I Basket cases and innovative dance troop Dudendance take the ‘faceless perlorrner’ theory to its logical conclusion. See Theatre preview.



‘The good news for the sake of everybody‘s life, because it can be bad news if people fall in love on a set. is that we werejust friends for the making ofthe movie and it is only lately that we started dating.‘

Jurassic Park star Laura Dern clears up those loose ends regarding her relationship with co-star Jeff Goldblum, whose ex-wrfe Geena Davis is about to marry director Renn y Harlin, who split up last year with Laura Dern. Double dating. anyone?

‘I can recognise a dangerous psychopath when I see one, which is bloody useful in this job.‘

Former psychiatric nurse turned stand- up comedienne Jo Brand reveals the preparation necessary for tackling the Edinburgh Fringe.

‘l was a draft-dodger. just like my President. Except I inhaled.‘ Billy Joel goes for the honest approach.

‘lt’s still my first love. It's the one consistent thing in my life, apart from the smell of a Band-Aid or the smell of PIay-Doh.’

Actor Johnny [)epp retains his aura of childhood innocence even when discussing his hobby of playing grungey guitar.

‘l‘ve been to university and I’ve been a teacher, which sometimes confuses people who assume you‘re like the character on screen . . . People come up to me and offer me stolen goods l have to politely decline.‘

Dean Sullivan, Brookside's Jimmy Cor/(hill, on the perils of playing the less-than-honest Scouser.

‘My mother. who is now 78. can still be seen in Wimborne High Street in a King Crimson T-shirt with the ‘Schizoid Man' screaming face on it.‘ At least Robert Fripp knows who his true fans are.

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