The saddest bigot in the world must be the Ageist. He (invariably it is a ‘he‘) is, after all, the only chauvinist who is bound to tum into the very person he fears and despises the most.

Tom Lappin's article on The Velvet Underground in last issue (The List 20]) was a disgrace. Zimmer frames? Pensions? Bored housewives? Why not call the band a load of lefty pooves and get The Sun to print it?

If this is the voice of Scotland’s altemative press then God help us all. Anonymous Bosch Bigger Tree Lane Feartie Hill.

London Toes

I thought you might find the following an apposite reply to the revival revival.

Aye. those were the days! Aye, so they were ‘Bless them allll, bless them allll, The long, the short, and the tall . . .’ Ration books Mum‘s the word Careless talk costs lives Mind the advert? Men of action need Brylcreem! ‘There’lll be Bluueblmds overrr . . .’ Digging for victory The tube stations The blitz Clydebank. Coventry Had a real crack at Jerry. so we did. ‘We’llll meet againnnn . . .’ No no, not these days. Well, what days? Woodstock ‘I came uponnn a chillld of God . . .’ Hendrix. played the guitar with his teeth. set it on fire with lighter fluid. what you would call. a class act. ‘Hem, Mister ianborinne Mann . . .’ Flower power in Drumchapel The 151mm: Gardens dance hall. sitting on the floor. listening to The Taste and Black Sabbath and . . . ‘Don’t bogart that joint my friend . . .’ lndo-China will be defeated. says who? Richard M illhouse Nixon. that's who.’ fair enough, fair enough? ‘leing in the future in a plastic dome, sounds mighty strange I agreee . . .’ Maryland hippies Sergeant Pepper mods Hipster jeans


‘Fleadh. Fotofeis. Forbidden Planet. Falling down. Hey! All this issue’s features begin with the letter F! Wow, like, that should make a letter to The List and

win a bottle of that Jose Cuervo Golden Tequila.’

If you can do better, then drop us a line, and the bottle and the psychedelic T—Shirt could be yours.

London toes ‘Goooodbye ltubhby Ioesdaym . . .’ four bob for a pint! get on your bike. it's ten to ten gents drink up please drone dronnne dronnmtnnnnnnmre ‘let’s gooo, to San Francissscoo . . .’ Oh! Those days? Aye. those were the days. What do you think Son .7 Me? I think that you're a couple of geriatric old bastards! Brian Whittingham West Princes Street Woodlands Glasgow.


Well. it won 't be long before you get old and nostalgic yoursele Brian. but meanwhile drop by our Glasgow Office and pick up the bottle of tequila.

.‘ '0


In his review of the Average White Band (The List 20]), Philip Dorward ploughed what is unfortunately an over-used and under—informed furrow by making a derisory comment about the dearth of famous Dundonians. Eddie Mair, Ricky Ross and Liz

McColgan being his complete list.

My mind switched back a couple of years to a similar comment in the Frontlines section of an issue with articles on actor Brian Cox. Billy McKenzie and Edwyn Collins. Apathy prevented an easy letter at that point. Did you know Collins and McKenzie went to the same school? I won’t even bother to mention Danny Wilson and Michael Marra.

As a Dundonian who knows it isn‘t the greatest place on earth but still has a soft spot for it. I find it pretty pathetic that Edinburgh folk and Glaswegians unite to knock it. I like both Edinburgh and Glasgow for different reasons but inhabitants of each appear unable to like the other; a peculiar trait which does so tnuch to sum up the mentality ofthe Scottish people.

Just to show that I'm not exempt from the petty sniping. can anyone name any Edinburgh musicians who have made a lasting impression on popular music. Bay City Rollers and those perennial never-will-be‘s Goodbye Mr McKenzie excluded. of course. Answers on a postcard to the ‘Edinburgh is a good place to live but is inherently a cultural void outwith the Festival' competition. Gavin Murray Claremont Crescent Edinburgh.

Fish. The Proclaimers. Win. The Fire Engines. Joseph K.



Stuart Chalmers's letter (The List 20]) reveals. albeit unwittingly. a lot of what has gone wrong with pop music. The acts which Stuart chooses as his favourites are all drawn from the last few years; this shows a depressing lack of historical consciousness. Whither Bob Dylan. Jennifer Wames (author of last year’s best album - The Hunter). Al Stewart, Brian Wilson. Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen? What - they‘re all over 21, and don't wear shell-suits and backwards baseball caps? Well. excuse me.

People. get real. Great popular songs are still being written and recorded; they just don’t get played on daytime radio or TV anymore due to the twin strangleholds of the singles chart and unimaginative programming by the broadcasting organisations. (As an example of the latter. just remember how Mark and Bruce Findlay’s admirable ‘Double Joint‘ was axed by Radio Forth.) So thank God for Jools Holland's Later. the one show which bucks the trend towards homogenous and ultra-conformist dance muzak. Where else could you find Leonard Cohen and Jellyfish on the same bill?

()n a lighter note. I would like to protest about the letters mentioning football in the last two issues; I feel these correspondents should be reading Shoot rather than The List.

Justin Montpelier Comcly Bank Road Edinburgh.

Post Script

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Fax them to: ()3l 557 8500.

We will not print your full address or phone number. but you must include them. Deadline is the Friday before publication. Keep them pithy. as long letters may be cut. The best letter next issue will win a bottle ofJose Cuervo Gold Tequila.

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84 The List 4—l7 June 1993

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