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L__-. . ..._ “The List l8 June—l July 1993



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author of The Commitments, The Snapper and The Van who will be reading and signing copies of his new novel


I (Waterstone's June Book of the Month)



128 Princes Street, Edinburgh ! tel: 031 226 2666


Tuesday 22 June at 7pm (free tickets available)


' 132 Union Street, Glasgow tel: 041 221 0890


Wednesday 23 June at 6.30pm (admission free)

Signed copies may be reserved by phoning either shop

' of a six-year-old who kills his elder sister.

Escaping from prison fifteen years later he returns to his hometown intent on reliving the crime.

I later With Jools Holland (BBCZ)

l l.l5pm—12.05am. The perky piano- tickler is joined by Perry Farrell‘s new band Porno For Pyros. reggae legends

Black Uhuru and Aussie rockers Midnight


I Electric Ballroom (Channel 4) 12.50—l.20am. More cutting edge music from Dublin with grunge girls L7. glummos The Red House Painters and local indie kids The Cranberries.


I Cutting Edge: A Plague On Your Home (Channel 4) 8—9pm. A repeat of the shocking film about vermin-infested homes on inner London housing estates. where tenants have been forced to take matters into their own hands.

I The Face or Tutankhamun: The Great Adventure (BBCZ) 9—9.50pm. A five-part series looking at the discovery of the Tutankhamun treasure and the influence it had on 20th century culture. The first programme retraces the footsteps of Howard Carter from Norfolk to the Valley Of The Kings.

I Spender (BBCl) 9—9.55pm. A welcome repeat for the drama series featuring Jimmy Nail as the Geordie ‘tec with an assortment of lowlife pals. In the first episode Spender is back on his native Tyneside turf after offending his boss in London.

I Cinema! Cinema!: Bezness (Channel 4) 10.30pm—l225am. A Tunisian film following the exploits of Rufa. a street hustler with a liberal attitude towards tourists but a rigidly over-protective stance towards his sister Fatma. who has wangled a small part in a film made by a foreign crew.

I Cape Fear (BBCZ) 12.05— I .SSam. The original of the recent Martin Scorsese thriller. Robert Mitchum has the De Niro role as sadistic sex offender Max Cady. released fromjail and determined to wreck the life of lawyer Sam Bowden (Gregory Peck) whom he blames for his conviction.


I The Real World (Channel 4) 6—6.30pm. The fly-on-the-wall documentary following the lives of seven young Americans aged between 1‘) and 25 who have been accommodated by the TV crew in a luxury New York loft and told to get on with their lives.

I Sound Sturi: Larry - My lite And Music (Channel 4) 7—8pm. A profile of famous harmonica-player and Private 1ch correspondent Larry Adler who has worked with everybody from Gershwin to Vaughn Williams with plenty in between. I Prime Suspect 2 (Scottish) 9-] lpm. Another chance to see Lynda La Plante‘s superior cop drama. with Helen Mirren reprising her role as the female chief. not only trying to catch villains but coping with an ill-judged fling with one of her subordinates.

I Glory (Channel 4) 9—1 l.2()pm. Edward Zick‘s American Civil War drama concentrates on achieving a convincing period feel. The plot and characterisation are relegated to minor positions of importance. It‘s essentially a glorified biopic of the first black fighting unit in America. led by white officer Matthew Broderick and including belligerent runaway slave Denzel Washington. Some of the best battle sequences captured on celluloid.

I lady Chatterley (BBC 1 ) 9.35—10.30ptn. Ken Russell‘s Lawrence adaptation comes to a panting climax.

I Spitting Image (Scottish) l0— 10.30pm. Topical satire still short on decent scripts to match the viciousness of the puppets.


. ; “mag-.33 ..‘ y? N. a :‘m

. mam . . :thmiiamh.

I I’ll Fly Away (Channel 4) l()—l lpm. The major drama series from the makers of Sr Iz'lst'wltert' and Northern lit/rosary. continues. with racial tensions increasing in the American Deep South of the 50s. I Scottish Women (Scottish)

l(). lS—l l.()5pm. Kaye Adams presents another topical debate with studio guests and occasional contributions from the audience made up of Scottish women.

I Histoire(s) Du Cinema (Channel 4)

l l—l l.55pm. Jean l.uc Godard concludes his examination of the role cinema plays in 20th century culture.


II Valhalla (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. A new series from the Gallus Besom independent company. It sticks pretty closely to their established formula of mingling the great Scottish outdoors with middle-brow Caledonian celebs. This time around they’ve blagged a 55-foot yacht ('l'lw Valhalla hence the title). sailed around the unpredictable Hebridean waters and got the celeb to wax lyrical about the view. For the first show Bill Paterson retraces his father's journeys as a comtnercial traveller in the 50s. up the Sound of Mull to Tobermot'y. then on to Loch Sunart.

I Happy New Year (Scottish) 8.30—10pm. Lino Ventura plays an ageing thief. pulling off a diamond robbery and falling for an antique dealer (Francoise Fabian). Cynical Gallic romance.


I Real lite (Scottish) 7—7.3()pm. The fly-

on-the-wall series following the lives of the McConnells. the Fergusons. the Rosses and the Browns.

I ENG (Channel 4) llpm-r-midnight. More ,

drama of a personal and professional nature with the Channel l0 news- gatherers.

I Every Silver Lining (BBC 1) 8.30—9pm. Frances De La Tour anti Andrew Sachs star as Jewish (very Jewish) cafe-owners Shirley and Nat Silver in Simon Block's sitcom.

I Soldier Soldier (Scottish) 9— IOpm. The servicemen drama retums with its mixture of misfits or stereotypes and its melodramatic storylines.

I Under The Sun: Diamonds In The Vegetable Market (BBCZ) 9.4(Ht).30pm. Nilita Vachani‘s film looks at the life of salesmen in Indian markets. part hawkers. part clowns and pan magicians. selling their cosmetics. books and dubious potions.

I Married With Children (Scottish) l().4()-l l.l()pm. Dysfunctional fatnin fun with America's appealingly appalling Bundys.