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Statistically-speaking, Edinburgh may never have been the AIDS capital of Europe but the label has stuck. That the city is also famous for an lntemational Festival is coincidental but for many perfomers it may have a particular resonance. ‘So far, AIDS has affected the artistic community very hard,’ according to David McIIally, director of CIIIISAID Scotland which raises money to fight the disease. ‘What we are trying to do is prevent it coming close in other parts of the community.’

Last year over 40 Fringe groups joined forces with Scottish AIDS charities to raise £30,000 to be distributed among a variety of caring and campaigning organisations. This year the number has grown to 106 groups, which Mcllally is confident will lead to a big increase in the amount raised.

The jump in the number of participants was attributed to the support of the Fringe Office which sent a mailer to all performers encouraging them to take part in the

Edinburgh AIDS Charities Fringe Benefits Appeal. The 31 companies appearing at the Hill Street and Old St Paul’s Theatres, including Polkatz which is performing an AIDS awareness piece, Infect Me With Your Love, have agreed to donate all proceeds from their shows on Monday to Crusaid.

A fundraising event in the second week is also being organised which is likely to feature a number of big-name Fringe performers. Money raised will be used to fund health education campaigns by organisations such as the Scottish AIDS Monitor, and support groups such as the Sales Centre and Waverley Care. (Eddie Cibb)

V 1988


It was Australia’s Bicentennial year, President Zia died and the Scottish Labour Party backed out of support for poll-tax non-payers. In Edinburgh Thom Dibdin noticed that the Traverse

was 25 years young.

I I Am Curious, Orange claimed Aberdeen-bom dancer Michael Clark. And just to prove it. he donned Celtic football strip and employed Mark E. Smith and The Fall in his modem dance to celebrate William of Orange. who. like himself. was gay. male and Protestant.

I Richard Demarco actually made it out to lnchcolm Island! It was Towards Macbeth a prologue. which started out at Blackfriars Street. took the bus to Queensferry and thence by boat to the Isle. where a flotilla of pipes and musicians regaled the audience.

I Beetlelulce kicked off Jim Hickey's last Film Festival as Director. A fitting end. in a year that included A Fish Called Wanda. Mike Leigh‘s High Hopes and Frank Clark's Fruit Machine. as Hickey had popularised the festival with such mainstream hits as ET, Blade Runner and Back To The Future.

I Ekkehard Schall of the Berliner Ensemble rattled through some 60 of Brecht‘s songs and poems in 90 minutes at The King‘s. Schall was a leading actor in the Ensemble in Brecht's day and the part of Arturo Ui was written for him.

I Water bombs were the order of the day for the Quasimodo company during the Festival Cavalcade. But the police put a damper on things when Lothian and Borders' chief constable received a close miss.

I Franca Raine saw Elizabeth, a play written for her by hubby Dario F0, and was so incensed that she stood up after the first act and denounced the production before walking out. She was perhaps a bit miffed after being handed a leaflet for a version of her own one- hander, Female Parts. with the helpful words ‘it‘s a play by Dan'o Fo’. A bit of a PO pas. that.

I IIixon III China was the hit of the lntemational Festival. Peter Sellars‘ production gleaned praise for all its parts: score. libretto, set and even political content. The opera only went on after The Scotsman raised £90,000 by public subscription.

I 800 punters were evacuated from the Assembly Rooms when The Greatest Show On Legs set off smoke alarms with a firework during the finale oftheir set. The next night, the finale itself took place in the street with Chris Lynam climbing on a car. clenching a Roman Candle between his cheeks and lighting the blue touch paper.

I Dead Marilyn a one-corpse show, in which Marilyn Monroe rose from the dead and took revenge on all who had wronged her. opened with M. M. chained to a crucifix. In a blatant attempt to gain publicity Dead M claimed that the Monroe estate and 20th Century Fox had tried to halt the show. Unfortunately they were unsuccessful.



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