At last, an intelligent drink. High time for our time and the spirit of our age.

For joggers, for up-and-coming mana— gers, for the modern housewife who wipes the floor with the tennis club champion after amu— sing the children all day. For windsurfers, rock- climbers and nightclubbers, the same rules apply :

Intense physical effort, high level sporting performance, psychological stress and career strain all have a very simple consequence loss of form, physical and mental exhaustion.

The reason? livery challenge adds to the demands on our metabolism. On the one hand, vital elements are rapidly exhausted, or. the other, harmful waste substances build up within the body.

Red Bull works as follows :

Taurine and glucuronolactone are two substances

naturally produced by the body, whose function it is to flush out the harmful substances which build up in the bloodstream at times of increased exertion.

After strenuous effort, these "metabolic transmitters " as they are known, are particularly depleted. Red Bull replaces these and thereby helps break down harmful substances more quickly.

The circulation and central nervous system are stimulated, and the body is supplied with energy and vitamins it can quickly utilize.

This is how Red Bull aids rapid recovery and gives you new energy and power. Always

drunk cold, naturally.

Red Bull Energy Drink. Revitalizes body and mind.