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Anyone who wants to see their brilliant musical ideas transformed into dots and lines by professional copyists has to have a soft bank manager standing by. Now, here’s a newly- launched company who claim not only that they will transcribe your meisrenvorks for a budget price. but that such a move will improve your

chances of getting a Those with longish cultural memories are important. It features record deal! Mozart may recall that one of the successes contemporary music, it creates new ("up 5 the compalny) “m of Glasgow 1990 was choirs from all work and there is early music wglt‘zgfige‘ivzé :sgnhcad over the world coming together for performed by some of the world’s of A‘&R it Nimbug performances covering a wealth of leading exponents.’ Records and is convinced choral music. There is also a strong educational by his own experience This summer should have seen aspect. ‘Seventeen new scores, that such an approach another such Chorus International, but mainly by composition students and would work. ‘1 got the lack of funding has all but killed it off. all of a very high standard, have been idea because somebody However, the green shoot which submitted to us,’ she explains. ‘It has did It to me- They had remains is healthy and promises to been extremely hard for James 'iidicggif [straigpi‘onsl keep the idea alive. A bigger event in MacMillan, who will lead the swim _ andgme impact 1995 should give some interesting workshops, and the Hilliard to choose was sm-king. It showed insights into choral composition and just six of these for rehearsal and professionalism. performance. discussion. The idea is that one of the confidence and success. i This year’s performances are based works will be fitted into the next day’s called them straight round a scaled-down version of the concert - even if it means ten-minute away-' History doesn't original plan and include a rehearsal sessions in a hotel.’ record Who ""5 band‘ collaboration between Chorus The concert itself includes no less 31::' :2 32:23:13 0: international and the Society for the than seventeen works - a (short) £95 her song plus VASE Promotion of New Music. The MacMillan premiere among them - and can be reached at 47 commitment made to the acclaimed and takes its title from the unlikely I Away Road. Staplelon. Hilliard Ensemble, which had already ways very different pieces of music ' Bristol 3516 13L, been booked, together with a number may be connected. ‘There are some i I Eilibt'yl than: are now of composers, has been honoured with strange luxtapositions,’ says Tavener, . ' avai a _e. or we two days of workshops, an open ‘but we’re sure they will open up 8 t I r fimfllllfins ‘0 be held at rehearsal, a forum and a concert people’s ears.’ (Carol Main) E SE! i “2353;; ahrlfionrnce - Connections - by the phorgs littggiatiortialt-"h‘logsdzng an: . ,. ar. uesay ugusa e ,10 " ' ~v l %;°§:al:igft¥fig Although disappointed, administrator Henfrew Street. 332 5057 or tel 041 Phlhp D01 Wdl d tillks ‘0 i won last year by The Bebecca Tavener feels that the 552 0634 for further details. See ROb Gallagher 01’ l Larch. who supported molest ‘does all the things we think Classical listings. Ga] 1 12an finding new i i l

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25 The List 30 July—12 August l993