I is that a French grande vltesse loco about to shunt over our heroine? Find out in Joan Oi Kent (Fringe) Great Escape Theatre (in, Festival Club (Venue 36) 650 2395,

until 4 Sept, 10.1 Stun (until 21 A09). 2.15pm (until 4 Sept), £3.50 (£3).

I Casting a disapproving eye over all this thespian irippery are Boswell and Johnson, aka Bobbie Coltrane and John Sessions in John Byrne’s BBC Scotland film, shown as part at the International Flint Festival, 26 Aug, 6pm, £6

“2's. K!

I flip young gunslinger Tony llawks moves up trout playing )oanna for Arthur Srnith to star as The iieartbredt Kid, an

everyday tale oi suburban The Heartland:


Kid (Fringe) Assenbly iioonrs (Venue 3) 226 2420, until 4 Sept, 4pm, 27 (£6.50).


I 0on’t let the 0oug Anthony All Stars anywhere near this cute pair or you’d never hear the last of it. Andrew Buckley is cbarles, the kitten plays ‘Splder’ In Whistle Down The Vllnd (Fringe) llational Youth Music Theatre, George Square Theatre (Venue 37) 650 2001 , until 28 Aug, 3pc, 7pm, £7.50 £25.50»


Amphetamines and overpriced continental lagers fuel eur be. at dedicated hit-spotters. This is their brlet but lntorued synopsis at what’s well worth catching In Edinburgh this week.

GIIIIII Jlulllg Project Juggling meets dance in a choreographed slice of musical manipulation and motion, at the St Brides Centre.

"filly lire. Multiple images and themes from the first century of photography, at the City Arts Centre.

Alongst rm Three once- inseparable childhood friends from the wealthy suburbs of Long Island turn to crime in Rob Weiss' startling film debut, shown at the Film Festival.

MIG Chuck The crazily-coiffeured comic genius will have you trembling and guffawing simultaneously. Do not miss him at the Gilded Balloon or you‘ll regret it forever.

MID WI The slow-bum Canadian master of narrative comedy returns after a brilliant visit last year. This time he’s at Fools Paradise.

Julian Cope He's very probably completely of? his chump, but the former Teardrop is nothing if not a showman. Weird out at the Fringe Club.

0|. "an The man being Steven

Berkoff, probably the biggest name on the Fringe performing three suitably physical pieces at the Assembly Rooms, including Poe's Tell Tale Heart.

TU Mugn. En Eight innovative short documentaries shot on compact video cameras by photo-journalists from the acclaimed Magnum agency. Reportage on the move with a distinctive insightful focus at the Film Festival.

it’s Still. You light I Tb Face Brothers Ralf Ralf present a funny, offbeat perspective on media types, visual, physical and surreal. all at the Pleasance.

m Truckers Ridiculous Theatre Company bring their cross-dressing Lynchian tale of obsessive love, hate and kitsch to the Traverse. Camp, calculating and very funny.

The List 20—26 August 1993 C