With Sieg Heils and taunting chants. three England football fans take time out from a riot to explain their ardent allegiance to the Union Jack. Their's is a violent patriotism: a glorification of the wars England won. a celebration of nation despite the team‘s drubbing on the pitch. Wagner and the Sex Pistols blast out in equal measure to offset the choreographed roaring of disaffected youth. as they

These Colours Don't—nun: real menace

spit out Gary Drabwell‘s rhyming couplets. it could

be crass. but there is enough real menace here

to make it a worthwhile and thought-provoking diversion before the late night stand-up spot. (Thom Dibdin).

I These Colours Don’t

Run (Fringe) Mania

Productions. Roman Eagle Lodge (Venue 21) 225 7995. until 4 Sept

' (not 31 Aug). 9.45pm. £3.50 (£2.50).



lV/iislcv Galore started life as a Compton Mackenzie


T H E AT R E (Poland)

Turlaigroszek '




Friday 13 August - ,1"

Saturday 4 Sept

(notiSAuQs ‘. ,


£7.00 (£4.00)

"a dynamic spectacle, perfect in its performance”

THEATRE WORKSHOP - Venue 20 Box office 031-226 5425

' story about Scottish

islanders facing up to wartime without a dram but is better remembered

I as the classic Ealing

t comedy. Now it has been

i adapted for the theatre

7 using actors to play actors

I recording an imaginary

' radio version.

Confused? f Unfortunately. this ; production offers little. : help for those unfamiliar T with the plot. Three actors 3 play all the parts in a i range of voices which has the effect of turning the scenes into a series of sketches linked only by a : very basic narrative. However. there are opportunities for some

; gags as the radio actors

slip out ofcharacter to share a studiojoke and the biggest laughs are reserved for the hapless sound effects assistant.

This is gentle comedy

aimed mainly at tourists , looking for a wee bit of

. Scottish humour; they

; could do worse than see

this production. (Eddie Gibb)

I Whisky Galore (Fringe) Prime Productions. Harry Younger Hall (Venue 13) until 26 Aug. 8pm. £7.50

5 (£5).

FESTIVAL 8"/10""


A Carpenters look-a-like duo rehearse audition material for A Carpenters Iook-a-Iilte show. Sounds a bit like an excuse fora few Carpenters songs? Surprise, surprise. Sounds a bit slight? lot if you’re a fan, tutting impatiently at the scene-setting dialogue required to earn an entry in the theatre section of the Fringe programme. Yes, if you’re into evolution and believe the 705 were mercifully superseded by vastly superior fashion forms. You won’t learn anything new about anorexic

songsters in the course of this Journey to the outer margins of Fringe weirdness, but you will get very irritated at finding yourself humming ‘Calling Occupants Of lnterplanetary Craft’ for the next three days. (Stephen Chester)

Yesterday Once More - Growing Up With The Carpenters (Fringe) Ab Ovo Theatre Company, Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41) 226 6522, until 4 Sept, 8.50pm, £5 (£4).

TESTING Relative Shift, the first piece in this impressive double bill, looks quite beautiful in the lofty ecclesiastical setting of St Bride’s. The three dancers, clad in androgynous pale grey, move in a restrained, rhythmic series of lunges, dipping and plunging to a soundtrack of humming industrial noise. This is choreography at its sparsest and most sculptural; the

movements emphasise the vertical, the second place Woman nu.

hipristamtal and diagonal planes, and uses a colon,“ balm who” “in” e ncers remain remote from one

another, though together they create a 2:2: :2 $2333132wm

complex and harmonious pattern of o. constmcuou and “comma.

counterpoint. Though the predominant Fm “no,” group and mm." m a

association is mechanical, there are more gm am. "pm. Sty“, which

moments of organic delicacy - such as when two dancers lift in unison from a horizontal position, resembling sea anenomes roused by the same title.

I found more opaque, and ultimately less captivating. (Catherine Fellows) Testing (Fringe) Ricochet Dance Company, St Bride’s Centre (Venue 62) 3461405, until 28 Aug, 9pm, £6 (£3).

An actor. A stage. A pair of bongos... ...and

an astounding claim.

Hill Street Studio Venue 4|


FRI 13 AUG-SAT 4 SEPT (NOT 22,31) 8:00PM

The List 27 August—9 September I993 41