INTERN A110" AL FESTIVAL Fringe Club 945 Chambers Street. 031

650 2395. Box Office open 9.30am—3am. "III" 4 SODIOIIIOOI' seven days.


available from Festival Box Office. 21 225 5756. Open 9am—6pm (Mon-Sat) and until August

Market Street, Edinburgh. EH1 18W. 031

lOam-S m Sun .

I mxfigrs I305“; and counter bookings I INFORMATION The Book Festival is fmm Festival Box office, 21 Market situated in Charlotte Square Gardens. Free sheet, Edinburgh, EH1 113W. open programme and information available 9am.6pm (Mon_Sa[) and [Cam-5pm from BOX N. Dundee SUCCI. (Sun). Telephone bookings. 031 225 5755. EH11 180.031 228 5444 and

Half price tickets for that day's 225 2000 (14-30.Aug).

performances from the Festival ticket I TICKETS Day tickets, Season tickets boom on The Mound (1-5pm, seven and Family Day tickets are available in days). Maximum. two seats per event per person from James Thin Bookshop, 57 customer. Small service fee charged, George Street, lOam—6pm (Mon-Fri) and

10am—5pm (Sat) and from the Fringe Box

Office. 180 High Street, 1.0am—7pm (seven days). Postal bookings to Box S.

4 saptombaf Edinburgh Book Festival. Scottish Book

I INFORHITION Free programme and centre' 137 Dundee Street’.Edmburgh'

information available from the Fringe EH] 1 IBG a."d from me ange BOX Office. Credit card bookings on 1 225

Office, 180 High Street. Edinburgh. EH1 1m

IQS. 031 226 5257/5259. Open

lOam—7pm (seven days). Daily diary. free Office, detailin all events including late 8 umrr 29 August

from over 30 larger venues and the Fringe additions not listed in the Fringe

programme. Fringe Find is a computer I INFORMATION Programme available system with terminals in key locations from Film Festival Main Box Office, including the Fringe Office, major hotels Filmhouse. 88 Lothian Road. 031 228 and tourist information which will assist 2688 and other key locations.

with selecting shows and times. I TICKETS Box Office open noon—9pm I TICKETS Counter and postal bookings (13 Aug) and 9am—9.30pm (14—29 Aug). for most Fringe shows from the Fringe Open for credit card bookings noon-5pm

Office, 180 High Street. Edinburgh. EH1 (13 Aug) and lOam—Spm (14—29 Aug) on 1QS. Open 10am-7pm (seven days). It 031 229 2550.

may be difficult to obtain tickets from the Fringe Office on the night as tickets are often passed onto the venue. Telephone sales (credit card only, 50p charge per "M" 2 September

credit card order) on 031 225 5138 , (10am—7pm, seven days). Ticket booth I “Fonmno' The Glenlivet

also at Waterstone's Booksellers. 83 Fireworks Concert in the Ross George Street. Open lOam—7pm Bandstand beneath the castle is (Mon-530v “am-7pm (SUM conducted by Carl Davis and features I KEY VEIIES Some. venues have . music by Glinka. Falla and Sibelius. It Virtually become festivals within Festival, is on ThuIS 2 Sept at 10.30pm. deveiopmg the" ow" 'denmles' Lmed Information Edinburgh lntemational below are some of the most important. F . 1 rt. 21 M k S ml A380.ny Rooms 54 George Street. Box estwa 0 Ice’ M et tree" Office open 11am—6pm (9—12 Aug) and 225 5756-

113m_midnigm (13 Aug_4 Sept) for I TICKETS All seats are £13.50. Box counter sales and information. Telephone office opening Mon—Sat 10am—6pm bookings on 031 226 2428. and Suns lOam—Spm. Credit card

m Traverse Theatre Cambridge Street. bookings on the above number. 228 1404. Box Office open 10am-l 1pm (T ues-Sun), 10am—6pm (Mon). Credit


Cowgate. Box Office open lOam—lam for "III" 28 AIIQIIST

counter sales. Telephone bookings on 031 I new Tickets available from me

228 2151 . . Military Tattoo Box Office, 22 Market “I P'MC. The PICOSOI‘ICC, Street, Open

6550. Box Office open Ham-midnight (MomFfi) and lOanjOpm (Sm).

for counter sales. Credit card bookings on T I h k. 1 11 OSI 556 6550. Please note that a three per 92:39:32? Engagafiisl O cent charge is made for credit card (Sat). '


71} FESTIVAL i‘r

FRINGE TICKET OFFERS - SEE PAGES 10 AND 12 ran-try mmnmmnammuwmnmmumm m.$tM30h.—4$qt.1.3au.£fi £3).

2 The List 27 August—9 September 1993