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Soap (ad) star and respected news pundit (sort of)

Your Chance to 599 some 0f the beSt Shows in PAUL MERTON is about to embark on a nationwide this year's Fringe! You may Claim as many tour and a new TV series. Tom Lappin donned the different offers as you wish, but only reliable dolphin disguise . . .

one pair of tickets per voucher, on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. Please take the whole magazine along with you each time. All offers are subject to - - o - o - 0 time, Paul Merton (or Paul Martin as he ayaflabulty. and the 'ndlv'dual management S was then) flogged around the burgeoning cabaret decrsnon IS final. T-leetS ShOUld be pleGd up on scene with that gag and a dubious routine about a pOllccman 0n aCld. A decade on, he’s one Of thc

country’s most recognisable comics, Television

ENJOY THE SHOW! Comedy Personality of 1992 and the man behind -. ll those embarrassing Imperial Leather ads. How’d he

. . manage that then?

. A pa” Of t'CketS to 889 THE JIM ROSE Curmudgeonly is as good a word as any to begin a \ CIRCUS SIDESHOW 0” wed 1 sept list of Paul Merton’s attributes. It also has the (7pm). Tickets should be picked advantage of sounding old-fashioned, solid and up from the Acropolis box office at rather British. For Merton is a resolutely

1812 restaurant on Waterloo place unfashionable sort of bloke, the kind who not only still uses words like slacks, but even wears

from “09” , , the bloody things. He’s an invaluable addition Three pa'rs 0f t'CketS avallable- to any comedy team, blessed with the ability to prick pomposity at every turn and reel off a unending stream of off-the-cuff plebeian one-

. . . liners. His trademarks have become the sarcy A pa” 0f tlckets to rece've free entry whine and the disgruntled moan, his comic

to the MAM 8? INN at the ClUb‘s new speciality the Estuary English snarl of venue (BUQSY S) on sat 23 AUG arid impotence against the pretentious, the Sat 4 Sep (11pm). trendy and the well-to-do.

Five pairs of tickets available. It’s an act he Spent several years honing on the live cabaret Circuit, and

uring the Blitz, they said you were I alright unless there was a bomb with your name on it. Which was bad news for our neighbours Mr and Mrs Doodlebug . . .’ Back in the mists of

GANDlNl JUGGLING PROJECT/ on radio» before reaching a Wider audience in Channel 4 s Whose I , , Line Is It Anyway. The ground- " ; Apairof tickets to see NEITHER breaking impro show was in ' EITHER BOTH AND (7pm) or fattest 0f lsuccurpbmg t0 , . uvvre cever—c evcrness / ,2 BUTTERFLY SUITE (1.30pm) on Fri (John Sessions being the f 27 Aug. Tickets should be picked up main Offender) before being ,‘ from St. Brides box office from 10am. saved by the demotic Five pairs of tickets available. directness of Merton and the t t like-minded Tony Slattery. x' NANCI GRIFFITH & GUESTS ,Menon’s, cheery . tow-brow I A pair of tickets to see NANCI 6:31:31: Clive; HORSE as part Of the 1993 Castle ‘lt’s not a gameplan, trying to ' Concerts on Friday 3 Sept. Tickets be downmarket.’ he protests. in should be picked up from Ripping a reasonably. convincing nasal Records fromthm. Wh'm’ 1‘ S {"5‘ the “X' 3‘“ Three airs of tickets available real!” I 90'” thmk I med to p ' cultivate it. The only conscious D l decision I made was that when :0:373'3::a~m we made the first series of been an element at Hake I GO! News For YOU-7s 1 Paul Morton’sstyle. A pair of tickets to see TESTING {‘g'csr‘; flag: (9pm) or EXHIBIT A (10:45pm) on male wearing a dark suit, and Thurs 25 AUG (100m). Tickets can 1 thought “We look like a firm be picked up from St Brides box office of solicitors here” so I from 103m. deliberately wore stuff

like a horrible shirt t or something just to \ break up the image.’

Five pairs of tickets available.

10 The List 27 August—9 September 1993