Despite smelling as though 1,000 stink bombs have been released and U D E N circumspect blobs of ’fried egg white'

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waters are the perfect balm. Round the P & O S I S H F E R day off with a few Coors in the

Vietnam Vets Dixie Eagles Club. playing pool with the regulars while

Dwight Yoakam croons sweetly on the W jukebox. N E Day 13 A morning dip in the sulphur

pools followed by an exhausting day's E R D E E N - S H D - hiking in Zion National Park. However. due to ‘human misuse and abuse' the

sparkling Emerald Pools we'd hiked N o S E C E miles to bathe in had been reduced to

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couples in a fastfood/casino. seemed to Aberdeen 5

epitomise the wild and weird or see your local Travel Agent. atmosphere of the whole place.

"3' 14 All” “Wing L“ Vegas at 2‘“ “Based upon Reclining Seat accommodation.

we drive till morning and breakfast on o The Grand Canyon pancakes and syrup in an all-American Through fare, or can include stopover on Shetland

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miles long, thirteen wide and one deep. P-C. h1PPY'd1PP)’ C'l)’ 0f 53" FranClSCO

The ideal tour is via helicopter or you just as the sun is selling behind the

could take what the locals refer to as GOIdcn Gate Bridge. Feel dirty. tired.

‘the twelve second tour‘. We opt for a very inspired and very graleUl my 53"

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are rewarded with a gasp-inducing. Shower. awe-inspiring panorama well worth the

pints of perspiration. Take a well-

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deserved Shower (the firm in three Green TonOisc Adventure Travel At Campus Travel we specialise in low-cost travel days) am] To“ my (“hing limbs as [he OPleCS a number 0f trips to many 0f for students and young people. Call into a branch bus Ploughs through 15“: night VOCklng America's national parks. Baja. Mexico near you and discover a world of possibilities. Wildly from Side ‘0 Si 0- and Alaska, as well as offen'n a chea 03’ 12 Wake ‘0 the WWW; Sine” 0f commuter service between Segattle and) R o U N D T H E w o R L D pine trees and French toast. the latter Los Angeles. For more information on Exonplo: being sustenance for the mega hike these and the coast-to-coast trips write [ONDONNEW YORKWHI "fiend through Bryce Canyon. Utah. A to GT headquarters at PO Box 24459. [05 ANGELESHONOLULUTOKYQ magical fairyland of fragile pink and San Francisco CA 94124 or call its toll- BANGKOK-VIENNA—lONDON £735 orange Mr Whippy limestone shapes. free number (800) 227 4766 from any bamacles. crowns and mazes of towers point within the US. The Coast-to- on a par with any of the Grand Coast trip Ann Donald travelled on Campus Tréve' . w o R L D w I D E Canyon's inspirational views. A short lasted 14 days and the latest published . Sotuzde‘: 92""?"1 BANGKOK Eéwzgm 32;» ' a a 3 ' ' U en S ssocra lOn dnve away are Pah Tempe Hot Springs. pnces were $349 plus $81 food fund. Awe Mace DELHI £211 £330 ' " Dundee DDl 4HN WOKWG 3;; £33: TQWTO £199 £349 Campus Travel S3.Forrest Road E U R o P E Edinburgh EHI ZQP ATHENS £89 £169 Campus have. BILBAO £69 £129 . . PARIS £4] £67 Glasgow Umversrty PRAGUE £69 £1 ‘9 The Hub SALONIKA 299 £l69 Hillhead Street GlasgowGlZBBR 'NSURANCE EUROPE 6 DAYS £8 WORLDWlDE 12 MONTHS £273

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