I Buster Browne l0.30pm—3am. Girls free before midnight (£2 after). guys £2 before midnight (£3 after). Mainstream. chart and oldies. Available Mon-Thurs for private parties.

I Cathouee at The Mission. llpm—3am. £2.50 (£2 with flyer). The busiest rock night in town with an all-encompassing playlist of anything that is rock music from heavy metal to grunge to thrash. Happy Hour llpm—lam.

I Century 2000 l0pm—43m. £5.

Mainstream. chart and oldies.

I City 2 Downstairs at City Cafe. 8pm—lam. Free. Mixing it up on a Friday and Saturday night with DJs David Walsh, Gareth Somerville and Colin Cook (23rd Precinct prodigies) playing a selection of underground house and progressive dance sounds in this pre-club club.

I The Edge 4pm-2.30am. Mainstream. chart and oldies. Happy Hour 4—10pm. Available for private hire Mon—Wed.

I Evol at Wilkie House. 10.30pm—3am. £3 (£2.50). DJs Kieren and Amanda playing a pleasing plethora of indie tunes. encompassing sounds from the 605. 70s and 80s through to the current releases on the indie scene.

I Flushury Park llpm-3am. £2. Mainstream and chart sounds.

I Ketch at Shady Lady’s. llpm—3am. £2.50 (£2 with flyer). lndie club with a playlist consisting mainly of 80s and 905 indie dance.

I Made In Ileana at The Pelican. lOpm—3am. Free. Back to ye olde golden days of late night Pelican pranks. with DJ Simon playing a mix of garage, house and a dose of funky stuff.

I "who Club at Cavendish. llpm-4am. £3 (£2.50). Two floors with African. Latin. salsa. reggae. zouk. soca and calypso downstairs. and dub. lovers and dancehall upstairs. Sir Ossie on the wheels of steel playing to a busy. hot. sweaty crowd. One of the busiest and best of the Fest.

I Mills one at The Carlton Highland Hotel. lOpm—3am. £5 (free for members). A relaxed. very plush venue for the more mature seekers of night life.

I Mo’ Flavour at The Citrus. llpm—4am. £4 (£3). Controllers Joseph and A-One playing the latest licks of street soul. ragga. swingbeat and hip-hop in this excellent fortnightly club. 3 Sept only. guest DJs l. G. and Dodge of Dodge City Pmductions.

I 99 Club at The Music Box. 9pm—3am. £2.99. Running every night throughout the Festival. all pints and selected bottles and Spirits are 99p. Music is funk, dance. chart and 70s from the regular 01s.

I Pure at The Venue. 10.30pm—3am. £7 (£5 members). Upfront. hard-edged. progressive. electronic sex music courtesy of the legendary DJ ing duo of Witch and Brainstorm. Just do it.

I lied llot Pepper Cleb lOpm-Bam. £4. Mainstream and chart sounds.

I Rhyth— m at The Vaults. llpm-late. £5 (£4). A one-off festival party for the Rhythm Lab lads, with three rooms of sounds including hip-hop. funk. reggae, ragga. dub and house tunes.

I Shah at The Festival Club. Adam House. 1 1.30pm-4am. £4. Shaft returns to the Festival Club for its second year. playing 70s disco. funk and rare grooviness most nights of the week.

I Squid at La Belle Angele. 9pm—late. £5. Multi-media submarine theme club. with ambient activities early on. working up to a funky froth of freaked out dance tunes. 27 Aug. live set by eclectic gods of weirdness the Suns Of Arqa. 3 Sept. live and funky are Edinburgh's One People.

I Truth at The Store. ll pm—3am. £4. Recommended dance club with DJ s Gareth. Colin and Stuart (23rd Precinct) playing a mix of hot garage and underground house.

I Niggy upstairs at The Calton. lOpm—3am. £3 (£2.50). A selection from the swingin’ 605 including pop classics and indie.

I Vaults Pro-Club at The Vaults. 6pm onwards. Free. Open every night of the week with a selection of classic soul. rare- groove and acid jazz played by ' I Dr Kool. All drinks £l. food avail... .le in the cafe. happy hour 6—1 lpm.


I Club Alpha at The Subway. 8pm—l.30am. £1.50. A new weekly night playing a wide scope of alternative sounds including punk. indie. rock, heavy metal. goth. hardcore and just a touch of industrial.

I Blue at The Citrus. llpm—4am. £5. Weekly night with DJs Davy Brown and Alan Dundas playing a mix of underground house and garage grooves. I Buster Browns l0.30pm—3am. £2 before ll.30pm (£4 after). Club dance. upfront chart sounds.

I Carbolch Frollclt at Ex-S. llpm-4am. £5. Weekly mixture of rollicking good dance sounds, with full Carbolick decor and an essential selection of seductively sensual. sassy sounds. supplied by selective DJ Mr Williams and friends.

I Century 2000 10pm—4am. £5 (£3 before midnight). See Fridays.

I City 2 Downstairs at The City Cafe. 8pm—lam. Free. Happenin’. See Fridays. I The Edge 4pm—2.30am. See Fridays. I Fiaebury Part llpm—3am. £2. See Fridays.

I latch at Shady Lady's. 10.30pm—3am. £2.50 (£2). A veritable cornucopia of indie music from the 80s and 90s. in this busy weekly club.

I Frottege at The Venue. 10.30pm-late. £3 (£2). 4 Sept. fortnightly club playing a very wide mixture of music indeed.

I Mambo Club at Cavendish. llpm—4am. £3 (£2.50). See Fridays.

I Mambo III at Bugsy's. l lpm—4am. £4 (£3 before midnight). Happening mambisto mania from Brixton with DJs Max. Rita and Geny playing a mix of Latin, African and jazz.

I Mlle: 0ae at The Carlton Highland Hotel. lOpm-3am. £5 (free for members). See Fridays.

I Misery at The Cooler. lOpm—4am. £5 (£3). Miserable club for all you seekers of crap music and heavy drinking. Legendary.

I 99 Club at The Music Box. 9pm—3am. £2.99. See Fridays.

I lied llot Pepper Club 10pm-3am. £4. See Fridays.

I lloclr Organ at The Mission.

10.30pm-3am. £2. Popular weekly rock night. with an all-encompassing playlist of all that is best in the world of rock music. Ha py Hour llpm—lam.

I halt at The Festival Club. Adam House. ll.30pm—4am. £4. See Fridays. I Skldoo at The Store. llpm—3am. £2 with flyer. DJs Chris. Ollie. Colin and guests playing a heady mix of underground house and some heavy. funky. acidic grooves.

I Slug at The Wee Red Bar. 10.30pm-4am. £2.50. 4 Sept. Playing a selection of indie. 60s. 705 and underground sounds. with DJs Paul Laird and Gordon Kilgour.

I Sold 0n Paradise at The Pelican. lOpm—3am. Free. A beacon of beautiful sunshine in the Cowgate. DJ Simon spinning a mix of lovely music. including garage. soul. boogie and hip-hep.

I Vaults Pro-Club at The Vaults. 6pm onwards. Free. See Fridays.

I Wave at The Venue. 10.30pm-4am. £5. 28 Aug. Monthly outing for Pure's sister club playing a mix of excellent electronic music.


I Buster Browns 10.30pm-3am. £2 before ll.30pm (£3 after). Buster‘s Sunday soul night.

I Century 2000 10pm—4am. £3 (£2 before midnight). See Fridays.

I Douche Ma Touche at The Citrus. llpm—4am. £4 (£3 with flyer). 29 Aug: special night with all door proceeds going to Scottish Aids Monitor. 5 Sept: end of the Fest night with obscene goodies and camp surprises all night long.

I The Edge 4pm—2.30am. With a live band every week.

I Ju Ju Jazz at La Belle Angele. lOpm—late. £5 (£3). The fattest in jazz from the Thelonius boys. featuring the Coolgroove Band.

I lassoo at The Pelican Bistro. 9pm-2am. Free. Get your stetson and cowboy boots on for Sunday’s silliest (only) country and western night.

I Mambo Club at Cavendish. llpm—4am. £3 (£2.50). See Fridays.

I 99 Club at The Music Box (Venue 50). lOpm—late. £2. See Fridays.

I lllpple Kinky at The Store. llpm—3am. £3. A new night playing a mix of dance and house sounds. with occasional guest DJs giving back-up to regulars Micky and Theo.

I Red Hot Pepper Club lOpm—3am. £4. See Fridays.

I The Sunday Club at Ex-S. llpm—4am. £3 with ticket. Wonderful. wonderful gay night featuring male go.go dancers and some of the worst PAs you’ve ever seen. I ‘l’lntevrarp at The Mission. llpm—3am. Free before 12.30pm. (£2 after). Tirnewarp starts up again with a very w—i—d—e playlist indeed: 605. 70s. 808. 90s and onwards.


I The Carcierl Club at The Venue. 9pm—3am. The Lost Soul Band club/gig night with a difference. featuring two live sets from the band, plus music from the Sauce DJs. slide/film work and other beatnik-type happenings.

I Gala Clrcue at The Store. llpm—4am. £2. A new night playing some indie noise


Andthebeatgoeson. . .Checltolt the crucial cluh action with Joe lampartl.

I the Mambo Club Two floors packed with a hot mix of African. Latin. salsa, reggae. soca. calypso. zouk and more! Plus live bands on various nights. making this a festival favourite.

The Cavendish. nightly. llpm—4um.

I Mo’ Flavour A superb mix of street soul. ragga. swingbeat and mellower hip-hop from two of Edinburgh’s best DJs; Joseph and A—One. also pulling in some excellent guest DJs. check listings.

The Cirrus. F ridays. llpm-4am.

I Mambo Inn Manically rnamboing up the fest. with a mouth-watering mixture of music. including; Latin. African and Jazz. Coming lithe and direct from Brixton. one of the busiest and best of the fest.

Bugsy 's. Saturdays. 10pm-4am.

I Carbolick Frollclt DJ Andy Williams and fine friends playing de platters dat matter to a packed dance-floor of pulsating punters in one of Scotland‘s best clubs. titter yeah not!

Ex-S. Saturdays. llpm—4am.

I 99 Club One of the busiest festival nights out. which has absolutely nothing to do with ridiculously cheap drink and exceedingly tacky danceable tunes. honest.

The Music Box. nightly. 9pm-3am.

I Squid Impromptu performance. surreal happenings. bizzaro (freaked funk) beats and sub-aquatic arnbience in this multi-media submarine theme club, one ofa kind. Check listings for live appearances.

La Belle Angele. F ridays. 9pm-Iate.

I Misery Not so much a club as an affliction. with some of the best theme nights playing the worst imaginable music for lovers of crassness; an abominable abyss for depressed delinquents of dance and drinking.

The Cooler. Saturdays. I 0.30pm-late.

The List 27 August—9 September I993 57