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POLITICS iii d I THE PARK/[HST Two tickets for the price of

one for Politics In The Park and Looking for bargains at a

Lost at The Tron Theatre on 3 Aug . , - l l. at 7.30pm. Tickets from Ticket Iccord f‘ur can be Ike

centre 041 227 5511 and all panning for gold. Gavin "ckelllnk 0""9‘5- Inglis goes prospecting.

‘George Booth. from Burgess Hill. Sussex. who‘s got a 7in rarity from

i . . . s i ; 1978. George. let s have a look at it. _ \ i . r3 1 , . , ' ...__._____. " E - It s suryited well. Do you not keep it . In a plastic cover or anythlng?' Stones. the Odd glimmer i T . k t f "I . t This is not a snatch from an late-night . h _) E “'0 "c S or e pnce 0 adult phone—in, but primc-timc £45. You can't always sell these things. 516“: Strange imd Chris-*1? Hymlc- one '07 .0.”an At the ,Mm!" 3‘ entertainment from Radio one. Often they just lie and lie for ages,‘ Probably not, and maybe ‘lllsl as well - o the Citizen Theatre 8 Circle .Amiquc RecordS Roadshow». a new Down the road in Reptile Records“ their only release was the single ‘Free swine" on 3-4 a.“ 10—11 Aug at thirteen-part series which began last Dave Reilly is realistic. ‘People who Myra Hindley on Pop Com m 1978. 89“‘- “was "0'" T‘CRetFent'el 041 week features Andv Kmhaw taking bring in records forget this is 3 Its existence on vinyl is rather doubtful 227 5511 and a" “Ckeumk out “5' on the role of a hipper Arthur Negus, business. I've got to make my living.‘ although an ilCCliltc (Initial YOUng sidling up to people at record fairs fora HL‘ FL‘lllL‘mbL‘FS hi“an ‘0 bfL‘ilk “10 Pressmg for the 11mm aPprm'al) dOL‘S bit of a chat about their precious vinyl, disappointing news to one excited exist. The price quoted is a cool £1000. The format is familiar; an expert guest collector who rang up wanting to sell So even if you are serious. you can doing a Hugh Scully number puts a ‘God Save the Queen‘ by the Sex never keep tabs on the whole market. value on the records and several are Pistols which he had just heard on the The key is to specialise. and t0 Played. Each week it‘s a different genre radio was “'(mh £300. ‘OfCOUFSC hC SPL‘C‘ilII-‘L‘ 1” 11“ 1W“ “the” do" L Kr“ with forthcoming guests including had the bog-standard EMl version Keegan from Glasgow dance experts , Buster Bloodvcssci on S I , . . S .1 , which is worth about £15. The A&M 23rd Precinct claims to disappomt more Two tickets for the price of one . . . . k V“ “k. I“ “‘5' , , . _ . . , I, .,, .t - u M “n. k than mm. - Davrd Baddrel on indie and tonight version was never released. Said PLOP L SLJTL line L rLLL L- ~ tor Accidental Death Of an , , . y . g y _. . _,H- U .h I. , 1. WW ,1 rm, mum (Thursday) Mark Lamarr on rock n record is the rarest punk single in the SL “it—- L LPLnL -‘ L L « Anarchist at the Citizen Theatre on 3 v . . -. h . .. .. - I . .. .. . mo” .Ould . roll records. world. The Roadshow mentioned a 15. LLJUSL 1” lLrL «1 1er lLL L L and 10 Aug at 7.30pm. Tickets from . . . . - . . . . . . , ~ ,. b., E . tn} “him, 1h.“ - With the deep bite of recession, you figure of £750. straightlonvard sale. it s WillLUmLS L d “'0 LL11“ c t “eke! cemre 041 227 5511 and a" ' v " ' ‘e ' ' v - ' - - g - ‘)U "tn‘t wet my more from in'tvbe Tickemnk outlets might think of making a few quid on an easy mistake to make. yt e. g t 1 . 1 ' the Side by Speculating on records. Regular record {um- are held in three years ago. And that s‘ rare to the Armed with a weighty price guide. Edinburgh and Glasgow where a host 11".“ Who bu)’ lL‘L‘llllL" bl” 1‘ 5 “0t "L‘ry there is a fertile world ofjumble sales of dealers from all over the country INC [0 ()th‘l'S- and car boots out there. bursting with congregate in an attempt to shift So we re back to supply and demand. cheapos. Despite the usual boxfuls of thousands of records. Despite the and 'l LUIS mm “103‘- Alth‘lugh , , Hr)! Chocolates Greatest Hits and number of knowledgeble experts U'lleCLISLLl BL‘HUL‘S and “‘0 llkL‘ ilfL‘ f “"0 twkets m" the Ems? 0' ageing Top ()f The Pops albums. there buying and selling. Lester Marriner “hm’us COIIL'L'mbIL'5‘ l'L'CC‘" “4011.598. . one '0' film!“ 83"” 5 mp": might well be a few pieces of buried from organisers Second City believes “0W dL‘lL‘lL’q' C3" ‘1'“) mm Sumns'w 3'" 0' 3mm Vlal'n concerto N01, [rcu‘eurc' in their powmmy 111ch are u {CW amounts. Mrvana s 1988 Love Buzz o e . ~ - " -. y a ) . ~ w n I Othello and “0V (1 2 58'" at 1159'“ But here s the bad news despite bargains to be had at record fairs. You Us “"l‘ck 0” sub } "P ‘5 "0“ “‘lmd ‘" and 4 89‘“ at 2'1spm) and Anna what any price guide tells you. a record get dealers specialising in one “hm” L50 A T‘)” Am“ boxed Smglc

' . . . . , , , ., ‘1 - 1 ., . , . Karemm (8-9 sep‘ at 1159'“ and 11 is only worth what somebody is willing particular area. Something they know “‘15 lLdPI "0'" L ‘0 U~ ("Lf th LN

' .39.“ at 1159'") at "mam, BoyaL to pay for it. With dealers. you are nothing about a rare reggae album for “"09 "r {WT Edinburgh lair-‘3 T'ckets "om T":th can?” 041 227 looking at 50—60 per cent of its value if example they‘ll sell for pennies.‘ RL‘L‘Wd SPL‘L‘UlmlO“ l-‘n'l 1‘ game for 5511 and 3" T'ckeu'm‘ ouue‘s' they can shift it overnight. and as little The answer of course. to know the “‘3 l”‘i”f"r”‘c‘L ‘hcn' bl” ")ch ’1“ as 30 per cent if they haven‘t got a market _ no can), [ask when your money to be lililth.fll.CSlcr lrom Second ; buyer lined tip. As Douglas Swan of average price guide is a two-inch CH.“ ‘PL‘L’PIL‘ Lil“ lmd $0M lilbL‘l j The Douglas Record Co in Edinburgh doorstep. A quick dip can be Pl‘L'SlL'." HMV fine—’19“: I" 300“ SHE'S» ‘PL‘OPIL‘ 000" CXPCCI too much. if fascinating remember the Moors Sl’llLl‘lll’ll- {00 rL‘ talking-"laboul 1.50. g ' soiiiething's worth £50. they expect Murderers. a punk group featuring “()0- Y"“ “M mm" ”‘ Ldr hm“ MIC“

Two tickets tor the price of one ______ tor Academy Chamber Orchestra’s lr”

programme of Mozart, Bach,

Tchaikovsky and Britten at Stevenson

Hall, RSAMD on 12 Sept at 7.30pm.

Tickets from Ticket Centre 041 227

' 5511 and all Ticketlink outlets.

for twenty pence.‘

Reptile's Dave strikes a sobering note. ‘Record collecting is about packaging. not music.‘

It is definitely worth keeping an eye out, however. A Stones acetate. ‘Sooii Forgotten'. was auctioned in London a couple of years ago for £6000. Something similar could be sitting in a sale box. just around the corner. For 20p . . .

'l'lie 'xl/iriques Ret'urt/ Rum/slum" is ()Il Thursday trig/us. Rat/in /. 8.30-9an

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. 1 Dundee. listen to Clyde 1 and Clyde 2 for Sat 25 Sept: Adam Hmrse. Chambers i 'unhef detalIS. Nina“: smells like a tale record SUPP]. Edinburgh.

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