‘Lucy K Troupers


Karl flacDermott tells S-DpIStories (Fringe) Gilded Balloon. 226 13 Aug-4 Sept. 5.3mm. £6615).


The index lists every show alphabetically by title which appears in this week’s list and gives the page number on which the show is previewed. Comedy encompasses stand-up, revue and cabaret.


Academy of Fools FEAST

April in Paris Hull Truck

At the Crimson llour They Met Nur Theatre The Art of Dining

Foot in the Door Productions

An Audience With Pa llbu Psychotic Theatre The Big Sleep C

Calling Occupants of lnterplanetary Craft Richard Carpenter Productions

Churchill's Shorts

London University Theatre Company Come Back for light Refreshments

after the Show Field Day Enterprises Daytime Talks International Festival

Death in Venice Red Shift

De-tox FEAST

Difficult Women Difficult Women

Dr Faustus Lights the lights Hebel Theater Easy The Calton

A Feast During the Plague Theatre on Podol Four Plays Victor Sobchaks Theatre Graham llorton at the Karen Carpenter Bar 8r Grill Graham Norton

The Guardian Talks

The Guid Sodier Schweilt Borderline Harry’s Bird A Policeman‘s Lot

Heart of a Dog Traverse

The Independent/Traverse Conferences

Ja Feuerbach FEAST

Jim Rose's American Circus Sideshow Acropolis

Julius Ceasar Salzburg Festival

Killing llim Cambridge Nights Klytemnestra’s Cairns Acropolis

The legend of St Julian C ommunicado

$88 888



Mine's A Pint Drink and Be Merry Muu! Yllana

Night After Night Gloria

One Moment Grassmarket Project The Duld Fella Fifth Estate Penetrator Traverse

The Persians The Saltzburg Festival Philosophy in the Alcove Os Satyros The Pleasure Dome Fecund Theatre

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Radio Drama vlriters’ Workshop

BBC Radio 4 26 Revolver [imin Woof 39 Roll-a-Pea Wierszalin 48 Sans Teeth Accidental Productions 30 Satan in Gorey Tottering Bipeds 37 Scots Duair TAG 18 Sheep Thrills The Cotswold Connection

The Gilded Balloon 33 Sleeping With You Starving Artists 45 Sod Arthur Smith 39 Temporary Girl Lisa Kotin 29 1080 Original Gravity Iixstatic 29 The fime Before the Time After Rough Edge 34 Thunder Thighs G Blueblade

Diverse Attractions 33 Whose Crime is it Anyway Alannist Theatre 37 Yesterday Once More - Growing Up with the Carpenters Ab ()v0 20 Aaaaaargh! Aaaaaargh The Best One Yet 55 Al Murray Portrait of a Serial Killer 57 Adam in Ecuador Adam Long 57 Anorak of Fire Gus Gascoigne 25 An Audience with an African oueen

Pieter Dirk Uys 45 Blood and Guts The Doug Anthony Allstars 47

Dob Downe Under! Bob Downe Boothby Graifo The Comedy Zone Comedian and MI Emo Philips Corlty and the Juice Pigs

Corky and the Juice Pigs

Edinburgh Squash Angelo Abela Goin’ 0ft Jimeoin

Rich llall Rich Hall

ilarry llill - Eggs Harry Hill

lluge Ben Miller

lt’s Staring You Right in the Face Ralf. Ralf

it Takes Forever It You Go by Inertia Irrational Geographic Society

I Was a Teenage Racist Kevin Day Donna McPhail Donna McPhail Alistair McGowan and Ronnie Ancona Gilded Balloon

Muff Diva Lea De Laria

or Black Eyes is Back Dave Cohen Peroxide Comedy Jenny Eclair

Greg Proops Assemny

Schneider and lannucci

Dave Schneider and Amtando lannucci Stand Up Black America Ian Edwards. Renee Hicks and Suli McCullough Still Crazy After All These Years Helen Lederer

Tall, Darit. Handsome and lo 1 That Ilemmds W . . . Gary Cry Assembly Rooms

Tonight I'm Entertaining Richard Gere Courageous Petticoats

21st Century Scut Margi Clarke

25 Years of Fun Doug Anthony Allstars Withering looks Lip Service

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$8: 8} 83 $6238 amt:

Nick Mayhcw Bf

Children's Circus Woritshop FEAST 26 The Giant Jeely Piece Show Crooked Jack 26 Mad Mash Two Bodger and Badger 25

Funk 0ft Green St Bn'de's 3B Jaleo Queen‘s Hall 53 lilith Melanie Stewart Dance 45 flew Love Song Waltzes

Mark Morris Dance Group 39 Sguel Leaping Salmon Theatre 58 Wuthering Heights Gilded Balloon 25

Man of La Mancha Quinquereme 4D Whistle Down the Wind National Youth Music Theatre 43

Anna Traverse 14 Being Franlt First Base 26 Bluebeard's Castle Canadian Opera 11 Gary Clark/Boo llewerdine 60 Erwartung Canadian Opera 11 Anne Evans 60 Falstaff Welsh National Opera 10

orse so Robert flannelt Quartet 60 Martin Taylor 60 Tourist Variations Traverse 14 Verdi: I Due Foscari Scottish Opera 50 Wild Woman Don’t Sing the Blues 60 Wynton Marsalis Septet 60


Defying Gravity Roger McGough 53 Singing the News Desperate Measures 25




The List l3—l9 August I993 3