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2000 AD newcomer Big nave: A racist, homophobic, sexist. pit-hull owning bigot of a Sun reader...

Batman book: Ark/tam Asylum. said to be the highest-grossing graphic novel of all time. and the Thatcher Assassination comic strip S! Swit/zin ’s Day. Millar, 23. won best newcomer category at the UK Comic Awards two years ago and has been recruited by DC Comics of New York to script 21 new Superman strip.

They are determined to get away from the idea that comics are written by faceless people in back rooms. ‘You’ve got a generation of writers who are closer to the readership.’


says Morrison. ‘We are saying you should be looking at the creators because they lead as interesting and exciting lives as any other media personalities. The people are as interesting as their work. and the work is also interesting.’

What sets the work of the likes of Morrison and Millar apart from conventional comics is that it has become a pop artefact, a time-capsule of culturally aware. but totally

capture the spirit of the moment and focus it on what people are interested in: going out, getting drunk, dancing and taking drugs.’

disposable attitude. ‘Whatever I’m listening to, whatever films I’ve seen or books I’ve read. I’ll put in quotes or references to that in my work,’ says Morrison. ‘A lot of people in comics are doing work that they want to be bound in leather volumes and placed in library shelves for the next 300 years. One ofthe virtues of comics is that you can read them and throw them away. It is information in a cheap and accessible form. I like the idea that you actually try and capture the time when you are doing something and then reflect those cultural influences.’

Morrison is, according to himself. about to become comic’s first millionaire. As Millar points out. the profession is not only becoming mainstream. but almost replacing the band as young Scots’ route off the dole. ‘Like Brazilians play football. it’s our way of getting out of poverty, writing comics.’ he says. ‘Doing comics was just like the last resort but it is a good way to make a living.’ C]

Morrison and Millar's Summer ()jfensive is in 2000AD until 20 August.

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