RECRuITMEN-l- Do you want to be ; CATCH f Charity linked enterprise I TV's hottest new face? Theatre Company i seeks. pr0ducer3 0i , Are you a Sin er, requires Scottish based i quallty crafts and “ig'i'lisufignfagg? l 9 d . Si. actors (F/M). playing ; artefacts for potentially The best1 Sacancie: appear in oncer’ lourno wt' 16-18 for TIE tour l mutually beneficial The List. comedian or Sept-Dec. Send CV, r

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CIosrng date: 21$t July.

funny, intelligent, - 228 1648 after 6pm.

switched on , young new preenter. Send tapes/ photos to PO Box 2781, London 514 925

with good secretarial skills, pleasant telephone manner and ability to cope under pressure, required for 6 months contract to cover maternity leave Within

prominent company in the

music business.

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advantage. Position to commence : DRY, WITrY, DYNAMIC, 12 AUgUSt to Jom The “St treat mid_July or earlier. ENTERTAINING, Sellers Team for the ClUl'alIOR Of the I ARTICULATE. FOXY. Edinburgh International Festival.


Remember to mention that you saw the ad

negotiable. .Applications to HOUSEJRAINED PO Box 77, Edinburgh EH1 ZRS INDIVIDUALS . . . . REQUIRED FOR TWO To Please write grvrng a daytime , THREE HOURS telephone number to: The List Street BBC Micro SCOTLAND OPINFJEQCJEEEKCHAT Sellers Team,The List, 14 High Street, PRESENTER APPLY To BOX 264m” I Edinburgh EH1 1TE

Presenter required for a live, fast- moving magazine programme.

Applicants must have an interesting, c F lc E R friendly voice, loads of imagination .

and a sense of humour. - No previous experience necessary. Lagoon Ice Rmk For application form please contact; “8.633 (120.271 plus (Izlsual (Jar l'sers‘ Allowance. Leisure Services

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Carol Wightman, Producer, BBC Radio Scotland, 5 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH21JF

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l.(‘l\lll't' Selwit'm l)(-ll.ll‘tlllt'lll. liellll't-u l)i\ll‘l('l .,.,:.._'_, Edinburgh. For further information (:(lllllt'll. \lil'l't'll ll()|l\(', (i \|;l\\\i-ll Slim-l. l’.ii\li-t R contact Paul Tully on 071 6l3 524l 'W‘” 'vlml-W'we 6w, \\(' tll't' .ill l'Illlllll ()lllml‘lllllitV-x l':llll)l(r\t‘l' I I L,()Ul\l(

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