The iollowing otters are open to Clyde Card holders only.


Two tickets tor the price oi one ior Stan Tracey Octet’s periormance at The McEwan’s 80l- Frultrnarket on Friday 2 July at 7pm as part oi Glasgow International Jazz Festival. Ticket ironr Ticket Centre 041 221 5511 and all Ticketllnk outlets.


Two tickets tor the price oi one ior Tommy Smith and the Glasgow Jazz Festival Strings with John Taylor and Murray Mclachlan at The McEwan’s 80l- Fruitmarket on Monday 5 July at 7pm as part oi Glasgow International Jazz Festival. Tickets from Ticket Centre 041 227 5511 and all Ticketllnk outlets.


Tyre tickets tor the price oi one ior Ahmad Jaroal’s perionnance at The McEwan’s 80l- Fruitmarket on Tuesday 6 July at 7pm as part oi Glasgow International Jan Festival. Ticket irorn Ticket Centre 041 227 5511 and all Ticketllnk outlets.


Two tickets for the price oi one ior Joanna McGregor and Diango Bates’s Human chain at The McEwan’s 80l- Fruitrnarket on Saturday 10 July at 7pm as part oi Glasgow International Jazz Festival. Tickets iront Ticket Centre 041 227 5511 and all Ticketllnk outlets.

ECSTASY No tickets tor the price oi one ior itan Dog Theatre Co’s periorrnance oi Mike lelgh’s Ecstasy at The Arches Theatre on Wednesday 14 July at 7.30pm. Ticket irorn Ticket Centre 041 221 5511 and all Ticketllnk outlets.

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_ , : THE.PYitAMlDS.ATH JULY 1992

Who said rave was dead? Not Thom Dibdin, who dons cycle shorts and baseball cap and gets grooving on down at the Rez.

Midnight. An elephant train of lumpy bouncers. each clasping the back of the preceding one‘s regulation sweatshirt. lumbers across the open dance floor on its way off-shift. Oblivious to the working patterns of the staff. the happy ravers part. seamlessly incorporating the alien movement into their dance as they press into the main arena. drawn into the incessant beat.

Midnight. The doors to the Royal Highland Centre at lngliston are closed and the last raver in. What the Forth Valley What's On guide unflatterineg describes as an ‘all night disco' is four hours old with eight more still to come. lfyou thought that rave was dead. that acid house washed up on the beach at Ibiza back in '89, then 5000 kids from Livingston. Newcastle. Paisley and all points north are proving that it‘s bigger than ever.

Midnight. And Z Rezerection. the biggest rave in town. is on.

A shoal ofdiaphanously dressed girls drifts through the dancing punters. there is a grin on everyone's face. strangers reach out and shake hands. as one by one the instruments and

sampled notes in the music cut out. leaving only that simple drum beat dangling in the sweat laden air. An intake of breath. a sharp pause in the noise. and the throng turns to the stage. Happy faces upturned to the DJ: Grooverider. they punch the air and blow on their whistles as a great blast oftrumpet noise fills the hall. Any minor deity would be very happy with the level ofapprobation.

The music bore will diss any mention of rave. or house. or techno with a yawn: this is not proper music. even

that augmented flfth dropped in to build up the tension. even ifthe great Ludwig

Van is sampled all over the house. if Wagnerian trumpets spill across the Rez. But who cares what the muso thinks: this is not mere music or even simply dance music. This is robotic, hypnotic. in your face. dance-'til-dawn Frenzy.

The undercover police are doing their job well. Two lads are led out ofthe toilets where they‘ve been dealing drugs. E. Despite the scrupulous body search as you enter the rave, some gets through. Ecstasy. its a psychedelic drug with stimulant properties that over-ride your body's own warning signs of tiredness as you dance. MDMA. it increases the heart rate. puts a grin on your face and lets the grooves track through your brain. Methylenedioxymethylamphetamine. it's an illegal class A drug. it can kill you.

Not directly. not like arsenic. or an

alcohol-induced knife fight. although that little tablet offered for £l5 might contain heroin or Angel Dust. But through over-exertion, failure to rest. failure to drink enough water or eat enough salt to stop the dehydration. People die running marathons too. There's no alcohol at a rave. just a beat that comes at 130. 140 and more to the minute. Who needs E at that rate? Five in the morning and the ladies behind the tea urn are asleep on their feet. The chill-out areas fill with wom- out dancers. slugging back tins of lm Bru and Coke. in the toilets they wash the sweat off their tattooed bodies and replenish their water bottles. Yet the queue for the free waltzer rides is as long as ever and on stage a lO-ft-high skeleton puppet is entertaining the crowd as dry ice pumps into the air. The DJ flirts with some heavy, dubbed-out sounds. before the techno cuts in over hard industrial mixes. Lasers create an iridescent landscape in the air. a floating metropolis of dizzying proportions. High on the side of the arena a line of boys in pork-pie hats and swirling T-shirts conduct the crowd with flailing arms. incandescent light-sticks windmilling round to the palpable beat. All night disco? Leave it out mate. Rave on. Raves are listed regularly in the Clubs section. The next Rezerection is at The Royal Highland Centre. lnglesron on Sat July 10. Rpm—8am. Tickets £23.50. Information from Rez on 091 28] 4845.

78 The List 2—l5 July l993