GOLD BIER presents

m BOX Venuello50 9:: Victoria Street Tel: 220 4847


the funniest night In town

“Scotland’s top cabaret venue” the Scotsman

Moray House Venue No I08 Holyrood Road Tel: 556 5|84

nick witty Polo Award Winner “Fabulous, inspired Humour" The List

5.45pm Friday l3th - Saturday 4th (not Mondays) 9.45pm Mondays |6th, 23rd, 30th

harland williams its.) rich hall (use)

The USA's fastest rising new comedy star Emmy Award winner and star of “A brilliant comic" Hollywood Dramalogue The Tonight Show

7.00pm Friday I3th - 9.45pm Saturday 4th (not Mondays) Friday l3th - Saturday 4th (not Mondays)

earl okin

Fringe legend returns for his llth year “Multi-talented Musical supremo" Time Out

8.20pm Friday l3th - Saturday 4th

mike maodonald

Canada's top stand up “The most brilliant act on the comedy scene" US TV Guide

the paradise club

Late night non-stop live cabaret from half-past midnight till late every night of

||.00pm Friday l3th - the festival saturday 4th ("at Mondays) l2.30am Friday l3th - Saturday 4th

nonnan lovett

Star of 88C 2’s l, Lovett “The least excitable but funniest stand-up around" The Guardian

6.00pm Friday l3th - Sunday 29th (not Mondays)

9.45pm Tuesday 3lst - Saturday 4th

linda smith

First full length show from British Comedy Awards Nominee

“As crucial as a l0% swing at a By-Election" The Stage

7.I5pm Friday l3th - Saturday 4th


Time Out Comedian of the year & Edinburgh Festival Critics Award Winner “ll only all subversives were like him” NME

8.30pm Friday l3th - Saturday 4th

thn heelev

Observer Magazine’s Comedian's Comedian & Guardian Poet “Hilarious deadpan comic" City Limits

9.45pm Friday l3th - Saturday 29th

oorky and the juice pigs (Canada)

Canada’s number one comedy export “You’ll weep with laughter” The Scotsman

ll.l5pm Friday l3th - Saturday 4th

ALL SHOWS £6.50&

£5.00 conc

unless stated