t wasn’t so much Glasgow Green as

Glasgow Grey. Last year’s Fleadh

was a test of endurance under grim

skies on a dust-covered waste-land.

Branching north after three succesful

years in London’s Finsbury Park this celebration of lrish/Scottish/Celtic music came a cropper at the hands of bad weather and bad siting this despite the likes of Capercaillie, The Levelllers, del Amitri and Andrew Strongjoyously capturing the true festival vibe.

The worry over the elements will always be there. But at least this year if (when?) it rains we can get wet on the comfort of grass, on a patch still on the Green, but over the road and adjacent to the People’s Palace. ‘Twelve hours on a red-blaize

pitch, on a large flat area, is not very g“ attractive,’ acknowledges Barry Wright of

Regular Music, co-organisers of the event. ‘The Fleadh is essentially a parkland

mm- Las‘ Year‘he Parks‘lepar‘mem IT 15 JUNE 1980.Aseemingly shy and unassuming Morning Britain‘. helping out his old mucker

weren. t keen to allow us onto the grass, youngster with an unruly mop ofhair and a penchant Edwyn Collins, and playing Sideshow Bobv to but this year they ve been persuaded . In for big, acoustic guitars is sitting perched on a stool Dylan's «Crusty The Ciownv, an have helped 1990, the Year Of Culture, we had a Site at mgaiing the assembled throng with poignant tales of redress the balance.

the People’s Palace where there was no introspection withaworldliness normally associated Back in vogue with Dreamland - which he problem. And seeing what happened last with someone twice his age. Roddy Frame is 16. describes as High Land. Hard Rain with a bit more year they accepted that the scale of Thirteen years later he's mandCfittg around the money Spent 0" it. and an Al Green Vibei' “6'5 numbers and the scale of the event and [he stageatthe Usher Hall withaswaggerthat would put again toying with the sweet summer soul he SO

those Glasgow hardmen to shame, belting out hit perfectly harnessed on 1987’s Love. after miss to a [him/something audience reliving a The Fleadh will be his second time back in lost youth. Times have changed but the songs remain Scotland in a fortnight, and although he’s been a

type of people would be great on (this new) Glasgow Green sight.

The fofmUla W1“ be Slightly dlfferem the same, A bit more polished perhaps, but the wry London resident for the last eleven years, there’s thls year In that there’s gomg to be two observations and the doomed romantic notions are as still a place in his heart for his homeland. stages instead of three. But the fact that we heartfelt as ever. ‘I do miss it sometimes,‘ he admits, ‘but I think I have still Scotland’s largest pulling band In a decidedly rocky business Roddy Frame has cam! my SCOttiShnCSS around With me. But I don't for the moment in Runri g is there to been aconstant, never quite managing to achieve the have the kind of patriotism people aSSOCiate With compensate. It’s the first time that Runrig mega-Stat“th mOStObViOUSlY aspires to. The odd being SCOttiSh- You’re a Citizen 0f the world and have played in Scotland since '99] when misguided career move, like choosing to work with you should do your best. You know, 1 don’t make

the terminally unhip Mark KnOpfler on the Knife 3 point of running up the road to get a square slice album, didn’t win him any points with the style set of bread every time I’m back. I think Scotland’s either. Still, a pairing with Mick Jones on ‘Good got abit more to offcrthan that.‘ (Innes Reekie)

they played Loch Lomond and the Castle.’

The prospect of the Fleadh’s multi- attraction festival atmosphere turning into a triumphal Runrig gig with supporting

cast their appearance was flagged long before any of the other acts has

thankfully evaporated. Despite their 6' V3" "Wig"?! qlm ring grumm .n. . rrmmmuug . an. ’0 g pulling of 50 000 punters to that, Loch vintagc_.93 flavour. growling. it sounds like Lomond SPCCIaCUlar, [he Fleadh S 000 decants himself upon the fun and The Man tickets have not been completely snapped Fleadh, adding depth and certainly sect?“ It) be“ up by Runrig’s loyal following, leaving “mum ‘0 ‘hls Year's b’cw- findlmg [he ’r’als'fif'l'fcf . With the release ofihe trai somewhat jo icr o elbow room and breathing space for those u new album To” Long In late. Georgie Fame and acts and fans less swayed by anthemic, Exile, vanahoiics will be Candy Dulfcr again join grandiose rock. _ out in force to see thlta)’ and “'¢_Can Even considering the fact of there being Whether he Willi Whether W038” ‘th “’9'”, fewer a he won'[ be Content [0 go "11X 0 new llVOUt'ltCS. T cts generally and less bands with the flow or seize [he did favourites, of speCl ically of the pop/rock calibre that day‘ hitting the mystic consistently great shows bucked up last year’s festival, 1993’s spot that takes us to the OVCT “303'” Years- _ Scottish Fleadh manages to encompass higher ground WhiCh only Cheek 0‘" the “‘af‘” . . . . the legendary one can stage's moment 0 . a 4’4 enough diverse muswal diverSions to ascend. sublimcness. He's the one .1 I b J; promise that true, essential definition of in his founh decade of in the crumpled grey suit A " z the Irish Gaelic word that gives the event soulbiz. Van remains . wearing a king-size 39m * its name: merrymaking. Now all we need prolific. hitting a The QOdfmhfi.’ f’fcc‘l‘c s. 2g . is a bit of su . . . - distinctly more bluesy conscience. mmg ‘1 _, _~ . s \ r“ F1 d, _ k n (leg MCI-«cam . fee] on a new album that chord in a heart near you. S" " g; I ea 1 He ets are available at £20.00 in has him lacing a joyous (,‘rmmmwmg/L (Kenny ._ M . ~ advance; £23.00 on the day. collection with much lip- MacDonald) ' ' '

Van, lit the garden

5 The List 4—17 June 1993