Reservoir Dogs (18) 8.50pm (not Sat). 11.15pm (Sat only).

4. A F8 011 Place (PG) 12.40pm. 3.15pm. 5.45pm. 8.25 m.

5. Teenage Matant Iiinla Turtles 3 (PG) 12.10pm. 2pm. 4.15pm.

Groundhog Day (PG) 6.25pm. 8.45pm. See also Edinburgh Lates.

I UCI Kinnaird Park. Kinnaird Road. 669 0777/0711. [D]. Box office open from 11.30am. Tickets for shows commencing before 6pm £2.40; shows commencing after 6pm: £3.80 (Child £2.20). Credit card bookings 669 7997 daily: 11am-9pm.

Made In Alnerica (PG) 11.25am (Fri-Wed only). 2pm. 4.25pm. 6.50pm. 9.30pm & late.

A Far 011 Place (PG) 2.25pm. 4.55pm. 7.25pm. 10.10pm.

Jurassic Park (PG) 10.40am (Fri-Wed only). 12.40pm. 1.20pm. 3.35pm. 4.10pm. 6.20pm. 7pm. 9.05pm. 9.45pm & late. last Action Hero (15) 1.40pm. 4.30pm.

7.15 m. 10pm.

elirffianger (15) 12.50pm. 3.50pm. 6.35pm. 9.20pm & late.

Dennis (PG) 11.10am (Fri-Wed only). 1.50 m. 4pm. 6.10pm. 8.50pm.

B. I(U) 11am(Fri-Wed only). 1pm. 3.20pm. 5.30pm.

The Assassin (18) 7.55pm. 10.20pm. Falling 11m (18) 7.35pm. 10.05pm. Indecent Proposal (15) 7.45pm. 10.15pm. Tom and Jerry: The Movie (U) 11.40am (Fri-Wed only). 1.35pm.

Super Mario Bros (PG) 11.55am (Fri-Wed only). 2.35pm. 5.10pm.

Teenage Mutant Iiinia Turtles 3 (PG) 12.50pm. 3.10pm. 5.20pm.

See also Edinburgh lates.


Lothian Road. 228 2688. Bar. Restaurant. [E]. [D]. Matinees £2 (Child/Student/OAP/U B40 £1 .50); shows commencing before 7pm £2.50 (Child/Student/ UB40/OAP £2); shows commencing after 7pm. double bills and Sunday Matinees £3.60 (no concessions). bookable in advance. No concessions on Sats. Wed matinees. all seaLs 50p. FRIDAY 13

1. SoIIe (15) 2.30pm. 5pm. 8pm.

2. Just Another Girl on the 1111 (15) 3pm. 6.15pm. 9pm.


1. Asterix A The Big Plglli (U) 2.30pm. Sofie (15) 5pm. 8pm.

2. Just Another Girl on the IIIT (15) 3pm. 6.15pm. 9pm.

I From SUNDAY 15:

47th Edinburgh International Film Festival. See page 67 tor details.


:flC1A3MEO Home Street. 228 4141. [D]. 1. Singles (12) and The Commitments (15) 11.30pm.

2. lied Bock West ( 15) 12.05am.

3. The Fencing Master (12) 11.50pm. Sat14:

1. Jason .Iamon (18) and Matador(18) 11.30pm.

Cinemas 2 and 3 see Fri 13.

See also Film Festival, p67.

I FILMIIOUSE Lothian Road. 228 2688. See Film Festival, p 61.

I ODEON Clerk Street. 667 7331/668 2101.

Sat 14:


teeervolr oogs(18) 11.15pm.

I UCI Kinnaird Park. Kinnaird Road. 669 3777. [D]. (Over 18 only).

‘ri 13/Sat 14:

Made In America (PG) midnight. Jurassic Park (PG) 11.50pm. clitihaoger (15) 12.10am.

The Exorcist (18) 11.30pm.


I NINBSWAY Market Street. Galashiels. 0896 2767. £2.40 (Child/0A}> £1.30)

Super Mario Bros (PG) 7.30pm.

I ROXY CINEMA Horsemarket. Kelso. 0573 224 609. Bar. [D]. Balcony. £2.50 (Child/CAP £1.50). Stalls £2.30 (Child/0A? £1.20).

Jurassic Park (PG) 2.15pm. 7.30pm (Sat/Sun. Tue/Wed only). 10pm (Fri.

/Mon. Thurs only).


I ALLANPARN Allanpark Road. Stirling. 0786 474137. £2.80 (GAP/Registered disabled £2. Kids £1.50) All adult seats. shows starting before 6.30pm: £2. No unaccompanied children after 6pm. Family ticket available.

. Jurassic Park (PG) Daily. not Sun. 2pm. 5pm. 8pm; Sun 4pm. 7pm.

2. Dennis (PG) Daily. not Sun. 2.55pm. 5.25pm. 8.10pm; Sun 4.50pm. 7.20pm. I CALEDONIAN Almondvale Centre. Livingston. 0506 33163. £2.60 (Child/GAP £1.30). Family ticket £7—£9. 1. Jurassic Park (PG) 1.30pm. 5pm. 7.45pm.

2. Teenage Mutant Iiinia Turtles 3 (PG) 1.45pm. 5.15pm.

00p and A IIaIi (PG) 8pm.

I CANNON Princess Street. Falkirk. 0324 23805. £2.30 (Child £1.50; OAP £1.50 before 6 m. Mon—Fri).

1. BanhI(U) 12.20pm (not Sun). 3pm (Sun only).

Made In America ( 12) 2.35pm (not Sun). 5pm. 8pm.

2. Jurassic Park (PG) noon (not Sat/Sun). 2.35pm. 5.10pm. 7.50pm.

3. Dennis (PG) 1.10pm (not Sun). 3.20pm. 5.20pm.

last Action Hero (15 ) 7.30pm.

I MACROBERT ARTS CENTRE Stirling University. 0786 461081. [D] [E] £3 (£2). Into The West (PG) Sat 14.7.30pm.

last at the Mohicans (12) Sun 15. 7.30pm.

The Unbearable lightness at Being (18) Wed 18. 7.30pm.

I DECAL North Bridge Street. Bathgate. 0506 634 152. £2 (£1). Closed Sun/Mon. 38an (U) 2.30pm.

Mr IIanny (PG) 7pm.

I ADAM SMITII CINEMA Bennochy Road. Kirkcaldy. 0592 260 498. Bar. [D] [E]. £2 (£1.20).

Indochine (12) Sun 15. 7.30pm.

Torn and Jerry: The Movie (U) Mon 16—Sat 21. 7.30pm.

I CLENROTIIES CINEMA Church Street. Glenrothes 0592 750 980 £2 (Child

£1.10). Closed Sunday.

1. Tom and Jerry: The Movie (U) 1pm. Made In Amen’ca (12) 3.30pm. 7.30pm. 2. Dennis (PG) 2.15pm. 7.45pm.

I MOM High Street. Kirkcaldy. 0592 260 143. [D] (screens 2 and 3). £2.30 (Child £1.50; OAP £1.50 before 6pm. Mon—Fri). 1. M!” (U) 1pm (not Sun). 5.15pm (Sun onl . "

MIN). In Amorica (12) 2.50pm (not Sun).

5.20pm (not Sun). 8.20pm.

2. Jurassic Pelt (PG) 2pm (not Sun). 5pm. 8pm.

3. Dumb (PG) 1.20pm (not Sun). 3.20pm (no! Sun). 5.30pm.

1.881 Action Hero (15) 8.10pm.

I NIW PICTURE HOUSE North Street. St Andrews 0334 73509. [D]. Cinema 1: £2.30 Circle. £2 stalls (Kids/GAPS £1.50); Cinema 2: £2.30 all seats.

1. Dumb (PG) 6.15pm. 8.05pm; Sun 7.55pm only.

2. JUMIc Park (PG) 5.45pm. 8pm; Sun 7.45 m only.

I Hall” East Port. Dunfermline 0383 623 535. £2.50 (concessions £1.50). No concessions Sat evening. Monday. all seats £1 .50.

1- Made In America (12) 12.30pm (not Sun). 3.15pm. 6.15pm. 9pm.

2. Jurassic Park (PG) 12.15pm (not Sun). 3pm. 6 . 8.45pm.

3. Bamfil (U) 12.45pm (not Sun). 3.30pm. 6 3

.. 0pm. Last Action iiero (15) 8.30pm.


I CANNON Titchfield Street. Kilmamock. 0563 3 °8. Adults £2.50 (Kids £1.50; OAP £ . .34 before 6pm. Mon—Fri). Bambi (U) 12.50pm (not Sun). 3.30pm (Sun only).

1...... M d" "

Made In Am" a. (12) 3pm (not Sun). 5.40pm. 8.4 m.

Jurassic P (PG) 12.30pm (not Sun). 3.15pm. 5.50pm. 8.35pm.

Dennis3 (PG) Daily. not Sun. 12.20pm. 2.50pm. 5.30 m; Sun 3.15pm. 5.40pm. last Action ere (15) 8.20pm.

I NELBURNI Olga ow Road. Paisley. 889 3612. [D]. £3.20( hild/OAP/Student/ UB40 £1.80).

1. Jurassic Park (PG) 11am (not Sun. Wed/1‘ hurs), [,45pm (not Wed/Thurs). 5pm. 7.45pm,

2. Dennis (P0) 11,15pm (not Sun. Wed/Thurs), 2, 15pm (not Wed/Thurs). 5.30pm. 8.15pm.

I ODEON Bums statue Square. Ayr. 0292 264 049. [D](elnemas 2. 3 & 4 only). Bar. £3.75 (Child/oAp/student/ UB40 £2.75 for performances starting before 7.30pm). Bookable luxu guts £4.50 (all screens). Friday & Sam 5y Lates £4.50; morning shows £2. Family ([cket £10 before 4.30pm.

1. Tom and Jen: flu Movie (U) 12.35pm (not Sat/Sun).

Jurassic Park(1>o) 2pm. 5pm. 8pm. 11pm (Fri/Sat only).

2. Teenage Mutant Nlnla Turtles 3 (PG) 10.45am (1101 Sun). 1pm. 3.15pm.

last Action lien (15) 5.30pm. 8.15pm. 10.55pm (Fri/Sat only).

3. Dennis (PG) 10.45am (not Sun). 1.15pm. 3.45pm. 6.15pm.

eliiihanger (15) 8.40pm. 11.15pm (Fri/Sat only).

4. 38an (U) not Sun. 10.40am. 12.30pm. Made In America (12) 2.15pm. 6pm. 8.30pm. 11.10pm (Fri/Sat only).

I ODEON Townhead Street. Hamilton. 0698 283 802. [D](cinemas 2 & 3 only). £4.50 and £3.80 (Child/OAP/Student/UB40 £2.70/£2.30). All seats £1.75. all day Mon. No concessions on final shows.

1. Jurassic Park (PG) 11.20pm (not Sat). 2.15pm. 5.15pm. 8.15pm.

2. Bambi (U) 12.30pm. 3pm. 6pm. elirihanger (15) 8.20pm.

3. Super Mario Bros (PG) 12.30pm. 2.45pm.

last Action Iiero (15) 5pm. 8pm.

I UCI Clyde Regional Centre. Clydebank. 041 951 1949 (recorded information: 041 951 2022). [D]. Shows commencing before 6pm £2.50; after 6pm £3.60 (Child/Student/OAP £2.25 all day). Made In Arnerlca (12) 11.30am (not Sat). 1.50pm. 4.20pm. 6.50pm. 9.20pm. 11.50pm (Fri/Sat only).

A For 011 Place (PG) noon. 2.30pm. 5pm. 7.30pm. 10.05pm.

Jurassic Park (PG) 10.40am (not Sat). 12.55pm. 1.20pm. 3.40pm. 4.10pm. 6.25pm. 7pm. 9.10pm. 9.45pm. midnight (Fri/Sat only).

Last Action Nero (15) 12.40pm. 3.30pm. 6.40pm. 9.30pm. 12.15am (Fri/Sat only). Dennis (PG) 12.45pm. 3.20pm. 5.30pm. 7.40pm. 9.50pm.

elitihanger (15) 4.50pm. 7.20pm. 9.55pm. 12.25am (Fri/Sat only).

The Assassin (18) 7.50pm. 10.15pm. Indecent Proposal (15) 7.10pm.

Falling IIovrn (18) 10pm.

Super Mario Bros (PG) 1.10pm.

Banth (U) 12.10pm. 2pm. 3.50pm. 5.45pm.

Teenage Mutant IIInla Turtles 3 (PG) 11.20pm. 1.35pm. 4pm.

Tom and Jerry: The Movie (U) 12.30pm.

2.50 m.

I INgl Olympia Mall. East Kilbride. 03552 49622 (recorded information: 03552 49699). [D]. Shows commencing before 6pm £2.25; after 6pm £3.30 (Child/OAP/UB40 £2.20). Credit card bookings: 03552 22022 IOam—9pm. Made In America (12) 11.10am (not Sat). 1.35pm. 4.10pm. 6.45pm. 9.25pm. 11.55pm (Fri/Sat only).

A Far on Place (PG) 1.10pm. 3.50pm. 6.30pm. 9.10pm. 11.45pm (Fri/Sat only). last Action Hero (15 ) 3.40pm. 6.40pm. 9.35pm. 12.20am (Fri/Sat only).

Dennis (PG) 11.35am. 1.50pm. 4.05pm. 6.20pm. 9pm.

Jurassic Park (PG) 11.25am (not Sat). 1pm. 2.20pm. 4pm. 5.10pm. 6.55pm. 7.05pm. 8pm. 9.55pm. 11pm (Fri/Sat only).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (PG) noon. 2.10pm.

Super Mario Bros (PG) 11.15am. 1.25pm. elitihanger (15) 4.40pm. 7.15pm. 9.45pm.

381an (U) 11.30am. 1.20pm. 3.20pm. 5.20pm.

The Assassin (18) 7.20pm (not Thurs). 10.05pm.

Tom III Jerry: The Movie (U) 1 1.40am.

1.40pm. . A River Runs Through It (12) Thurs only.


Friday the 13th (18) and The lost Boys (15) Fri/Sat only. 11.15pm.

I WMR FILM CENTRE Bank Street. Irvine. 0294 279900. £2.50 (Child £1.50; OAP - Mon—Thurs only £1.50). Family ticket (2 Adults. 2 Children) £6.20.

Made In America (12) 3pm (Sat only). 7.15pm (Fri-Sun). 7.30 (Mon—Thurs). 9.30pm.

Mr Nanny (PG) Fri. Mon/rue. 1pm. Super Mario Bros (PG) 1pm (Sat only). 2.40pm (Fn’. Mon/Tue).

32 The List 13-19 August 1993