‘You go to M&S for your messages and people congratulate you on your choice at the check-out . . . I send my dresser to buy my knickers now. I couldn't buy _ them in Glasgow because I refuse to go through the embarrassment of the I the many faces of whole of M&S commenting on what 1 Dennis Hopper. playing a ch00se to cover tny bum with.‘ 900'! 0509' Tens Aetor Gerard Kelly describes the assassm m Bed no“ drawbacks that fame as Willie Melvin _ I in IVs Ctty Lights has brought him. . .

. . . and a cool, cruel, E er lizard man in Super Mario Bros. See Film



‘It isn't some dreadful disappointment that I go to Tesco's. lt's tragic and boring to be a Bohemian all the time.’ . . . while The Cure 's Robert Smith has a different attitude to supermarket shopping.

‘1 think the Whitney Houston thing I Will Always Love You is quite good. but so tnuch of the pop material today is tnuch more geared up for dancing than to actually have a tune which makes you say. “Wow!”

Hip. streetwise Radio 5 show host and sometime Tory MP David Mellor tells us where it's at.

‘We don’t care what he does with his chest hair. He could shave it off and we'd still love him.‘

Members of the Andre Agassi Fan Club diseuss the tennis stars revelations . . .

‘l‘d rather wax than shave. because it's better for the skin. but I tend to stick to a light trim once a month rather than shaving it all off.‘

. . . while Shavers Weekly 's Naked Man (Murray McKean) adds his expert opinion to the debate.

‘My generation. we thought we were hipper and slicker and cooler and smarter. but in point of fact we were very, very naive. We were the Naive Generation. man. None of us thought cocaine was an addictive drug.‘ Dennis Hopper reveals wlty a basic mistake early on can lead to typeirasting for life.

I Sending up the bogus nature oi cock-rock are The Clichettes, just three of the female comics showcased in Channel 4's Wise Cracks. See TV preview.

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