eeling fit and zappy? Time for some fun on the Fringe. Fortunately for you, The List posse have been partying overtime this week checking out first nights, infiltrating luvvie gatherings and getting paydirt on stand-up comics all so you can find the sharpest news and swingingest views of what’s happening in Festival City.

if one of our critics spots something unmissable, the show, act, film (or whatever) goes straight into our Top Ten, which you’ll find below. This is

the Festival elite and, since we’ve got such great taste, if you stick to these you’ll have a supreme Festival experience.

But life throws curve-balls sometimes, and these are called sold-out shows. A wider selection of quality product can be found in the llltlist which appears on the opening page of each Time Zone. Even to be a candidate for the Hitlist, a show has to be top quality, and so is definitely worth checking out.

After the Hitlist, each Time Zone offers a comprehensive review service (more than 100 in this issue

alone), where we’ll tell you (shooting from the hip) what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s plain revolting. If a show cuts across a Time Zone, it will be reviewed where it appears most often but, never fear, we’ll tell you the other times it’s on. As usual, everything is drawn together in the Index on the facing page.

And that’s not all, posse. There’s separate sections for Festival Art, Clubs and Music, and definitive coverage of the Film Festival. Party on.



The Academy of Poole FEAST Accidental [loath of an Anarchist Arches Theatre Acktord'e Monster Cambridge Beds The Actor ltd the Aeaaaain The Actor and the Assassin Abiral Jones Dumfries and Galloway Arts Aenigua FEAST Angel and the Cancer Pleasance Altill'o Patents Virtual Theatre A: la Frantic The Ballad of the Unehouee Bat Louder than Words Bangladesh Festival oi Food ltd Calm Bangladesh Festival of Food and Culture Before I Be Dreamhaus Bol All Antic Hay Productions Bloodstre. Traverse Bloody Poetry Double Edge Borderline Absolute Banana A Brief Mill Blue Harlequin Brother Truckers Traverse

Suite Theatre du Pif Calling Occuparta oi Richard Carpenter Call Me Susan Grassmarket Project Circe Bedlam Tho Conzflraion Gallery Productions Crossfire Paines Plough Death in Venice Red Shift BM 01 a m Graham Duff Dirt Enters the Heart Cat A Theatre Workshop 0! PM U” the Ufllt! Hebbei Theater 39 Eroetratue Nearly New Theatre Company 41


3 8832383 sagesasss 6 assume as 3

An Evening nith Cary linelter incidental Theatre 33 Exhibit A Zoom Theatre 53 ilancoclt'a Last ilalf lloll Hill Street Theatre 57 The Iiand Unlikely Theatre Company 31 Tho Hanging Tree Spotlites Theatre 57 Horne of Lien Leaping Salmon 42 Hovering BAB Productions 37 it Search o1 Other Horde FEAST 19 ii. Ilene Circee Sideshon Jim Rose Circus Sideshow 43 Kiddies Il' hoot Screaming Blue Murder 42 Killing Ill. Cambridge Nights 37 aim Acropolis 58 [on Level Panic Cambridge Bats 57 The Lurch Pack o1 let M or lb Freud Egg 43 Lost Whitehill Group 33 The Mayfliee - Sex, Blood. Death and Clonal Destruction Working Theatre 43 Pete IcCathy Being British Assembly Rooms 42 A mo flirt Dre. Assembly 41 Hensley American Wolf Productions 37 Ml Traverse 43 he flatter lhat Commouon 20

toolThellleetrionellieeudTrngicFallei T“! m Sheffield University Theatre 40

One IO Steven Berkoff 19 h the m oi Enlelng The John Wright Company 34

0n Tidy Endings Northern Theatre Company 33 The Drama Penguin Risk Theatre 49 The Cold Fella Fifth Estate 49 Oil Brutus Hill Street Theatre 21 Felting Opera FEAST 24 The Persian: The Saltzburg Festival 42 The Pleasine Dene Fecund Theatre 51 Prospect Latino Chicago

Blair Grassmarket Project

Bell-a-Pea Wierszalin Theatre

The Same Old Story Downtrodden Theatre Sana Teeth Accidental Productions

A Scots Dealt TAG

Scottish Stories Glasite Meeting House Tho Sex Conedlee Barmont Productions Sleeping with You Traverse

50‘ Arthur Smith

Still Lite National Student Theatre Company A Strange Bit of Theatre ln-Theatre Stripped Altas Theatre Company Tennorary Girl Lisa Kotin

The Tender Marcie: Mania Productions 1080 Original Gravity Exstatic

Till! 0th.! Eden Gilded Balloon

Thane Absolute Banana

“I. MIT The Vaults

Tlo Fool: One Strip”! Punch Productions The W! “I Traverse

The Voyages of the Pqer Boat

Ge e Wyllie and Crew hogan Mania Productions Welcouel To a Thoam Illusion Welcome! Theatre

W, W and Fiderevitch The Calton Centrex

You’re Thinking About Donglnnrta Nottinghamshire Education Theatre


All This and ileaven Tee Act of God Productions 34 Blood 8d Cut: Doug Anthony Allstars 4:

38 aaaaaaeeaeazeaaeeaeea


Cave Changelle Assembly Rooms The Candy lone The Comedy Zone 51 Calm Witt Jack McDonald 43

Pieter M llye Assembly at the Meadows 49 The Edi” flock Shen Arthur Smith 33 MI Em. heme llioha Sit W” Stand Up Black America 14 The Emotional Collection

Emotional Collection

Fever The London Medics

The Full Monty Assembly at the Meadows

The Gary Glitter Show

The Gary Glitter Story

Coin’ 011 Jimeoin

III" Ben Miller and Simon Godley

Sea m Sean Hughes

Who Bedlam


irrational Geogra ic Society

I Was a T” int Kevin Day

Eddie laud Eddie lzzard Cklet The lmprofessionals

Phil KI! Gilded Balloon

Kit and the m - Stuffed d m

Kit and the Widow


a 882:8 8822823 8:

lily Savage live at the Carnegie liell

Lily Savage' 8 I M Back at w Gilded Balloon 37 Fred W Gilded Balloon 51 Ball McPhail Donna McPhail 4B htelatie ltd 388.3 fled lunch C 20 M lliva Lea De Laria 57 Al m Portrait of a Serial Killer 5! My leoae ilell by little Joinery Catilage

John Meres 51 hen leek, hen Record, Iig Drawing Show John Hegle 51 M of ii! do: Hattie Hayridge 57 Politics in the M Whitehill Group 42 Ba. Ba W Richard Herring 34 lichael w Michael Redmond 45 hick lleveil Assembly Rooms 51 Revenge of W Sponge Ian Marc Blake 40 llohert'e loan of Salty Auld Reekie 33 llude lite M m Gilded Balloon 41 Schneider and lannch

Schneider and lannucci 54 Sick an a Parrot Parrot 52 “It Steel Fools Paradise 52 Still Crazy After All These Tm

Helen Lederer 4B le, M, W Id ht Nick Mayhew 41 M Thence Mark Thomas 51 TlnrasoteKenudArdKenandArd 52 Verity M (We) Festival Club 57 The M Shoe Gilded Balloon 42

lel llehelel The Story of a le-en in a W Show Ellen Hulkower 57

Chllten'a Circe: Mellon FEAST 20 mo to the St! The Shoestring Players 20 he Are We? FEAST 20

Big Feattne The Featheretenehanile St Brides


Ullth Melanie Stewart Dance


lntemational Festival

heither Either Beth And

Gandini Juggling Project honinlecence et a Southern alrIIeed Danceteller

The Demarco European Arts Foundation Tooting Ricochet Dance Company


National Youth Music Theatre

llel lilo M Aseembly Rooms Penny National Youth Music Theatre The Stone te lleeven First Base

3882! 8

The List 20—26 August 1993 3