. . Fife College has an excellent reputation for the quality of Theatre Arts Charity unked enterprise YOUTH programmes it provides. These include. Natiorga‘lferticfjlgates in TnlLezti: seeks producers of DEVELOPMENT gratzénsr'z-lfittier National Diplomas in eatre l san rama, a r quanty crafts and WORKER

m . ; anefacts for potentially i Fairbridge Lothian prov1de CD - ' mutually beneficial I deve'opmeT “amiss” oun eo e a 14 - . 3 Theatre Arts Technician pmjeasthmughomme ; v w p 9 '— £9r954-£12r117 summer at the festivals efoiff‘epnfis‘w‘z‘rk‘gfuii: We are looking for an organised individual to contribute significantly to and fairs in Edinburgh. vacant with responsibility .0, the ongoing success of this section. This is a demanding role in which Please phone access to and follow-up w you must demonstrate the ability to plan and organise a busy workload, 228 164 8 after 6pm. : contact from training H in addition to developing concepts from ideas to stage production. l prog'ammes' ' "I You will provide support to the full range of Theatre Arts programmes i A professional qualification in LLt . inc|uding._ j Community Education or equivalent is essential. The

0 maintenance of theatre equipment i.e. lighting, sound, recording, ability“) driveis high'y

racks, rigs and PA system. i f desirable. 0 assistance in the demonstration of equipment to students. ' . b 0 recording and implementing all sound requirements. g 58"” 363'. 0 videoing productions and course work. i a f “4900 ' 215-100 Ideally you will be qualified in Theatre/Technician Skills, but it is essential E Job description/application : 5 form available from Pat

that you have extensive experience within a professional theatre

environment. A clean full driving licence would be an advantage. O'Nei'Ir Fairbridge- 0/0

I Bonnington Resource Centre, Application form and job description are available from: The Personnel Section, Fife College of Technology, St Brycedale Avenue, Klrkcaldy

200 Bonnington Road, to say Edinburgh EH6 SNL. Tel 031- KY1 1EX. Tel: 0592 268591 ext. 2204, and should be returned by 30th July 1993 , you Fairbridge is a national voluntary

555 4449 ReaCh further . . . aim her ' ' ' or anisationan an ua 3 saw It In 9 ° °° '

Closing date: 30 July opponunities enployer.

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.I e a I i .. ‘, fi' : ~ _ b . -' ;.:Q?F1?@"" m v‘ vim (TA-.33: a

. ! . - L .‘I ‘m . '2 a I, ‘I J 2/, g. . ‘. a .i I I . " 41. 'iiII .0 II \J’W ' m0.\~ (A; 5:: . ; ' .' . I- I . a.’A ;- h ' '£,:‘3~". | // 5 -

'.. - (f -_ I_"‘.li a I"

SCOTLA N 0's 2 o . ; _ ' ' ' ;

z ;_ Training Officer - 3 PROIOTWORKER

3 8 With Strathclyde Rape Crisis Centre. The post will

‘5 i i’ ( 1' i include training new and existing unpaid workers and o 0 (short term contract until end March 1994) ' setting up initiatives in the wmmuniw.


o Excperience of working with issues around sexual salary . violence, organising and carrying out training is essen—

Thls short term post is requnred to carry forward the promotion and delivery of ' ea" Experience of working in the womenrs Movement is

community care training. The successful applicant is likely to have an advantageous

understanding of the Scottish voluntary sector, a good grasp of community care i

issues and training experience. Based in Edinburgh, the work involves travel

throughout Scotland. Funding will be sought for continuation of the project 35 hours Meek AP3 pt“ 1 £12310 ‘I’ 71/2 0/"

beyond March 1994. Further details and an application form from:

irregular hours allowance. Interview: Either 4th August (evening) or 7th August (day).

Shirley Dawson, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, 18/19 Clammom c'escmt' EdInburgh ET" 400' For information and application write to: SRCC, PO Box

Closing date for applications - Friday 6 August, 1993. 53. Glasgow. G2 TYR. or telephone: 041 221 8449. mum." date _ Tuesday 17 August, 1993. Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access. This post IS

exempt under section 7 (2)9 of the Sex Discrimination SCVO aims to be an equal opportunities employer

Act. SCVO: Building Scotland's Third Force.


The List 16—29 July I993 65