Jim Rose

In the first of a regular series of guest columns by Fringe perionners, the leader oi the controversial bunch of body-piercing bile regurgitators oiiers his own analysis oi where Edinburgh is going wrong.

How should I know what the Edinburgh Fringe needs or wants? It’s none of my business.

But if you want to iind out, shut it down dead for two years. My hunch is nobody will notice the diiierence. llobody wants the kind oi hassle it involves, except out oi habit. Everyone’s addicted to some kind of idea and that’s all Edinburgh is: two years cold turkey and everyone will forget they ever wanted to go.

The Fringe is past its sell-by date. All Edinburgh wants now is money, not a Festival. If it doesn’t sort that out, it’ll be time ior people like me to leave.

The Fringe should take some responsibility and set up a full Festival oi sick-fuck ireaks and grossed-out acts - a Festival of uncontrolled sensation. Straight theatres and straight entertainment


'I was a teenage racist'


14 Aug-4 Sept 6.15pm

The Assembly Rooms

L -.______,__.__-___--_._

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are done and dead: it’s time to make a

body’s temple.

There’s no bullshit to it, and there’s no bullshit theory to it either. I’ll show you what can happen when you remove every safety net, every taboo, and every moral, mental and physical constraint. ilothing is sale, which scares the shit out oi control freaks because it makes anything possible.

Take that whatever way you want. The potential might be intellectual. It might be physical. Some audience members have responded to the show by experimenting in minor surgical procedures - on themselves and others. They wouldn’t have thought oi it beiore, so we free up whatever it is that’s stopped them thinking of it in the past. Others end up experimenting with pain, scariiication - you name it - and some get to like it, so they re- evaluate things in themselves. I’m a liberator.

Watch my ireaks, and you know that whatever it is your closet’s contained for however long it may be, is worth taking out and taking a look at in the light. A Festival of sick-fuck ireaks and grossed-out acts is the fastest route to reclaiming and celebrating the things you may regard as depraved or abnormal in yourself and others.

I’m here this year as the advance guard of theatre’s iuture. li you don't like it, shut up shop.

Jim Rose Circus (Fringe) Acropolis, Calton liill (Venue 26) 557 6969, 16 Aug—4 Sep, 7.30pm, £8.

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Jim iiose: the liberator

radical shift. We practice the black arts of wild science, and audiences will pay us because we offer actual, real, genuine physical expressions of derangement a black mass in the


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