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SUMMER EXHIBITION including Paintings, l’t'riml Furniture, Ceramics, Silver

Jewellery and Collt't'tt'r’s Items

l6th-28th August

Free entry Test your knowledge with our quiz! Real AmeriCan Everyone welcome Crafts .. 16 Victoria Street & Britain's soI best-Seller 5 The Grassmarket

65 (ivorgt‘ 51111". Edinburgh It”) zll' E D I N B U R G H



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14 August - 18 September 1993

Monday-Saturday 11-00-530 INVERLEITH HOUSE 8: CALEDONIAN HALL 43 Candlemaker Row Edinburgh -

Exh‘bmo'w’omm" by “5 “Whammy” 7 AUGUST TO 3| OCTOBER I993 - ADMISSION FREE Admission by Calalogue £1 (75p)


24 July - 4 September 1993 w°"‘"‘°” 6' cm‘" 25 years of Printmaking Tue - Sat 1 lam - 6pm . 14 August-18 September 1993 ADMISSION FREE I A rare opportunity to see a fine selection of

prints made by David Hockney during the last 25 years all for sale at reasonable prices.

Also new work by contemporary Scottish artists on show & for sale

(In collaboration with Berkeley Square Gallery, London)

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. . z-t‘. nan Pet-I721! (.1! u: riwu-~,-I~;-;Iwr~1ruutm Llf‘fi'fnls & I l I Tues-Sat, 2pm—4pm GALLERY HOURS: Tues—Sat, loam—6pm

23 Union Street, Edinburgh EH1 3L8, Tel: 031-557 2479

Illustration as a Way to Survive

‘touchingly reflects the various mysterious ploys used “I”! m to retain artistic self respect whilst working under mum strict censorship in the Soviet Union from University of Edlnburgh’ Old College, the fifties to the sevenhes.’ - '1 HF. GUARDIAN South Bridge, Edinburgh EH3 9Y1” Tel. 031 650 2211 PINOCCHIO'S PRESENT New Works Centre for Contemporary Arts STEVEN CAMPBELL 350 S-auchiehall Street, Glasgow 12 August _ 11 September 041 332 752 1 Monday - Saturday SUDSId/SQdD/lhe ScottishArts Council and Glasgow District Comcil "A ' Subsidised by the Scottish Arts Council

The List l3—l9 August I993 75