for a time in the Scottish .Bars With .food and borders and have a firm - informal live music are following here for their always Open‘ and the Box out-and-out danceable .lit OmC?‘ from "00." u” Jive. chiming electric midnight. sells tickets for guitars. Afro rhythms and . the vast number of events defiantly cheerful songs. under the AMC mOf' I 1992 “3 . (Norman Chalmers) Back again after last it . one o nan vear's successful tour the . ll 8 - r McMaster's new ideas for Eagizngg': g It may be "'9 “993$t arts “3"”. '" Romanian village band the Festival was a series College of An Laudesmn the world but Edinburgh in August is lza. are heirs to a of late-ntght Usher Ha“ place. 223 966%,. Bhundu traditionally a rock and pop desert ; centuries-old unbroken concerts. Following the Boys 1540 Aug. those in search of nomclassicah "on. tradition of celebratory afgfeezsreofh‘g: ggfevmm‘ 9.30pm £10 (£7). tolky music have had to content “0“”: “fuming- Fm'" “‘9 . retno e aramures. at 10.30pm performances m 3‘ wooded. mountainous this year. Opening on Tue 9 t , d y’ p p I region of northern 17 with pianist Richard m" the blue'cmps mg" 03" . t Romania. they play the Goode playing Beethoven , . spectaculars at the Castle- Thts year, cetera. a type of violin; and Schubert. the late-bird EST”! lsélim Regula' MUSIC, Scotland’s p'emie' “Ag -. ~- [he [ongouh a guitar; and series resumes in the third gaginfgv: fryom promoter of live music, have sought to 7 the doba. a drum. with weekpfthe Festwal W'th midni‘ht [hrrzu i to 33m plug the gap with the erection of a 2 four traditionally the Lindsay Stnng Quartet g g ‘. ' It t t c It if" n. costumed dancers. Last and cellist Alexander When new‘wave celt‘c Spec” .en .0" 0p 0 a 0'! I ' e i "t ' d h* B .n. . h . and ceilidh bands like Acropolis, sited next to the infamous - Gary Clark 3“" 1‘, “Wm” L at is in W at promlses T I ha . E . b h, m h , tal ts t M u H d‘ n I Scottish Highlands saw to be a memorable oss the Feathers. to ly t t is din urg s sgrace, as 5 en 0 mse , ewer he, 8 the band.“ vi, , d . , . ., . . gout an Schubert Quintet in G ShOQEICmfty and Coats pitched its stall as host of one of the t Amitri s _Brtan Mcnermott and old enthusiasm pumng people ma'or. The final concert 90" t Shave get the Festival’s ‘most eclectic and exciting ' Danny Wilson sparring partner Ged out or their some to bin 1 'rowds movin - l . , J features soprano Ann L A g~ bl [ET-h programmes’. But even it the Grimes, there shouldn the any in. (Norman Chalmers) Mum) With PhtltP Me gases (h: scaritying exploits of The Jim Rose problems. I It? (Fringe) Acoustic [bing'gdge “Ed Pete? organism‘ion “Ade, the Circus is the most rock ’n’ roll show , Capercaillie, John Martyn, Dougie Mum CClter.7Cilil°lt)ibcrs "0 09' W, 9C°."t".t"° , e on the hill, the likes oi Gary Clark, 800 . McLean, Dick cau ban and Loudon Street (Venue ~5> ~-0 the Festival s intngumg can 35 Of“ 8‘1; TOP and . . . r g - - “46” 15-18 Au i juxtaposition of Schubert into the panelled Hewerdine and Horse will ensure that Wainwright III add to the pretnium bill. 10 {d 1;] £5 (£4? ( l7 and Janacek. (Carol Main) splendour of Boddington‘s quality songwriting, soultul and sleek, ; Hot sure about Howard Jones, though. A”; E; ,bpl‘n) I Late light concerts Dream Tent to Present the will have its day. . ' (Craig McLean) " ' (lntemational Festival) 2V6 Compélhng 610::- ‘I haven’t heard my band playing : the Acropolis (Fringe) Calton Hill “It Usher Hall. Lothian Road. amony “"865 ‘1“ together yet,’ admits Gary Clark. But i (Venue 26) 557 6969. See listings tor :25 517836;)”. itioAttg. l iag‘acfifaoraéyceg‘oyg Tm as it features the accomplished times and prices. CARDI- KID” e . . m. . ' t- i p is black South African 5 m township music as it . Festival 0' swish emergedmttetatews mm nutntroarraumo t an,“ 605' lov'ngly F B Y 0 Central Hall. Tollcross i A t . h. I. f reinterpreted. Assembly ' ' ' ' (Venue 100) 14 Augfit i n as oms mg me'up.o also present Amompondo Want to hear some hieh- . . I world-class world music - e 5‘13[ (“0‘ Sunday“) ' . . Shango, a pan-African class orchestral music that e, i ,8 hned up at the _ , . l...30pm and 7.30pm. Ed. b h S h I {A dance theatre group in a won tput you iii the bad lunchtime £2 (£1) ' m mg c 00. 0 n riot of colour and books with your bank , ,, t s ' - . by a European_w1de , ' LVLnlng Chllern. or anisation ded. m d t percussion. manager? Then check out q[udcmg U840 disabled g ‘c e .0 On a gentler note. but the Festival of British . . J: ' 1' ' theatre and the performmg . . . . , free. See Glasgow isting ans T.“ d FEAST . creating beguiling music Youth ()rchestras. which for RSAMD concerts. : brim“ g": m th "I on the traditional lrish is much more than a La; wi‘m ge e H 'box'. or two-row push- Fringe counterweight to m j g: OPS; Inve. 0 V0 pull accordion. is the , w the big names along the 5-, :5! wffig‘v SB “($338” d young Sharon Shannon ,. 'j" road at the Usher Hall. C; acr bat? an ‘. 88" an with her band. Ex- _ The participating 5 fit . 3“ 'cs‘ 6x05” Waterboys and already a ensembles have a 7'. 2 glesrcugiegisffgm star at home in Ireland. deserved reputation for The biggest {CIR festival S. C l Kdd . t she is among the best ofa . , , their high standard of in the World takes Place in '"gcr . am ' 'S g Aboluganda Kwagalana. nation of great traditional '1‘” “1’ be confiduw performaan while the Edinburgh over the three CWT)” b” aS_rcgu'ar ‘1 f the sweet kom'play'ng 0f musicians. (Norman 33:1"pr a no“ [y by now‘ freshness and imagination Festival weekS. With .Ws'wr [0 [ms We"! as She Dembo Koth 9“? K395” Chalmers) -8 lrlsnlnghampascd of their programming puts hundred-9 0f PerformancCS [S [ Glasgow Jazz 1 Kuyateh. Nigeria s Chief I MM, at the (lu‘ntetl ayelharc‘d 800d many of their seniors to by groups and soloists Festival. but it doesn’t ; S‘k‘l’m.Bamster and ms Meadows (Venue ll6) at “1? tie shame. Visiting orchestras from every continent. €ch Stop the ‘SOId 0”“ CFP 03'“ 905mm” 226 2428. 14 Aug-5 Sept. “miled ,afipar‘m y this year are the southern Music can be found in notice-t some up- 5“? . . e1ghleen-plece band. various “mes and pdces. _ range o Methodist Conservatory every major venuc‘ rings the changes this time 3 others in the later Festival m sonority. and comfortably Tcxaqkwho play a” St“ tented ones. but the band. in which musical issues, but for the first transcend the Oscastonal one; High Street (“m Sun comm] hub of the folk director David Newton is .1 week welcome back those clevemess—for-its-own— ‘5‘ 66m). and the‘ world is the Acoustic joined by Andy Clyndert ' g%n°t;iaryBSC0lS+Lhe The all-sax0phone band Sifts? ltc‘tli‘tmflwgltfh can Landcsjugcndblasorchcm Music Centre in on bass and drummer Jack . u“ oys' '3 . has g r 1 d h - h a ‘C ‘S m 0 r of Rheinland-Pfalz in Chambers Street. It is Pam” and a new . Zimbabwean band lived .u e y eame t 8 ng I ensemble. The band do German ( '8 Aug) They Open from Ham [in lam programme. One set tn not fit snugly into any M” be joined by eight each day with admission each of her twoconcerts particular category, but from the mum and M free before 8pm and £1 Will feature a tribute to the play a pleasing mixture of q‘ . h i v“ ,fl , 1 w kda‘ g £7 writing talents of the both classical and 'azz— toms has“! on“ ‘i. .U 0' cc y“ " on Girshw' 6 th* ' . . J K tnn Mmhicgon) l-ndays and Saturdays L m r0 “8' m an derived material alongside ( L y f ' " Ella Fitzgerald-style their own tunes. which ‘songbook‘ format which make up a significant part should suit Carol's voice of their set (their new very well indeed. If that Safer Sat disc is almost appealS. though. don't entirely self-composed). hang around in getting . (Kenny Mathieson) tickets. (Kenny .' I Sextet (Fringe) Mathieson) ' : Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 I Carol Kidd (TDK ’, g ,,s .. 6550. 16 Aug. 8.30pm. £5 t Round Midnight) Queen’s _ Jr a . 1. (£4); 18—19. 22 Aug. e- / Hall (Venue 72) 668 2019. v f. ' fx‘fflfigvp 3pm. £5 (£4); 20—2l Aug. / W" - event-«~11 l9 Aug. 10.30pm. 20 r “’t - ~ - 3pm. £5.50 (£4.50); 26. Performers attheEdinburgh Festival at Aug. 7-30pm.£15- £10 3l Aug. 6.45pm. £5 (£4). British Youth Orchestra: (£6)-

52 The List l3—l9 August 1993