he Festival is cruising towards its third and final week, and The List posse can afford to chill out a little. We’ve worked like dogs, seen all there is to see, and cast our thoughts in purposeful prose. As this is our final Festival issue, it’s all down to you now. Read the reviews and dig in your pocket for a ticket for what takes your fancy. The Top Ten over the page is a

selection from the cream of the Fest. There’s also a Hitllst at the start of each Time Zone, giving the lowdown on another clutch of top- rated shows, worth a few quid of anybody’s money.

The Time Zones are all packed to the rafters with reviews, telling it like it is in our habitually fearless style. You’ll also find full details of times, prices and venue in the small print at the bottom.

' Everything, as usual, is pulled

together in the Index, which you’ll find below. And in case you still yearn for more, there are separate sections on Festival Art, Clubs and Music, plus detailed coverage of the Film Festival.

The next issue of The List will be out in a fortnight, so this time you’ll get two weeks’ worth of listings for Glasgow and Edinburgh after the Festival coverage. But while the Festival’s still going on, grab what you can.



Accusto-ed to your Face Clyde Unity 27 The Ad-lral Jones

Dumfries and Galloway Ans

The Angel and the Banner Glitteris

April in Paris Hull Truck

An Audience with Pa llhu Psychotic Theatre At the Crimson Hour They htet NUR Theatre The Audition Borderline

Patrick Barton Presents Assembly Rooms Bent Double The Rough Girls

Bloodstrea- Market Theatre

Blue light in the Heart ot the West Plainclothes Productions

Breath Vital

The Broken chlg (Festival) Deutsches Theatre Burning Drldrt Workhouse Theatre Duroudrs! Graham Duff

The Cage Middleham Theatre

Casino/The Slope

American Casino Productions

Christie in love Exacting Theatre Company The Death oi Don Duixote Benchtours

Don Duixote Oxford University Experimental Theatre Company

Double D Small Fish Big Ponds Theatre Double Fantasy Arches Theatre

Edrnond Ardour

An Evening with Will Aims for Oblivion

A Feast During the Plague Theatre on Podol 27


29 25 33 38 25 30 48 24 29 29 3D 31 39 36

Fist oi the Dragonfly Manic Productions 37 Fro. Heaven Through the World to Hell

m1 & 2 FEAST

Function of the Drgaser

Cambridge Mummers 31 The Canes Hule Theatre Workshop 28 The Crest Hessian Circus on Ice

Assembly at the Meadows 36 The Cold Sodier Schweitt Borderline 37 Henry IV Double Edge Drama 39

htect Me with Your Love Polkatz Theatre 30 In High Bernany C 39 It the Prison Colony Theatre Workshop 32 it’s Staring You Right in the Face Ralf Ralf 3D Julius Ceasar Salzburg Festival 25 The Legend oi St Julian Communicado 30 Lone Star Thud Blunder 34 Metamorphosis Accented images 28 reader It The CatherheI Aethelflaed 40 llervous - Very, Very, Dreadfully llervous Theatrestorrn 60/40

Iifllt Aiter Iifllt Traverse

Dne Elephant Two Elephant

QMW Theatre Company

Dne Han Steven Berkoff

Do the Verge et Exploding

John Wright Company

The New Theatre

Philosophy in the Alcore Os Satyros Ptastered Trestle

Private Property The Collaborative

The We of Edgar Allan Poe Ge e Dillon

lteve yer Emily Woof

The Head Tdten Playful Theatre

Russia: Tmluy Victor Sobchaks Scots Dealr (Festival) TAG

Scots Halli - Cathie Playshed

The WHALE Venue

8 28888 #3338 R28 58

Sea Ms One Theatre Company 23 The Soldiers (Festival) The Citizens 33 Storm in a Teacup Dare to Believe 29 Stripped Altas 27 These Colours Don't Hun Mania Productions 41 The Third Policeman Ridiculusmus

Mr Thomas Exacting 27 Tree Monsters Talking Birds 27 The Tnnan Capote Talk Show PW Productions 22 Verbatil Verbatim Theatre Company 29 Whisky Galore Prime Productions 41 The Wonan in a Tree on the Hill Theatrcworks 28 COMEDY The Anazlng Johnathan Acropolis 38 Silon Blidl is Solo and Halted Gilded Balloon 34 Doll Dillinger‘s Strolling Blinder Bob Dillinger 38 Jo Brand & Richard Morton Assembly Rooms 42 Cavort The Pack 43 Dave Chappelle Assembly Rooms 47 Couedian 81d Ml Emo Philips 37 Comedy Store Players Comedy Store Players 42 John Cooper Ctartte Fools Paradise 33 Corky and the Juice Pigs Corky and the Juice Pigs 43 Crotch Crotch 43 Curried Coat Curried Goat 45 Jack Dee Assembly at the Meadows 42 Edim Squash Angelp Abela 43

Ian Edwards, ltenee Hicks ltd Sell tAcCuHeefl Stand Up Black America

lee Evans Lee Evans

Exhibit A Zoom

Fools Paradise Showcase Fools Paradise The Frigidaires - lost in Space Frigidaires Full Show Ho Cuts! The Human Twins Holt Harris George Square Theatre

Brian iifltt Fools Paradise

Heartbreak Kid incidental Theatre

Hell Guides ll Ben Keaton and Paul Davies Harry Hill - Eggs Harry Hill

Huge Ben Miller and Simon Godley

Jesus Christ The lmprofessionais KitetheWidoe-Shrttedandhtourted Kit & The Widow

Stewart Lee and ltlchard Herring

Lionel Nimrod's inexplicable World

Mike MacDonald Fools Paradise

Bruce Merton Bruce Morton

Hover Say learn“ Double-O-Rodge Crahau Horton at the Karen Carpenter ear Id Drill Graham Norton

Dpen the Box Draylon Underground

The Pedicah Shel Amazing Grace Peroxide Co-edy Jenny Eclair

Picnic in Ethiopia Judy Pascoe

Creg Proops Assembly Rooms

The Duaclt StIlad Gilded Balloon

Babble liens Yer Tee's Detl

Diverse Attractions

lied Hot Dutch With Daniele

Dominic Holland

Seen Anything Coed? Mervyn Stutter


titifittiflfl 6668 8


linda Suith Fools Paradise

Stand lip Stories Karl MacDennott Those Dirts Those Girls

21th Century Scut Margi Clarke Harland Willie's Fools Paradise llppo's Circus Zippo's Circus


a '5 i g i‘

Dex Dipper Theatre 22 JauesarrdtheDiaetPeachQMVTheaue 24 The Pluueting Did m Sleeping Giant 23 The Spider oi Spindle Wood

Parable Puppet Theatre 32

Belly Dancing Workshop

Acoustic Music Centre 29 Bill T Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Conny

Festival 33 Da Capo Al Flee Sfinx 25 Jungle ol the Cities

Jiving Lindy Hoppers Dance Theatre 28 Neither Either Both - ltd

Gandini Juggling Project 33 Testing Ricochet Dance Company 4 Treading on the Tail ol the Tiger St Brides 33

Brilliant the Dinosaur

National Youth Music Theatre 22 Man oi la htancha Quinquererne

Yesterday Once More -

The Carpenters Ab Ovo 41

Lindsay's String Clutter with Alexander Baillie Usher Hall

Antonio Forcione and Hell Stacey

Assembly Rooms

Bluebeard's Castle Candian Opera

Boys oi the tough Queens Hall

Celts at the Caledonian Caledonian Brewery EH15 Spiegeltent

Til Richards Trie Pleasance

Epiclesis Usher Hall

Falstaff Welsh National Opera

Glenlivet Fireworks Ross Bandstand

Hanoi Criiiith Castle Esplanade

Atoscou Art Trio BBC Queen Street ll. D’Flyrn Acoustic Music Centre June Taller Acoustic Music Centre A Tribute to let King Cele Assemny at the Meadows

8 assaesauuaauaaa

The List 27 August-9 September 1993 3