. l5-l l.05pm. Kaye Adams presean another topical debate.

I No Stilettos (BBCl) 10.40—1 l.20pm. Fifth edition of the live music show, filmed in Cottier‘s in Glasgow. Eddi Reader presents and croons a couple of numbers with the Patron Saints Of Imperfection. while guests include [an McNabb and A House with Edwyn Collins.


I The oarling Buds or May (Scottish) 8.30-9.30pm. Repeated bucolic frolics with Pop larking and his nubile brood frolicking.

I Rear Window: landscapes in The Mist (Channel 4) 9-l0pm. A new series of the art and culture documentary strand opens with a profile of Theo Angelopoulos. the acclaimed Greek film director.

I Troubled Fields (Scottish)

10.40—1 l.40pm. Highland clearances 90s style are tackled in this Grarnpian documentary about the disappearance of the Doric culture in north east Scotland. as farmers are forced by economic change to leave land that has been in their families for generations.


I Real life (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. The fly- on-the-wall series following the lives of the McConnells. the Fergusons. the Rosses and the Browns.

I Protocol (Scottish) 8—lOpm. Goldie Hawn plays a dizzy cocktail waitress (brave casting there) who inadverantly saves an Eastern potentate’s life and is rewarded with ajob in the State Department. What ensues is a routine bimbo-in-the-Capitol comedy of errors. Tawdry stuff.

«a. aw?”

I Sin With Bruce Morton (Channel 4) l0.30—l lpm. Glasgow‘s own master of observational wit continues his four-part investigation into the notion of sin. Unfussy and accessible material with more than a hint of the confessional.

I ENG (Channel 4) llpm—midnight. More drama of a personal and professional nature with the Channel 10 news- gatherers.


I Every Silver lining (BBCI) 8.30-9pm. Frances De La Tour and Andrew Sachs star as Jewish (very Jewish) cafe-owners Shirley and Nat Silver in Simon Block’s sitcom. ‘lt’s about characters not stereotypes.‘ he says. He expects us to believe that? The boy hasn't the brain he was born with. (That’s enough Jewish mother cliches —Ed)

I Married With Children (Scottish) 1040—] 1. 10pm. Dysfunctional family fun with America’s appealineg appalling Bundys.

The List 4—l7 June I993 69