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I Fly the flag (in a suitably ironic fashion of course) with Pete McCarthy. Being British (Fringe) Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 225 2428, 14-29 Aug, 6pm, £7.50 (£6.50).

I Pick up a iew vogueing tips courtesy oi Melanie Stewart. Melanie Stewart Dance (Fringe) Theatre Workshop (Venue 20) 225 5425, 13 Aug-28 Aug (not 15, 22), 9.45pm, £5 (£3.50).

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I You’ll need to get that body into shape tor an arduous three weeks oi Fringeing. Take some grooming tips lrom Comedy Factory (Fringe) Stepping Stones Theatre 225 6520, 13 Aug-4 Sept (not 24, 2), 11.45pm, £5 (£4).

I Discover spiritual stillness through physical extremes (lree condom supplied). Rain (Fringe) The lie-Animators St Bride‘s Centre (Venue 62) 3451405, 15—21 Aug, 9pm, £5 (£3).



0ur spies have had binoculars trained on the gallops over the past weeks as the periomiers were put through their paces. These are the shows they reckon could be worth an each-way bet. Sod Arthur Smith leaves An Evening with Gary Lineker to its own devices and heads to the Pleasance for the premiere of his earthy new comedy about sex. death and, of course. God. The Piano Holly Hunter stars in the lane Campion film about a mute whose ‘piano lessons’ with next door neighbour Harvey Keitel turn into something more intimate. Stand Up Black America If there is any truth in the notion that white males turned to comedy as the new rock ‘n' roll. then these three performers are rappers without breakbeats. Ian Edwards. Renee Hicks and Suli McCollough can be expected to kick ass at the Pleasance. Mad Mash Two The kids love ’em. they throw mash potato about what else do you need to know? Check out these Children's BBC characters at the Gilded Balloon. The Legend of St Julian Based on a Flaubert shon story, Communicado aims to follow up last year's blockbuster production of Cyrano de Bergerac with this visual piece which follows an everyday story of medieval redemption. Cary Clark and Boo llewerdine Consummate adult pop singer- songwriter appealing to a more mature audience than in his Danny Wilson days. aided and abetted by former Bible‘ basher Boo. Steven Campbell Brilliant new paintings and. for the first time. collages by one of the orginal gang of four Glasgow boys. This exhibition at the Talbot Rice gallery shows Campbell plumbing the emotional depths in his most sombre work yet. Boll-a-Pea The UK debut at the Theatre Workshop for Polish company Wierszalin with a piece which uses actors. puppets and Eastern Orthodox singing. Roll-a-Pea is based on a Byelorussian folk tale which is used to look at the impact of upheaval in eastern Europe on rural communities. Scots 0uair Glasgow‘s TAG Theatre has been working on Lewis Grassic ! Gibbon's Sunset Song over the last E

couple of years. For the lntemational Festival it has added Cloud Howe and Grey Granite to complete the trilogy about life in north-east Scotland in the early part ofthis century.

Academy of Fools Clowning Russian- style. described as ‘dark and

dangerous'. and arriving in Edinburgh bearing a parental guidance-style health I warning.

The List 13119 August 199%