US. 1992) Bridget Fonda. Jennifer Jason Leigh. Steven Weber. 107 mins. FIatmate-from-hell scenario is in full force when Leigh moves into the appartment of Fonda and gradually starts taking over her looks. life and boyfriend. An intriguing character drama and rousing genre piece that packs a visceral punch without neglecting to keep one‘s grey matter engaged. Glasgow: Grosvenor. I Singles (12) (Cameron Crowe. US. 1992) Bridget Fonda. Campbell Scott. Kyra Sedgwick. Matt Dillon. 90 mins. The way it’s been sold you'd think it was some total guitar hardcore odyssey vibe. but in fact it's a honey-coated romance that just happens to take place in Seattle. There‘s a high recognition factor for twentysomethings in the audience as they watch the ensemble cast find its way around misdirected crushes. parties from hell and crap gigs. Watch your life flash before you. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Sofie (15) (Liv Ullmann. Swe/Nor/Den. 1992) Karen-Lise Mynster. Jesper Christensen. 92 mins. The directorial debut one of Ingmar Bergman's lead actresses is planted firmly in period art-house ten'itory. A family chamber piece. it tells of a Jewish spinster in turn of the century Copenhagen. who is forced into a dutiful marriage. Thoughtful. reflective and of considerable emotional depth. Glasgow: GI’T. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Styer Mario Bros (PG) (Rocky Morton/Annabel Jankel. US. 1993) Bob Hoskins. John Leguizamo. Dennis Hopper. 105 mins. The film of the video game featuring Italian pipe-menders plumbs new and tedious depths. In a parallel world. they try to rescue a princess from a lizard-like baddie. but our heroes are lost in over-designed sets and variable special effects. More holes than a drain-cover. Borders: Kingsway. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr. WMAR.AHLKHs I Sure Fire (15) (Jon Jost. US. 1990) Tom Blair. Kristi Hager. Robert Ernst. 83 mins. Blair's portrayal of mid-westem good ol' boy Wes fills the screen and the film: a man who's more than willing to generously help out his family and friends. but expects some sort of payback in return. His obsession with developing his home town in Utah into a paradise for Californian retirees eventually leads to a shocking confrontation with his son. Glasgow: GFT. I Teenage Mutant Ninia Turtles 3 (PG) (Stuart Gillard. US. 1992) Elias Koteas. Paige Turco. Stuart Wilson. Another Turtles movie! A prospect as appealing as a pizza slice reheated for the third time. This time. they're back in l7th century Japan in order to save April. Fresh locations won't stall the diminishing returns as kid's fadish attentions have tumed elsewhere. In a straight reptile vs reptile battle in the summer cinemas. those turtles are going to squashed under the dinosaurs feet. ninja skills or not. General release. I Three of Hearts (18) (Yurek Bogayevicz. US. 1993) William Baldwin. Kelly Lynch. Sherilyn Fenn. 110 mins. Girl meets girl. Girl loses girl. Girl hires gigolo to woo girl then break her heart. so she'll come running back. Not your average Hollywood love triangle. and certainly commendable for bringing a relaxed. comic attitude to sexuality that is normally ghettoised. Glasgow: Odeon. I Torn UNI Jerry: The Movie (U) (Phil Roman. US. 1992) With the voices of Richard Kind. Dana Hill. Charlotte Rae. 84 mins. That's right: ‘with the voices of '. The world‘s greatest cat and mouse act not only talk. but sing and dance their way through their first feature. as they cope with leaving home and being out on the streets. It will divert the kids. certainly. but life-long fans will be disappointed to see (and hear) these cultural icons expand beyond sublime five-minute burst of mayhem. General release. I Thellnbearable lightnessofeeing (18) (Philip Kaufman. US. 1987) Daniel Day-Lewis. Juliette Binoche. Lena Olin. 167 mins. Ambitious adaptation of Milan Kundera's complex novel about a womanising Czech brain surgeon who falls in love for the first time with a doe-like small-town beauty at the time of the Russian invasion of 1968. A dawdling and rather austere narrative is given some spice and interest by an overwhelming eroticism. a beautifully judged evocation of Prague and gorgeous photography. Central: MacRobert. I The Vanishing (15) (George Sluizer. US. 1993) Jeff Bridges. Kiefer Sutherland. Nancy Travis. 110 mins. Throwing subsequent credibility out of the window. Dutch director Sluizer goes to Hollywood to remake his own classic. but agrees to a screenplay that removes all of the subtleties of his original chiller. Boyfriend searches for girlfriend who disappeared at shopping centre. only to come into contact with abductor that much is the same. but one can only compare the disasterous American decisions with the elements that made them want to do it again in the first place. Glasgow: Odeon.



Friday 13-Thursday 19

Readers are advised that programmes may be sublect to late change at any time. [D] indicates that wheelchair access is available, though prior notification is advisable. [E] indicates the availability or an induction loop, for the convenience of hearing aid users. Film listings compiled by Thom Dibdin.


I CANNON Clarkston Road. Muirend. 637 2641. £2 (Child/OAP £1.50; before 6pm all seats £1.50).

1. Made In America (12) 12.30pm. 3.15pm. 5.45pm. 8.35pm.

2. Jurassic Park (PG) 12.10pm (not Sat). 2.50pm. 5.35pm. 8.25pm.

I CITY CENTRE ODEON Renfield Street. 332 3413/8701. Bar. [D] screens 2. 3 and 4. Adults £3.80. £4. £4.50 (£3. £4. £4.50 before 6pm) Child/GAP £2.50; Student/U840 £3 (£3.80 after 6pm Fri/Sat) Advance booking available from box office (11am-7pm). Same day credit card booking: 333 9551 Ham—6.30pm. last Action Hero (15) 11.30am (not Sun). 2.30pm. 5.30pm. 8.30pm.

Cliffhanger (15) 12.30pm. 3.15pm. 6pm. 8.45pm.

The Vanishing (15) 6.15pm. 8 45pm. Reservoir Dogs ( 18) 6.30pm (not Sun). 9pm.


.u hree of Hearts (18) 8.45pm. A Far 0" Place (PG) 12.15pm. 3pm. 5.45pm. 8.30pm.

Bambi (U) 12.15pm. 2.30pm. 4.45pm. 6.45pm.

Teenage Mutant Ninla Turtles 3 (PG) 11.30am (not Sun). 1.45pm. 4pm.

Tom and Jerry: The Movie (U) not Sun. 12.30pm. 2.30pm. 4.30pm.

The Indiana Jones Trilogy (PG) Sun only £5 (£3) 2pm (finishes 8pm).

I GROSVENOR Ashton Lane. Hillhead. 339 4298. £3.20 (Student/U840 £2.50; Child/GAP £1.60; lates. all £3.20). Shows commencing before 5.30pm £2 (all concs £1.60). Seats can now be booked for last evening and late screenings: the box office is open 2—7pm.

1. Made In America (12) 2.10pm. 5.10pm. 8.10pm.

2. Jurassic Park (PG) 2pm. 5pm. 8pm. See also Glas ow Lates.

I MGM FILM ENTRE Sauchiehall Street. 332 1592/9513. Two bars. £3.80 (Child £2.20; OAP [before 6pm Mon-Fri] £2.20). All tickets for shows in brackets £2.20 (not Sat. Sun).

Jurassic Park (PG) (1. 10pm). 5.30pm. 8.20pm.

Made In America ( 12) 1.05pm (3.30pm) 5.55pm. 8.25pm.

Dennis (PG) 1.10pm (3.25pm). 5.45pm. The Assassin (18) 8.30pm.

Benny and Jam (12) 1.05pm (3.25pm). 5.50pm. 8.35pm.

Falling Down(18) l.05pm. (3.30pm). 5.55pm. 8.25pm.

I MGM PARNNEAD The Forge. Parkhead. 556 4282/4343. [D]. [E](screens I. 3 and 5). Shows commencing before 5.30pm £2.10; after 5.30pm £3.30 (Child £2.10). Jurassic Park (PG) 12.25pm. 1.15pm. 3.30pm. 4.10pm. 6.25pm. 7pm. 9.15pm. 9.55pm & late.

Made In America (12) 1pm. 3.45pm. 6.50pm. 9.35pm & late.

Dennis (PG) 12.10pm. 2.30pm. 4.50pm. 7pm.

Cliffhanger ( 15) 9.20pm.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (PG) 12.10pm, 2.25pm, 4.40pm, 6.50pm. Indecent Proposal (15) 9.10pm & late. Bambi (U) 1.15pm.

last Action Hero (15) 3.40pm. 6.30pm. 9.25pm & late.

A Far Dtt Place (PG) 1pm. 3.40pm. 7.05pm. 9.40pm.

See also Glasgow Lates.


Rose Street. 332 8128. Cafe/bar open 2—l 1pm (Sun: 5-1 1pm). All performances bookable. [D]. [E]. Matinees £2.80 (not Sat) (concessions £1.80). Evening shows and Sat matinee £3.70 (concessions £2.80 except Sat evening). All double bills evening prices apply. Wed matinees. all seats £1.


1. Husbands & Wives (15) 3.30pm.

Iln Doeur En Hiver (12) 6.15pm. 8.45pm. 2. Sofie (15) 5pm.

Map of the Human Ileart (15) 8.30pm. SATURDAY 14

1. Husbands a Wives (15) 3.30pm.

Dn Doeur En lliver(12) 6.15pm. 8.45pm. 2. Sofie (15) 2pm. 5pm.

Map of the Human Heart (15) 8.30pm. SUNDAY 15

1. 1111 Coeur En Hiver (12) 6.15pm. 8.45pm.

2. Sofie (15) 5pm.

Map of the Human Heart (15) 8.30pm. MDNDAY16

1. Mean Street (18) 3.30pm. 6.15pm. lln Doeur En Hiver (12) 8.45pm.

2. Map of the Human Ileart (15) 6pm. 8.30pm.


1. Mean Street (18) 3.30pm. 6.15pm. lln Doeur En Hiver (12) 8.45pm.

2. Sure Fire (15) 6pm.

Map of the Human Heart (15) 8.30pm. WEDNESDAY 18

1. tin Doeur En Hiver (12) 2.30pm. 8.45pm.

Mean Streets (18) 6.15pm.

2. Map of the Human Heart (15) 3.30pm. 8.30pm.

Sure Fire (15 ) 6pm.

THURSDAY 19 1. Betty Blue - Version Integral (18) 5pm. IIn ooeur En Hiver (12) 8.45pm.

2. Sure Fire (15) 3.30pm. 6pm.

Map of the Human art (15) 8.30pm.


Fri 13/Sat 14:

I GROSVENOR Ashton Lane. 339 4298. Fri 13:

1. Made In America (12) 10.45pm.

2. Single White Female (18) 10.40pm. I MGM PARNNEAD The Forge. Parkhead 556 4282

Jurassic Park (PG) 12.05am.

Made In America (12) 12.10am. Indecent Proposal (15) Sat only.

1 1.45pm.

last Action Hero (15) 12.25am.


I CAMEO Home Street. 228 4141. Bar. [D]. Cameo 1: £4.15 (Monday: £2.05); Cameo 2 and 3: £3.85 (Monday: £1.90); All concessions: 99p before 5pm every day. Lates and matinees in Cameo 1: £3.50 (£2.75).

1. Mad Dog 8. Glory (15) Fri/Sat only. 3.30pm. 3.30pm. 6.15pm. 8.55pm.

2. lied Bock West (15) Fri/Sat only. 3.15pm. 6.30pm. 8.45pm & late.

3. The Fencing Master (12) 3pm. 7pm. 9.10pm & late.

I From SUNDAY 15:

47th Edinburgh International Film Festival. See page 67 for details.

See also Edinburgh Lates.

I DOMINION Newbattle Terrace. 447 4771/2660. Restaurant. Bar. [D]. £3.30 (Child/ Student/UB40/OAP £2.10 except for last evening shows Fri and Sat. or any evening shows in cinema 3) Pullman seats: £3.70p (cinema 1). £3.50 (cinema 3


1. Jurassic Park (PG) 2.30pm (not Sun). 5.30pm. 8.30pm.

2. Made In America ( 12) 2pm (not Sun). 5pm. 8pm.

3. Dennis (PG) 1.20pm (not Sun). 3.35pm (not Sun). 5.50pm.

last Action Hero (15) 8.20pm.

I MGM Lothian Road. 229 3030. Bar. [D] cinemas 2 & 3. Pullman seats (cinema 1 only) £4.50; all other seats £3.70. Child £2.50 (Pullman). £2.10. OAP £2. 10 (before 6pm Mon-Fri). Mon-Fri before 5pm. all seats £2. 10 (Pullman: £2.50).

1. Jurassic Park (PG) Daily, not Sat. 12.10pm. 2.55pm. 5.45pm. 8.30pm; Sat. 1pm. 3.50pm. 6.35pm. 9.25pm.

2. Made In America (12) 1.10pm. 3.40pm. 6.10pm. 8.40pm.

3. Dennis (PG) 1.25pm. 4pm. 6.30pm. The Assassln(18) 8.50pm.

I ODEON Clerk Street. 667 7331/668 2101. Bar. [D] screens 1.2 and 3. Adults £4.25 (£3.50 for side seats screen 1 and front seats screens 4 & 5) (Child/Student/OAP/ UB40 £1 off) No concessions on final shows.

1. lastActIon Hero (15) 12.10pm. 2.35pm. 5.20pm (not Sat). 8.15pm.

2. Tom and Jerry: The Movie (U) 1.25pm. DIlffhanger (15) 3.25pm. 5.55pm. 8.35pm. 11.15pm (Sat only). 3. Dnbl (U) 1pm. 2.55pm. 4.50pm. 6.400m (not Sat).

The List 13—19 August 1993 81