_ “Whethiew'mi' mm- bespotted and besotted for the first

THE POGUES “this could be a liubliners’ album, THE JOYRIDERS Waning so, ug.), (WEA) easy. The Pogues couldn’t be IFUBD

Eighth album. The stretch marks are “Mica.” WW“ "0" "'9" showing. it’s all so sedate, wistful, “"96"” b1" “00': "'01 90' “'9 slow-witted. ‘lirunken Boat’ sounds 0" “like” to do “w ill” '0' "'0'"-

like it could be this album’s (punlt) That’s not a criticism: it’s last an

rockin’ cautionary tale knees-up °bS°W3fl°0~ 5'"! band 9'0” Old.

centfepiece _ it's got a men", and The Pogues are doing it with the

sustained rhythm, a ribald storyline, dignity of the elderly lush in the

some woozily rollicking Ukrainian “in” “Null” "0'" W ‘0 WW" ‘0 . , .

arrangement and the f-word It’s as """a' and back, "“m'm9 his “Mom 1:20: n Sleazy. Glasgow. I - ug.

old as Father Time, and then some. Pm'osol'hY and cmmandlflfl 80th! Arrived We. missed the

precarious respect from the pups in the pub quiz team, who acknowledge his experience, but hope they die before they get old, or at least before this old-age metaphor device gets as lame as this album. (Fiona Shepherd)

The iiggy one ‘Pachinko’ never makes it beyond a ioiloping trot, though it aspires to a gentle canter. Album opener ‘Tuesday Morning’ is a doe- eyed declaration of affection but it’s the pensioner couple sitting on the

supports. Actually. that's a lie, Fudd made me tell it. They want to bury the memory of their third ever gig. rather than have a journalist do the burying for them. Fudd are the only people i know who say. ‘we're in a band

‘lipon 9th And Fairchild’, they weigh in don" come and Sec U83

I with some dubby backing, chase it Mt“.ch "‘3" defiant

- with Saint (some sweet vocals) d'”()”‘‘ pun” rhythmic CXCUTSIOHS (NIL.

. Etienne and alfy Pune'u'ness' Anyone like. some sort ofcathartlc

catch "‘9 subllmmal message "'9'"? thang. for their ears only.

; Giant Steps (Creation) 0n ‘liodney King’ The Boo Radley Four but i doubt it. Fil’St at all, has anyone else noticed do The John Barry Seven, while ' They don't need anyone the extraordinary, quite literally ‘Bamey (, _ , And usy bouows melodic to point out how

shambolic their set is, but there are extenuating circumstances food poisoning and inebriation

? amazing. similarity between the guitar chunks from (the clue’s in the title) 3 Patton's 0‘ The 300 RaleVS' WHOM flew Order with a snatch of Beach 5 single and the entire recorded works Boys falsetto for the line about Faye


l of Suede? Why has this not been nunawa (which goes ‘Fa e . ‘. __ z .‘ ! proclaimed from summits of big hills? Dammit), y willggftnny | ‘l "a"! Suspender. inclinatier is the So the Boos go all eclectic on us. Bassist Maria‘s iceberg

i worst Boo nadleys’ single ever. it’s the "ought wrong with that. You’ll all cool is actually just

i only one that doesn’t radiate surely be delighted at being reminded heightened concentration. » superlative melodic nous and feature that Primal scream pulled on such a Sam's icpisodtc Snare

: guitars that sound like they’re coup with ‘Screamadelica’, it’s just . abuse '3 a "N “M

. . , , hangover cure. Their launching from Cape Canaveral. Moral that with Giant Steps you can see the modus ()pmndi is just to

of the tale: The Boo liadleys are better stitching, yet have to squint to find gel to the end of a song i at being The Boo Badleys. the prewously coherent Boos. (Fiona without dropping a stitch, So who are these Boo Badlevs? 0n Shepherd) , yet the day when they all ' start playing like they‘re part of the same band. songs as basic as ‘Star

_ tthk skin-piercing pop barbs. Too Killer' could rise above

often liatfield’s songs fall back on her the realms of rehearsal JuuANA HATFIELD syrupy, monotone-isll vocals to carry wfhk‘ag‘m‘flld,[,hf”

things off, while the band chug away . ‘1)“; if“ f u“ ""‘"

"swan", In the magma" ' :gphisziicaiion could he Become What You Are (Atlantic) Scott Litt, who should know a thing ‘mcir gmngm Major label time for another at the US 0' two about lumen, sound "3'an Following this. the underground alumni. like fellow produced the greatest album ever in mongrel scrappiness of Bostonian and flatmate Evan ilando, BEM’S ‘llfe’s Rich Pageant’, is here The Joyriders Comes as a Juliana Hatfield’s first album for reduced to fuzz-coating hollow rock. , well-oiled. Slick dollop 01' Atlantic is perfunctory and Even songs as brlstly-bitchy as i Profsssmnallsm- The bittersweet, snappy lyrics and sassy ‘Supermodel’ and ‘My Sister’ sound t ini‘t’u‘g')” f’f ‘hc'hr‘g'ad t. attitude coursing through it like light and bored. Only ‘A oaths with A ; fignggfgg 5;} £523“ " spawning salmon with a grudge. Yeah. liod’, all barrelllng ire, hints at the ; with all its unappealing llnlike ‘lt’s A Shame About liay’, ease of llatfleld’s previous work, solo connotations of hm) gran, ‘Become What You Are’ is bereft of and as a Blake Baby. (Craig McLean) : anonymity and

i masculinity is a tedious

one. but happily The Joyriders' sheer tunefulness guillotines and 3 Who's fa" 0' Pomp and , these preconceptions as t circumstance. And it’s one of the most? always. it‘s their one llBEliATlOllAl artefacts you’ll hear all I trump card. popping up summer. ‘The Pop Singer’s Fear Of The “PWCW when YOU‘W

r starting to wish that Pollen Count , a track worthy of Hugkcr Du. ham how

“Imam” (scant!) immediate canonisation, is cheery, ; _ , , . , ,

t v . t such a good idea that “notation it “I” "m. cavalier chmy’ ulm'sunny mlm' 3 countless adolescents in i dim" '0' bath normal pop "on the” be opulencer the thrall of guitar power conventions and its own heritage. flamboyance, a heady cosmopolitan I thought they might have a Pn'loufly “'9 “mun com“! were a rush that is, as we W, touring bash at copying it. The i band who cane from Enniskillen, ‘Europe By Train’ and being sawed a Joyriders liked it so much. played ‘normal’ guitar-based rock breakfast of honey-butter, golden i they bvught the ‘Company. stuff. low they are one, lleil ilannon, croissants and a brilliant bacon ; b‘” “l "W "W ""

invested in sturdy melodies. ‘cause the i market appeal of scuzzy

still come from Enniskillen, but now sandwich. That’s ‘liberation’ - cross- are rapt by the possibilities thrown up cultural, the point where pop meets

by melding a lofty toff demeanour, pomp and the two make beautiful ! guitar worknmnshtp is classical music, 208 cabaret, lloel babies. (Craig McLean) : depreciating rapidly. Coward, Mr Benn, eurobeat, eurofolk, ( (Fiona Shepherd)

The List 2(L26 August 1993 87