All fringed out? let .Ioe Lampard take you on a tour of the best oi the Festival clubs.

I Arch Three rooms of essential sounds; room one on a house trip with jazzy grooves, room two with funk/hip- hop and room three with acid jazz, rare groove and a whole lot more.

The Vaults, Fri 20 Aug only. lOprn—Iate.

I Cavalcade ‘The Plot Thickens' with the second night of madness, avant- garde performance and an attacks taking place within the club playing an eclectic mix of house, funk and disco grooves.

Ex-S, Wednesdays. 10.30pm—4arn.

I Tribal FllktiOI The best in funky house tunes upstairs, with downstairs providing more dancing space and playing funk and hip-hop. One of Edinburgh’s best club nights.

The Venue, Thurs 19 Aug. lOpm-Iate. I Mubo III Mama mia, mambisto mania makes a majestic return from Brixton, with regular DJs Max, Gerry and Rita playing a hot mix of Latin, African and jazz, mouthwatering music for mambo-mad muthas.

Bugsy ’s, Saturdays. 10pm-4am.

I Skidoo Heavy funkin’ acidic vibes and underground house (basement bungalow to those of you ‘in the know’), played by DJs Chris, Olly, Colin and guests.

The Store, Saturdays. 11pm-4am.

I Festival Meltdown Rave on to live appearances by GTO, Rhythmic State, Bass-X and Project ill, Dis Bass Generator, Montana, Ross Keddie and a whole host more. Then chill-out to the ambient sounds being spun by Mixmaster Morris upstairs.

The Calton, .Sat 21 Aug. 9pm—4am.

Too pure

Which Edinburgh club has been running for three years, is still pulling in the best guest DJ 3 anywhere and is over-flowing with happy punters, every single week? Joe Lampard has all the answers.

Pure dead brilliant is what it is, with an upfront, hard edged, constantly changing music policy that has been pleasing Edinburgh clubbers (as well as crowds from farther afield) over the last few years. Wander down one Friday and you may well get a surprise. After all, aren’t clubs supposed to be full of teenagers with dodgy l-D cards nicked from their big brothers? Well, not Pure.

Pure pulls in a diversity of people, unrivalled anywhere, all in the search of a dance and a good time. The happy vibe which vibrates throughout Pure every Friday night is one that has

helped to gain widespread acclaim and

t to pull in a host of guests that reads like

a who‘s who of experimental dance music. The Renegade folks can’t remember every guest that’s passed through the doors ofThe Venue, but a few of the more memorable ones include Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson. Orbital, Westbam, Aphex Twin. . . the list goes on, and on. Pure is run by Edinburgh based Renegade Communications, who also run Wave, Pure’s sister club running

CI all. . ' >.- )‘H *

monthly and pulling injust as big crowds and guest Dis. As well as Wave there‘s also the offshoot record label T&B Vinyl, named after Pure’s well capable DJing duo Twitch and Brainstorm.

Pure will doubtlessly continue to pull in big crowds, continue to get the best dance Dis from all over the world and provide quality dance music for a long time to come.

Pure is ("1 every Friday at The Venue. members and guests only.

_- lost soul club

A band putting on a club night, you what? is it not supposed to be the other way round? ilot tor those much lauded local lads known to us as The lost Soul Band. Gordon Grahame, the band’s troutman explains what it is all about

‘Vle normally lust do gigs and were getting a bit hacked oh that it wasn’t really representative oi what we’re all about, so we’ve pulled in Ills from Sauce and we’ll be doing two long sets, ratherthan]ustashortset.The iirst set will be acoustic orientated, while the second will be a bit more tluashy,’ says Gordon. “We’re also going to have slide shows and a film which we’ve lust tlnished working on, plus we’ll possibly be pulling in a tow acts or artists oft the Fringe.’

A right old rock ’n’ blues/beath underground type multi-nredia extravaganza by the sounds oi it, shades of 02 perhqrs? lot so, explains Gordon. ‘The 02 shows are Incorporating world media and things, whereas these nights are a lot more personalised, we want to try and amalgamate everything we do, like what happens with us when we’re not

lust doing the gigs, because we all do other stuff that we want to connect in with it. I think at the moment it rock music wants to survive it’s going to have to incorporate other things, including a certain amount of club culture, which is making big steps iorw d and pointing the way things are ing.’

“At most gigs nowadays the band plays a 45-minute set and more oiten than not there’s nothing much else

going on. We want to challenge the old rock conventions and make things more of an evening out, more of a happening.’

Two evenings are on the go and more are in the pipeline ior what promises to be an interesting rock/club/gig experience, all wrapped up in one easy to consume night out. (Joe lampard)

The Carcieri Club is at The Venue, Edinburgh, on Mon 23 and Men 30.

54 The List 20—26 August 1993