her in the Nikita remake. preferring the homelier charms of Bridget Fonda. Not that Parillaud is whingeing.

‘l have no regrets about the way things have gon‘.‘ she says sharply. ‘I am content. I think I’ve made the right choices. but others will disagree. This does not matter. i understand that

‘l believe he based the story on his parents” relationship throughout World War ll. The film has a dream-like quality. very fantastic. I knew that out of many scripts I saw at the time. this was one which truly shone out from the rest.‘

Die-hard Parillaud fans in this country will notice very quickly that the actress doesn‘t get to

people cannot feel what I feel within. and that’s what i use to bring what I can to the screen. If I can't feel that. then I know that it won’t work. Many people say that film is a universal language. it can be very. very beautiful. But some people cannot speak that language. That can be a barrier for any performer. and i feel more comfortable working with

Maria, the sexy bloodsucker, bites down on more male flesh than

Sylvia Kristel ever did. She breaks more men’s bones than Catherine Deneuve has hearts. And her wayward experiments with bondage would even

plug anyone in the brain or indulge in any kind of anti-social behaviour in this movie. Although it was actually filmed during the summer of l‘)9l. the French star didn‘t view the movie as any change of direction in her career.

‘I believe in taking things as they come.‘ she says. ‘I was prepared for Map Of The Human Hear! when I did that. It was the right

those I know I can have “end having at time. When I finished Innocent communicate with in the the moon. Bland. the last thing I wanted to language of film.’ do was stay in America. After a

Which explains her part- short rest. I made a decision to

icipation in New Zealand director Vincent Ward‘s S l 5 million romantic fantasy. Map aft/2e Human Heart. which casts Parillaud as . . . . a sexy French Canadian Cree Indian. (You may have guessed the sexy bit).

‘I was compelled to make this movie as soon as I read the script. Vincent is a very innovative writer and director.‘ she responds. genuinely animated. ‘He paints in a very picturesque way. and I can understand why he is considered to be a maverick in Hollywood terms.‘

perform a play on the stage in Paris. That was very invigorating for me. But it was also an indication that I don‘t want to rush off and do Innocent Blood 2. just because I enjoyed that expencncef

But will sex still be important?

‘lir . . . that is very difficult to answer. Sexy women are very appealing to play. But well- written ones are the best. Whether they be psychopaths . . . vampires . . . or nuns. Oui'." Oui. j.l

Top: Parillaud was first seen as the scantily-clad teenage assassin in Nikita. Above: with Nikita's writer and director luc Besson

left & below: In Innocent Blood. 'I saw Maria as a lost soul capable of much iove...‘

Bottom: Map Of The Human Heart - no

anti-social behaviour in this one.

Innm‘eni Bland opens" Friday 35 June a! (/(‘Is‘ and selected MGM cinemas. Map (2/ The Human Heart opens a! lidinbza'gli l'ilmliause (m Sum/av 20 June.

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