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Meadowbank Stadium Edinburgh on Thursday 29 July, so it you bought

= your list late you missed

the Purple sex god’s show, and serve you right



‘You know. some people drink towards truth. some drink towards lies. ()ne of the hang-ups l have to get over is being a lead vocalist. which is a licence for being an asshole. Sometimes you've got to go through your own rubbish. your own hang-ups, to find where you're at.‘

Bono ponders the merits ofaleoltol stimulation when it i'omes to song- writing.

I Enigmatic Eve deals with an amorous mop at the Traquair Fair. What’s that all about then? See Days Out listings.


‘Cardinal Hume is saying it's all right to be a homosexual as long as you‘re celibate. It‘s like saying to a black person that it‘s okay to be black as long as they cover up their black skin.‘

'Iim Hopkins of()utright Scot/and comments on the ('lllll't'll 's latest moral judgement on homosexuality.

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‘We didn't talk any finances with him. We asked him what he thought would be fair for this picture and he thought $100, so we gave him that.‘

Sally Gamble. mother of seven-year-old Dennis star Mason. on what a lead actor in Hollywood should really get. But what about the rest of that reportedly sixfigure sum ." i

l He’s coy about his age, he’s cool about his birthplace, and he does

N N the soundtracks to < a

Intercity ads. He’s Leon Redbone and he’s laid back enough tor any International Festival. See Jazz Festival preview.

‘l'm trying to tread the ethnic Glaswegian voodoo pirate route of I comedy. Hoist the {*“ing Jolly Roger. get that big cutlass between your teeth and dive off the bows into the shark- infested water.’

Craig Ferguson describes the meek and mild ('(lllll(‘ style he adopts. 9

‘l’ve never tried to be some matinee idol. but I‘ve somehow acquired this sexy. bedroomy image. It can be quite hard to live up to. especially if you're tired and are just nipping out fora pint of milk.‘

Si'ots ai‘tor Dennis luwson discovers the price offame.


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