l Sean O’Casey - the first grunge playwright? See tor yourselves in Dublin Gate Theatre’s production of Juno And The Paycock at Edinburgh King’s Theatre. See Theatre preview.

I “Tell my agent he’s tired’. Sly Stallone stars

Right Guard ad tion thriller

I Whither now for a slimmed-down God figure? George Wendt and his shiny jacket lace up to lite post Norm Petersen. See TV review.



‘A lot of pe()p|e could have done Norm. All it takes is a love of beer and a butt to sit on a stool.‘

Internatimtal hero (ieorge Wendt modestlv assesses his character Is qualities in the late. lamented Cheers.

‘l‘m glad to have got rid of the Mrs. I liked being a Miss. I don't like Ms. Given time. Dame will suit me rather well.‘

Novelist Muriel Spark weighs up the advantages of her new title. courtesy of the Queen's Birthday Honours List.

‘We give the impression of being in office but not in power. Far too many important decisions are made for 36 hours publicity . . . Unless this approach is changed. the Govemment will not survive and will not deserve to survive.‘

lix-Chamellor Norman Lamont bites from the l)(l(‘/( bent'hes.

‘We‘ve no desire to be left-field. W‘ love The Beatles. We're happy to be thought olas a pop hand. If the milkman whistles our tunes. that’s great.‘

Teenage l’ani'lub 's Norman Blake has down-to-earth aspirations for the band. I

‘l had a line as Trinculo in The 'Iempest where I had to say “Excellent”. And l . always thought of Bill and Ted as a kind of Shakespean'an clown show with the way that they used language and spiritual harmony.‘

Keanu Reeves reveals the in-depth pre/mration his previous roles gave him before apprmtt‘hing l)on John in Kenneth Branagh 's version ofMui'h Ado About Nothing.

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