I Vintage ’59 (female), full- bodied. fruity. warm. smooth and well balanced. Best suit sophisticated palate. preferably belonging to tall male. 30ish. with good taste in wine. women and song. Box No 202/3 1.

I Professional Edinburgh girl (29) wanting to share her life to the full weekends in the mountains. active holidays.

sleeping under the stars. cinema.

dancing. laughter. tears. Interested guys? Photo appreciated. Box No 202/32.

I Edinburgh male, 35, straight- acting. non-scene. seeks gay or bisexual male. 21—35. for fun and friendship. Box No 202/33. I Warm, sensitive, intelligent, slim male (30s). seeks attractive woman to drive the Edinburgh haar from his soul. into cinema. jazz. blues. sport. visual arts. hill-walking. occasional clubs. Box No 202/34.

I lllce-to-know Glasgow guy (21). who likes the arts. music and good conversation. would like to meet interesting female (any age) for solid friendship. Box No 202/35.

I Good-looking male, 27, seeks down-to-earth and sincere female for a close. intimate and fun-loving relationship. Edinburgh. Box No 202/36.

I Edinburgh gay, Christian male. 29. seeks similar straight- acting. attractive. loyal and understanding friend and partner to enjoy life with. Genuine replies only please with photo ifpossible. Box No 202/37.

I Glasgow man, 31, bit din, enjoys sport. films. music and

: theatre. Well SPOkcnv SOOd'

looking. sense of humour. seeks

female for friendship/ relationship. Box No 202/38.

I Holiday opportunity of a lifetime! For three girls tojoin groovy group for one week's waterskiing in August. No experience necessary. Box No 202/39.

I Glasgow gay male (33) professional. athletic. seeks similar guy for friendship. fun and lasting relationship. Loves tnusic. humour. pubs. clubs. etc. Box No 202/40.

I Will we be lovers? . . . Tall. Edinburgh male (24). dreamer! Into tnusic. films. laughs.

deep conversation. sunsets. anything. . . ! A bit shy!!

(awwhh!) Seeking quiet. caring female for interesting times. Edinburgh/ Glasgow. Box No 202/4l.


I Unique, intelligent, side- bumed. attractive. be-quiffed male (26) into 50s kitsch. reggae. conversation. escapism. runes. l-Ching. theatre. filtn. books. and unusual times. Seeks unique and interesting female. Photo please. Box No 202/43. I Fine looking guy, 26, likes film. dance. fitness. books.

; seeks fascinating girl in fine

fettle for occasional fun liaisons. (I will be your

distraction if you will be mine!)

Box No 202/44.

' I Young, attractive gay male

Edinburgh. 20s seeks similar.

straight-acting and non-scene . guy for friendship/relationship.

Interests: music. cinema. theatre. galleries. food. wine. laughs. life. love and who knows possibly you? Box No 202/45.

Q o,

I look like a Greek god? Me

neither. Reasonably attractive. 36. gay. non-smoker. cat lover seeks similar. 25—45. for l-2-l. Likes usual things (but not boring with it!). ALA Box No 202/46.

I Attention Box 199/32. Je suis . ne cocky pas etje suis tres

I Male, 28, likes drinking,

smoking. staying in. going out. SOMEBODY om “Tins films. books. drunken wants to know you. Write to the PERSONAL column of

confessions and anything unusual. seeks broadminded female for interesting relationship. any age. All letters answered. Edinburgh/anywhere. Box No 202/47.

The List and find out who!

I Working too hard, needing to escape? Me too! Single female seeks tall. professional male (40—45). Interests. walking. theatre. cinema. pubs and generally trying to get the most apologetique. Je pense vous ne out of life. Box No 202/51. pas vous mais une autre. Telephone mois encore une fois ou ecrire. Cheers! Box No

I Tall, artistic genius, last seen holding two tyres in a Levi’s ad.

202/43. seeks gorgeous. sexy babe for ' fun. fitness. pubs and clubs. Respond immediately with I ‘flymlyhet’ required by male photo to avoid the stampede!

2 musician (30). I‘m initially shy.

welcome. Adventure awaits. . Box No 202/49.

I Attractive, intelligent,

interesting (honestlyl).

professional woman. 40ish.

Glasgow. likes music. theatre.

countryside. Seeks similar male.

Box No 202/52. into diverse music. sardonic witticism. humanist beliefs. socialising. Tall. slim-build. long hair. non-smoker. bohemian looks. Long letters

I Is there any gay guy out there. (slim?) (25—40?) daft or public-spirited enough to give me some of your quality time? l‘m mid-30s. naive. loyal. easy- going. bookish. fittish. Glasgowish. ALAWP Box No 202/53.

I Forget the rest, I’m the best. Gorgeous. intelligent. eclectic male seeks similar female (30ish). who wouldn‘t even consider answering an advert like this. but probably will through curiosity. Glasgowish pref. Box No 202/54.

cinema. good food and wine.

35—50. for fun. adventure and to liven up my life. Box No 202/50.



: PAYMENT ENCLOSED. ADVERTISEMENT PERSONAL tlneagfi)’; I 0 Per 30 Words . min ).

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: puglicA‘nou, Y0“! company mg"- Box No: included in price. I

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l word, cost from £14. HELPLINES


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