MUSIC PREVIEW nam- Let the son shine

Emerging from the mountains of within a few years had garnered a eastern Cuba in its basic form, played massive following and a succession of on claves, the little percussion sticks hit records and started a schedule of that hold the basic 3/2 rhytlln, with touring that has taken them all over bongo drums and tres, the Afro-Cuban the globe. Sadly for their myriad fans

three-course guitar, son is the in the USA, and despite endless essential music of the island, and festival invitations for them to became hugely popular in the perform, the State Department always hedonistic llavana of the 20s and 30s. refuses them a visa. Trumpet, bass and even more Happily for us, the nine-piece band percussion were later added, and from arrives in Scotland next week to play that evolved salsa, rumba and the their mesmerising music in Princes various dance forms that have become Street Gardens and Glasgow’s floating popular the world over. Ferry. All-acoustic, with the addition After the War, Cuban musicians were of one electric bass. the band is incorporated into many of the top jazz fronted by tresero and singer .luan bands, taking a lead from clay Marcos Gonzalez, leading five singers, on. rm text... In]. Gillespie’s move into Latin jazz. The guitar, trumpet and percussion. James traditional son form had all but Support the Cuban struggle against I "an", seems like 21 disappeared by the 1970s, the has the US blockade by going along to years. does it, since was played by a few old men in the Glasgow’s Club Cubana in The 13th Smiley Miley first took mountains and the singers, the llote on the first Saturday of the the Radio One Roadshow soneros, were no longer relevant in a month, and come along to see one of to the highways and popular culture of protest songs. the world’s great live dance bands. byways of Britain. But it than “can can” Stem Magma and (llorrnan Chalmers) '5' and 44.000 "1"“ We“ reinvented the term. Sierra Maestra play Princes Street theigffszo‘gge'ebmes The hand came inseam at the Gardens, Edinburgh on Sun 18 and Pflsobelfo gm, on Fri university of llavana in 1976, and The Ferry. Glasgow on Mon 19-

16. Radio One heartthrob Neale James is the host. introducing Luke Goss. f

D...“ Minogwmp . mm- to the joys of the Portobello surf. The fun o

starts at 103m.

I Muses of all stripes are

invited to The Jam Club at

The Barracks,

Shakespeare Street.

Maryhill to take part in

the new jam sessions

being held there from

2—1 lpm on Sundays.

There's a 2k rig and full {

backline for those taking .

part. The only thing is you l

have to phone Paul Coxon : on 041 336 6780 in advance to book a place.

Songwriters are welcome too. presumably to hear l ERIE- their compositions fleshed 1 out in a loose. improvised but inspirational manner. I I lorna Paterson. once ' of the Centre for - o Contemporary Arts and i _ Crai g McLean hitches a now maria er of Shriek. is O . also scoutiiig for Rhythm ' One of the hacks we let hang around ' of their success: touring coast to 11ft on the wmg‘s Of one gins Rec9fd3- Despiseth I the office for his amusement value coast, making themselves as visible DOVE.

ancey onenlauon 0‘ t e 3 was trying to explain away Barenalted as possible. {abilx ‘h‘; dem‘” if“ 5 Ladies as ‘Canada’s llunrig’ the other ‘It worked! We had an independent We seem I0 make People want ‘0 Wax iggiélggiasr:t:gsz ago“ was“. nus isn’t to say that the outfit “use” cassette an we were just lyrical about ‘us.‘ chortles lan mink they make the grade responsible for last year’s chockful-o’- selling it off the stage at gigs and we Carmichael. it does 001136 across as a} Should Slap a tape. photo chums acumen. LP is into grand Stan“ getting calls from [scout bit sycophantie at times. Not that he s and biog. all the usual Highland landscapes. national Pride shops asking if they could sell the complaining. mind. stuff. into a Jiffy bag and i and booming anthems. Quite the tape, I think it ended up selling 35,000 Eliciting slaveiing praises is what the send it to 32 Huntly i (ovum, in fact, Bamnakgd Ladies comes. the indie scene in Canada was music of One Dove is made for. The Exagensv Glasgow 0‘2 write chirpy ditties with titles like nothing before that; it had no respect, Glib‘gPW-bascd threesome - I 6mm“ Whne Out ‘Brlan Wilson’, ‘Be My Yoko Ono’ and no legitimacy and nothing sold very Cafmlchacla Jim McKinVCn and DO! (see live review) have ‘The King or Bedside Manor’, and wear well.’ AHISOn - style Ihcmsclwffi as P9P fans reason to be chuffed, their sense of humour on their It’s hard not to warm to a man who Who happen to like filtering the" tastes having just signed to sleeves. expounds the band’s penchant for live 1hr OUgh 1} '11le Wobble 0f dub hale Heavenly. label of What '88 meant bi "'9 Hunt's improvisation by declaring, in all and amwa '"N- The P0? b3“ Rockingbirds and St comparison is that Barenaked Ladies innocence; we have the soan pretty 'underpins the atmospheric trippiness. Etienne and (once upon a are HUGE in their homeland, Canada. we" amused, but there’s stm plenty The trippiness takes the pop base up. up time) Manic Street Thor WOI‘O playing '0 7000'P'"3 of room for everybody to move around and away- PreaChe'S- Furthermore crowds before they were even signed and play with that, parts quite a mg ‘The problem, right from the start.’ ggxgr‘ijsolflxgaghegfiam and, needles to say, play to even "ks, much. Ladies, would you be reckons lan, “was that we were viewed are in the process gf being‘ more now. ‘Yolto’ has even been voted this man's Yoko om? (Alastai' as a dance hand because we worked

- - - one of the Canadian radio listeners’ with Soma and thereafter with And Signed to biggie East West Mabbottl y by Nathan Mccough. favourite ten tracks of all time. Singer “musk” [muss play King “It's, Weatherall. We‘ve always leaned formerly Happy Mondays Steven Page can’t really explain why stasgow on we 20 and wed 21 and heavily on good grooves and worked in manager now A&R-ing record companies overlooked them for the Venus, “munch on F" 23. that area. but we‘re not just a dance for said company. so long, but he does know the secret band, we never have been just a dance

28 The List l6—29 July 1993