m _ | great effect. “For John Cage’, the last 5 ; of the four to be completed, has even : Alastair Mabbott rounds MICHAEL "YMA" i more beautifully conceived illl Ni! ii“ N'm- t instrumental voicings for the london Formatwise. Jellyfish’s "lilo Will Pillllilllllco ("90) I Brass, intricately wrought over a ‘New Mistake’ (Virgin) is Although it occupies a very different steady pug” rendered ineligible for sound'wo'ld to that 0‘ "I. "man has wowed “'8 ea,” music “View by Coming as pa" "W's" 33M: “is W's" 0" this disc vein before, and returns there with one a wretChed‘ Ppmer' [opmn‘s mom M a vaflauon "ha" a equal (and maybe even gfea‘er) profit gfoeg'fh‘mg: $33? change of tack. All four works were 5 in m sinking" effective ‘33" me blurb on the sleeve' written in a matter of six months last 1 Landau,” Hymn or manna And He, , year, and "n album, his fecal“ ' Omnipo‘ence” the i t . mom‘s” Guam '0' "‘9 “90"” haunting voice of counter-tenor James , 003M: is “steam. is his his Bowman and finds a musical 013039". 70"! Simons- vocabulary which perfectly integrates "is “"0 Floss is “‘3 hugs“, and is f the period instruments of Fretwork inspired by Joseph desiit’s Poem into the idiom. The final work, ‘The ‘Bosiilal' Tim” 3"" "'9 “mm Convertibility 0f lute Strings’, played “alight” “ms- is 3 WWW“, on harpischord by Virginia Black, is e i Sllbilf'iiiiiiiliiid '0'“ '0' Piano "'0’ the most conventionally liyman-esque The Fat lady Sings have t and Hyman manipulates his "arm (for which read ‘Minimalist’). (Kenny some similar scheme

harmonic and rhythmic foundations to Mamas”)

. i _--_.__ ., .. . -_ _-.. ______ planned. but luckily . _ Euro-house pounds muffledly in the Drunkard Logic (East ! background. liext up, she’s emoting

West) isn't it. Nick Kelly

is in good voice. even if ""0th me Ian fundafll 1"” he does seem to be Debut (One little Indian) someone '" love as 90'“? hams projecting it towards some : John Barry, Billie holiday, Flank Shim" and shi'iii- Tile". lilo Time

point south-west of his 3 chin (he sounds a lot like ,

Sinatra, Soul II Soul, a truckload of “Wan”, is 59‘9""! slswo'POP angels. This is Biork’s solo album, a "'3‘ 3 been 9m“ "'9 "9810'" 0'

0‘" 0W" Chris ‘Baihem' - - ~ - Disco Ci ,2000All. ‘One lla ’breathes Thom“). but ".8 one of , llvmg, breathing skip through the i 'V . V

. . n next, a found sound collage of their more sparkling myiiad Personas 0' ""5 most engaging bi d .M I , . efforts none the less. at starlets. Where The Sugarcubes am an” 3" 9'0029- ""3 3'39 t is Meanwhile. Pele, on ‘Fat were too often diverted from the Imam, 335‘” 93'9"” im “‘3‘ s, 90‘ Black Heart' (M&G) add cause of their hobgobnn pop (by jungle fever. Ill Iceland. And that S lllSt

tin whistle to puppyfat ballad to no great effect , and Submarine. on 'Jodie

being, generally, as a whole, off their fife mm?“ m- , , chump), alone Biork pursues the cause “but “"93 '"u‘ Bl‘m‘ s ""9"! of fan, soul and swing and Biorkian “swing W'sona'mt is '9'" “"95 by

:gztgrrc'k(£227flroznolylfltlmate oddity with pemicacious (00-8,) llellee liooper’s organic, orchestral College Street Camden "90‘"- m results are: "0 "9r pmducuon’ an? pm a" over

Town, London NW1 astounding. everything "'0 cubes dill- Yes. even 9m. get into one of llight in the middle of ‘Debut’, she Birthday - A daniino display of im- rhose moody numbers whim“ and gum.” in that form, free-floating, divine inspiration.

where the 8Uitars are . elastically eitin voice, seemingly in (cm! "Cl-Ball)

“We “"86 lumps 00‘ 0i . , the toilets of the Soho lllillr Bar, while

the wall. it’s live too. - ~ .. -._. - ---_-.-...... .-.-- .--. .. -.._-__-....-._ . -__.-_ _ . __________. Back over the border, _

we find llectar 3 ;

rotiicting my on r VARIOUS ARTISTS

American guitars and a And AM, my an (“um”)

do“ 0f 3mm“ Punk 0" on. A new label, a double album. The

‘Lost‘ (incredible Shrinking Records). Finiflex asterisk points to five

- - 5 tangents all emitting tacky traces of

Attention is rabbed b me first (my? and the y i the Flnitribe. (in. They have a mission; slow-buming ‘Undertow'. i but”: ism“, 33mm”: M an The llaked See's debut g trying to create a label identity. single. and the Human Taking a surprise early lead is Oar Condition label's founh» lo. 1, Robin llellaut. ‘Three Wheel 'Nothing's Lost‘ finds the l cmht '3 a "mung gmd piano Fauldhouse band in

detour. Io surprise, then, that he is

pensive mode. By the time it’s clattered to a hall, .33", own." by was. momma

it's grown into something i Fillith brothers. A8 UH SClOlltlStS (it quite stirring. Side AA, Sound and The PitStOP Boys: "'9' ‘Never So Near‘ could peddle three different versions at almost be The Fall ‘chug-a-Bllg’. With his version of ‘l playing Roxy Music. With want Mm’, Ego Ban Yasl, the Pied Dee Dee Ramone on bass mp" 01 mm, mm m. 10".

measum‘ 0f court of Iustlce as he stops to have an

m, ammo”. quick acid shag. Twelve penalty points. ‘Glastonbury Song’ Back ill the race, and a new leader, (Geffen) comes wrapped Peter Perfect. But what’s this? Peter’s in a Sleeve that's Pure enlisted the illegal help of Dr Justin Handel's Messiah 01' Paul u” ‘nd 0" of Horn Blows A Flute Up Glastonbury Tor For A :gmmll’g m a: Day A” A "slimd' car lo 4 lllr wllilame ile's been let perhaps surpnsmgly, . ' ! ° sounds nothing like either. '00” in a 303: ml“ “P "‘0 tank 'm' if you’re at all interested, m “800 “31's.”: "‘9" 3mm“ you’ll already have the off down Wet Ill an album. but get the single uncontrollable Techno rage. and you Set to hear Mike At the finish then it takes a photo to Scott reciting a daft rhyme mm” m tom 0' the PM“, and smging about com Torso ‘You a l’ and ‘Music Power’ are circles to the ' accompaniment of noises the most commercial, but without from me bridge of me doubt the most triumphant Xlt3i’s in Enterprise. Julian Cope'll this If.‘ Ille Oi alt album. (Philip be fuming . . . 0W)

Ege Barn Yasl

30 The List 16—29 July 1993