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NIGHT CLUB FILMHOUSE “dim, F E, B which both CA . . "TEENY-BOPPERS” For Festival d & "OLD Feasting. (.5 turn their nose up to7

. . . There is!

CHELé/ NIGt—ITC LUE) on North Bridge" where enjoyment is neither

sinful nor soporific.

open 9 am. till late

Start the day with a bacon or egg roll, tea, expresso or coffee.

From noon till nine try the bar menu, its fast, great value, and has lots vegetarian.

Open 10pm - 3 am Thurs with D], Fri - Sat with live music and D].

Great value membership

fee. £2.50 - Thursday £5.00 - Friday and Saturday

The Gallery Bistro opens at 6.00 with vegetarian, fish

and game dishes. Roll along soon or phone 031-556 7277

for more details.

if itsjust a drink you want we do that too! Ales, Wines, Softies. 'phorre 229-5932

Minus One Club,

North Bridge, Edinburgh 'Next to the Carlton Highland Hotel

or very reasonable entry .





EDINBURGH (Next door to The Cavendish) Tel: 031-228 3252 11.00 pm. - 4.00 am. FULLY LICENSED OPEN TO ALL

Putting things together for you:


tomauacuttsnvu f’”?!


I Sing at The Wee Red. 10.30pm-4am.

£2.50. A selection of indie. 608. 705 and underground sounds from this fortnightly club.

I Space at The Calton (upstairs). lOpm-Sam. £3. See Fridays.


I Albieat Tea Party at The Calton. Noon-9pm. £5. Guest DJ Mixmaster Morris playing a relaxing mix of music. with food and drink available plus other guest

I Duels Ia Teecbe at The Citrus. llpm—4am. £4 (£3 with flyer). A spanking good new gay night with closet Dis playing trashy dance music.

I Ja J! Jan at La Belle Angele. lOpm-late. £5. The fattest in jazz from the TheIonius boys. featuring the Coolgroove Band.

I lassoo at The Pelican Bistro. 9pm-2am. Free. Get your Stetson and cowboy boots on for Sunday's silliest (only) country and western night.

I 99 Cieb at The Music Box (Venue 50). I m—late. £2. See Fridays.

I lpple Kinky at The Store. llpm—3am. £3. A new night playing a mix of dance and house sounds. with occasional guest Dis giving back-up to regulars Micky and Theo.

I Space at The Calton (upstairs). mpg-5am. £3. See Fridays.

I Selleay Cilb at Ex-S. llpm—4am. £3 with ticket. Wonderful, wonderful gay night featuring male go-go dancers and some of the worst PAs you've ever seen. I TM at The Mission. 1 1pm—3am. Free before 12.30pm. (£2 after).


I Cale Circle at The Store. llpm—4am. £2. A night of indie noise and American guitar sounds. courtesy of the people at

potato-head productions.

I [lit Ctt-Plt One at The Vaults. llpm—3am. £4 (£3 with flyer). Dis Jenkins (Astoria) and Dr Kool from France playing a mixture of soul, funk, hiphop and garage tunes.

I The Monday Cleb at The Calton. 9.30pm—3am. £2. A night of excellent alternative sounds. with a playlist covering the whole spectrum of alternative music.

I 99 Cilb at The Music Box (Venue 50). Nara—late. £2. See Fridays.

I ic Scl'efletivet at Bugsy’s. A mix of dance and indie.

I Space at The Calton (upstairs). lOpm—Sam. £3. See Fridays.


I Tbe Mast Cieb at Ex-S. 10.30pm—4am. £3. A new party night aimed at all you singles out there, with a pla list of 60s and 70s danceable sounds. I glib Wobble at Bugsy's. llpm—4am. £4 (£3). Funking it up on a Tuesday night with rap. hip-hop and funk.

I Flirt at The Edge. 9pm-2.30am. £2. Weekly gay club playing a mix of dancey sounds. hosted by the inimitable Placenta DuBois. Cheap drinks till midnight.

I lift Cit-Flt M at The Vaults. Ilpm—3am. £4 (£3 with flyer). See

M da 5.

I 99 Cieb at The Music Box (Venue 50). I m—late. £2. See Fridays.

I pace at The Calton (upstairs). lOpm—Sam. £3. See Fridays.


I Ills: at The Store. llpm—3am. £2.

I Cavalcade at Ex-S. llpm—4am. £4 (£2 with theatrical dress). The plot thickens. DJs A-One and Simon play a mix of soul. house, garage and funk.

I Cilb Wobble at Bugsy's. IIpm—4am. £4 (£3). Rap, hip-hop and funk

I 11m Cllb at The Calton. 10pm—4am. £7 (£6.50). If the recent Drum Club night in Glasgow was anything to go by then get in early. or get left out in the cold.

I 99 Cllb at The Music Box (Venue 50). lOfim—late. £2. See Fridays.

I Ittloese at The Vaults. Ilpm—late. £3 before lam (£4 after). Essential roots and reggae supplied by Dis Dr K001 and Junior, with live MCs on the night.

I Space at The Calton.(upstairs).

l m—Sam. £3. See Fridays.

I eaeeaoe at The Citrus Club.

I 1pm—4am. £2. One of the busiest mid- week clubs, playing indie-orientated dance sounds alongside punk, disco and funk.


I Apocalypse at Shady Lady's. 11pm-3am. £2.50. Happy Hour Ilpm—4am.

I Atlantic Elm at Ex-S. llpm—4am. £2.50. A playlist consisting of reggae. soul. calypso. jazz-funk and swing beat, supplied by guest DJs.

I Jay at The Calton. 10pm—late. £5. Mardi Gras time. _

I Miles the at The Carlton Highland Hotel. £2.50. See Fridays.

I 99 Cllb at The Music Box (Venue 50). lOpm—Iate. £2. See Fridays.

I Bush at Bugsy’s. llpm—4am. £4 (£3). Regular DJs playing a mixture of house and garage sounds.

I Sauce at The Store. llpm—3am. £3 (£2). Regular Dis playing a wide range of 60s pop, 705 groove. 80$ indie, Motown and stax. Drinks promos every week.

I Stay at The Mission. llpm—3am. £2.50. Popular student club, noteworthy for its truly appalling playlist and free chocolate.

I Solid Bass at The Vaults. llpm—3am. £3 before midnight (£4 after). A heavy mixture of hip-hop, swing beat. heavy dub and raggamuffin, courtesy of the Zulu

posse. I Space at The Calton (upstairs). lOpm-Sam. £3. See Fridays.

I Tribal Fulttiou at The Venue. llpm—late. £4 (£3). A mixture of essential house beats upstairs, with some excellent hip-hop/funk flavoured grooves downstairs in the Cooler. One of the best.

I SIMS Kings Stables Road, 229 8791.

I Tb. CIitOll Calton Road. 558 3758.

I Cave-dbl West Tollcross, 228 3252.

I Tbe Citrus Club 40—42 Grindlay Street.

229 6697.

I Tbe Cooler (Under The Venue) Calton

Road, 557 3073.

I Tbe Edge 37b George Street, 226 3111.

I Ex-S 12 Shandwick Place, 226 2266.

I la Belle Angela 11 Hasties Close. 225


I liberty”: Greenside Place, 557 3807.

I Madison Greenside Place. 557 3807.

-I Mills Dee (Carlton Highland Hotel)

North Bridge. 556 7277.

I The Mission Victoria Street, 225 3326.

I Moray Home Student Union Holyrood

Road. 556 5184.

:3? Me In: 9c Victoria Street. 225 5 .

I The Peiicae 235 Cowgate. 225 5413.

I The sun 2 Niddry Street, 556 6050.

I M lady’s Cowgate. 225 3326.

I The 3m Cowgate. 225 6766.

I The Vault: 15-17 Niddry Street. 556


I T“ Y” Calton Road, 557 3073.

I Tbe I. nu II at Edinburgh College

Of An. Lauriston Place. 229 1442.

I III“ lieu Cowgate. 226 2151.

so The List 20-26 August 1993