Time’s ticking down as the last week of the Festival is upon us.

I There’s nothing like getting your head into a m turry thing and giving your bag a squeeze, as Julian Clary discovels in his Edinburgh Festival round- up on Scottish Television. See TV listings.

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Trestle Theatre reviving going outwith Blood And 3 their 1984 hit Piastered Guts (Fringe) The Doug i (Fringe) Trestle Theatre, Anthony All Stats, Fringe E St Bride’s Centre (Venue Club (Venue 2) 226 5257, E 62) 345 1405, until 4 until 29 Aug, 9pm, £6.50 ' Sept, 3.30pm, £6 (24). (£5.50). 5

4 The List 27 August—9 September 1993