K‘Y announces a motor breakthrough in condom techno ogy

No breakthrough.

By now, most people know that using a condom won’t ruin the moment. What they don’t know is that using the

wrong lubricant can ruin the condom.

And people do use the wrong lubricant.

Handcream, Baby Oil, Petroleum Jelly. Even butter or olive oil.

Blissfully unaware that because these are oil-based, they will rot a condom in as little as sixty seconds.

Tiny perforations will develop.

Although these are invisible to the naked eye, the condom will no longer offer protection against pregnancy. Or HIV.

With the condom’s strength reduced by 90%, it’s likely to tear. Which is why most doctors recommend you use K-Y.*

Available as a jelly or a pessary, its lubricating qualities will enhance your lovemaking, making penetration more comfortable.

And because K-Y' is water-based, It s

totally safe. So you won’t be through the

condom before you’re through making love.

For more information and a FREE sample of K-Y.’ please

send this coupon to: K-Y' Information leaflets. Johnson 8-: Johnson. P.(). Box 289. Sawston. Cambridge (:82 «Hill. (Please tick) Pessaries D Jelly [3



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