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A short play based on John Reginald Halliday Christie (the 1950s mild- mannered serial killer), this adaptation of Howard Brenton's controversial masterpiece receives a well-produced and justifiable resurrection. Taking place during Christie's (often brutal) interrogation. it questions not only Christie‘s motivation and disturbed persona, but also shows

the callousness of the Inspector (brilliantly portrayed by Kent Atkinson) and the damaging effects on the constable‘s psyche. Exceptionally good acting by the young cast. who handle the delicate issues incorporated in the play with adeptness. making for an enjoyable and humorous. yet at times disturbing, play. (Joe Lampard) I Christie In love (Fringe) The Exacting Theatre Company. Southside Community

2 Centre (Venue 82) 667


l 7365. until Sept 4, [ l2.50pm. £3.50 (£3).


I Pmoccmo

; Using traditional glove

‘5 puppets in a box theatre. 5 John Peel Puppets have I stuck to basics with this old-fashioned morality

tale. A more advanced

f adaptation. covering

1 tepics such as drugs, child abuse etc. has been doing

the London educational

3 circuit. There. children get

to talk to the puppets

. about the subjects after

the show.

with tinies for the first show of Roald Dahl’s morality tale.

Director Jennifer Davies and her non-professional cast further adapted the stage version of the book. Dahl’s original has a Brazil-like unreal quality about it. Unfortunately. the play doesn’t live up to possibilities of dramatic

Here in Edinburgh the story has been scaled down for 2—6-year-olds. but still manages to incorporate safety themes such as fire can burn. and don’t talk to strangers. If you want, you can dig . . _ under the surface to . Wilhm 3" emenammg uncover questions like lhemre framework YOU who can children trust? % wonjt find power-draining (The Blue Fairy equates to spew" Cffec‘s here- A

investigator. Dex is called I in by Green to solve the l f murder of his mum. ; Mother Earth. and comes up against his old enemy Max P. Rofit. Neatly encompassing environmental issues

Devour French classics

during the Festival.

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2/4 liyre Place, lidinlmrgh lill3 Slil’ 'rt‘lt‘PlNHlt‘Z 031-558 1608.

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in Venice

The stage premiere of Thomas Mann's novel

Assembly Rooms, I .30pm

03 I 226 2428

“Red Shift have pulled offa

world coup” -Glasgow Herald


Childline). Pinocchio is the extreme of every

child: excessively loving. clever and naughty. who through loss of innocence discovers that telling lies always makes people unhappy (ifonlyl). (Gabe Stewart)

I Pinocchio (Fringe) John Peel Puppets, Buster Brown‘s (Venue 60) 226 4224, until 28 Aug. 11.15am, £3.


Dex Dipper E. 1.. complete with twelve-inch beak and obligatory raincoat, is dedicated to investigating the world‘s environmental crimes. Adopting the persona of the archetypal private

f very friendly cast of two involve adults and

children alike in their

I quest for a solution to this

most topical of themes. With a handout that contains ways the audience can avoid

f causing pollution, and The Last Tree Tribe Club for

: enthusiasts tojoin. Dex

, Dipper would be an ideal

show for school groups to visit. (Tamsin Grainger)

I Dex Dipper Theatre

Company Great Planetary Cake Show (Fringe) Calton Centre (Venue 119) 661 9121, 23 Aug—4

Sept. 10.30am. £3.50



The tiny ‘Little Theatre‘.

next to Church Hill

Theatre, was jam-packed

heights and depths present in the book. which exudes

a real sense of the utter

misery and degradation of a boy living without love. His magical dream

. journey is all the magical

for taking him away from dismal. hopeless reality. However. the children

thoroughly enjoyed what

they saw: including some

quality mime work, fine

comic moments. and persuasive performances, especially from narrator

Claire McMillan, who had

the difficult job of holding

the children’s attention;

and Andrea Sadler as the lovable rogue of a centipede: she‘s a pest and proud of it. (Gabe Stewart)

I James and The Giant

. Peach (Fringe)QMW Theatre Cornapny, Church Hill Theatre(Venue 46)

. 447 7597. until 28 Aug,

10.30am. £3.50 (£3).



Aseiued ejqnoa Double Fantasy

by Andrew Dallmeyer Stepping Stones Theatre Until Saturday 4 Sept at 3.00pm £6l£4


'. The Autumn season begins-,4"

information; Arches Theatre, 30‘

New Stage Theatre

Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare - the world's greatest love story - Tues 14 - Sat 18 September at 7.30 pm £5.00/£3.00

Midland Street, Glasgow

Penny Arcade (From New York City)

Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore! o still smouldering after its acclaimed run at The Festival - Mon 6 - Sat 11 September at 7.80 pm £6.50/24.50

'. .; 2. Telephone 041-221 9736

24 The List 27 August—9 September I993