THAT’S WHAT I want it to be! Legal drugs. Why else would anyone buy an album these days?’ On what it takes to sell a record.

‘The way we feel about it is that rock ’n’ roll - whatever that is these days - is mutating and that it’s always technology that spurs these mutations. It’s the tuzzbox that gave us the electric guitar, the sampler that gave us rap music and so on. And while I have respect for

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people who wish to ignore ‘the tilthy modern tide’, I don’t want to.’ (in why the hand is unlikely to do an acoustic set in the near luture.

‘It may be a long way from Memphis but it’s the same mud.’ (in how the blues tlow straight through trom the Mississippi to the Littey.

‘I know how it teels to have that emotional charge coming at you night alter night while 02 are touring and there is a

process that can best be described as coming down after the tour. There are DTs involved but it’s not alcohol or a drug as such that you’re addicted to. There is no name for the substance but it cer- tainly exerts a hold over your life when the tour ends.’ 0n why he dreads quiet nights in lront ot the telly.

Bono talked to Joe Jackson of Dublin-based music paper Hot Press belore the tour started.