Just ask yourself, is that your auntie blowing the sax? Give her a ring, and tell her she’s the star of . . .

I Photographic evidence that dinosaurs didn’t become extinct, they just evolved into Esther Bantzen. Jurassic Park review in Film section.

2 The List 16-29 July 1993

I Who are these people I and what is the sinister connection between oompah music and myopia? The only clue is the cryptic note ‘There’s something for all the iamily at Irvine Harbour Festival’. See Days Out


listings. I Mercury Rev pioneer .‘ the new ‘well-ied combo’ look, churning out their 3 abrasive melodies at ,4) Glasgow King Tut’s. See Music listings.

I And another of our million and one ‘challenging theatrical types, ain’t they wacky’ snaps, featuring Sub Section 4, offering ambient rap and performance at Fin 2 in Glasgow. See Cabaret listings.

I Forget the pretty costumes guys, we can spot a thinly-disguised clapped-out former kiddies cult a mile oft. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III reviewed in Film section.

I ‘Steady on old chap, it we ask nicely, they might bring back Eldorado.’ Troubled types resort take desperate measures in The Fencing master. See Film review.